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Date Born: Saturday 30 December 1933
Description: Vocalist, Scottish
Summary: He was born in Glasgow in 1933, the son of a teacher. He moved to Arbroath as a child, and then trained as an actor at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

Date Born: Saturday 30 December 1922
Description: Musical publisher
Summary: In the 1950s he became a journalist with Groupe Bayard, then Témoignage chrétien. During this period Coutaz published four novels and was an editor at Éditions ouvrières.

Date Born: Sunday 30 December 1928
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, USA
Summary: Born as Ellas Otha Bates, he was adopted and raised by his mother's cousin, Gussie McDaniel, whose surname he assumed, becoming Ellas McDaniel.

Date Born: Tuesday 30 December 1947
Description: Record producer
Summary: In 1980 Fairbairn won his first of three Canadian music industry Producer of the Year Juno Awards for Prism's third album Armageddon.

Date Born: Wednesday 30 December 1953
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Key was a direct descendant of Francis Scott Key, the author of The Star-Spangled Banner.

Date Born: Sunday 30 December 1945
Description: Vocalist, Actor, UK
Summary: Jones was born in Manchester, England on December 30, 1945, but is in the process of becoming a United States citizen. He lost his mother to a protracted illness by the time he was 14.

Date Born: Saturday 30 December 1939
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Del Shannon, Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, December 30, 1934, Died February 8, 1990 in Santa Clarita, California. He was an American rock singer who launched into fame with the No. 1 hit "Runaway" in 1961.

Date Born: Saturday 30 December 1939
Description: Bassist, Composer, Producer
Summary: Married song writing partner ’Gail Collins’.

Date Born: Tuesday 30 December 1941
Description: Manufaturer of Guitas, Amplification, Audio, USA
Summary: Peavey has been recognized by his alma mater as an Alumni Fellow and as the 2004 commencement speaker.

Date Born: Friday 30 December 1932
Description: Management, USA
Summary: He began acting as manager for many artists, his eventual roster including Screamin' Jay Hawkins, George Duke, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, etc.

Date Born: Tuesday 30 December 1947
Description: Vocalist, Producer, Composer, Guitarist, UK
Summary: Formed in 1971. Comprising of Ron Wood, Bev Bevan,Rick Price and Jeff Lynn with many changes with Lynn joining as well and later taking control.

Date Born: Sunday 30 December 1945
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Australia
Summary: Jim is a great vocalist and a brilliant musician. His stage act comprises the combination of vocals, lead guitar, and a wailing blues harmonica.

Date Born: Monday 30 December 1918
Description: Pianist, USA
Summary: Jones recorded throughout the 1950s with many noted singers.

Date Born: Thursday 30 December 1937
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: John Harford would change his name to Hartford later in life. Born on to parents Dr. Carl and Mary Harford.

Date Born: Monday 30 December 1963
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: An American Christian singer, songwriter and chastity advocate, active since the early 1990s. She has won several Dove Awards.

Date Born: Wednesday 30 December 1942
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: Nesmith was an only child, born to Warren Audrey Nesmith and Bette Nesmith Graham, separated when he was very young. Nesmith's mother worked as a secretary. Their fortunes changed when Bette invented typewriter correction fluid, later known commercially as Liquid Paper.

Date Born: Friday 30 December 1938
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: He played with The Seldom Scene for many years, creating a fusion of bluegrass with jazz, folk and rock.

Date Born: Monday 30 December 1946
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Poet, USA
Summary: Smith was born to Beverly, was a jazz singer, and father, Grant, worked at the Honeywell plant. She spent her entire childhood in Woodbury, New Jersey.

Date Born: Wednesday 30 December 1942
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Quine is number 80 on Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" list.

Date Born: Friday 30 December 1955
Description: Vocalist, Denmark
Summary: She was a member of the Anne Linnet Band.

Date Born: Wednesday 30 December 1931
Description: Singer, Composer, USA
Summary: Skeeter was the first of seven children born to William and Punzie Penick. Because her grandfather thought that she had a lot of energy for a young child, he nicknamed Mary Frances "Skeeter" short for mosquito.

Date Born: Sunday 30 December 1956
Description: Vocalist, Pianist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Bogguss at the age of 5, she began singing in the Angel Choir of the College Avenue Presbyterian Church in her hometown. With the encouragement of her parents, she took lessons in piano and drums, and as a teenager picked up the guitar as well.

Date Born: Wednesday 30 December 1959
Description: Comedian, Actress, Singer, Dancer, UK
Summary: Tracey Ullman was born to Antony Ullman, her Polish Roman Catholic father, and Dorin Ullman, her British mother, who was of Roma heritage. Antony had been a Polish soldier who was evacuated from Dunkirk in 1940.


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