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Date Born: Monday 5 January 1931
Description: Dancer, choreographer, USA
Summary: Ailey is credited with popularizing modern dance and revolutionizing African-American participation in 20th century concert dance.

Date Born: Friday 5 January 1940
Description: Bassist, Australia
Summary: Athol Guy is one of the members of the Australian pop folk music group The Seekers. He was characterized by his wearing of black horn-rimmed glasses.

Date Born: Thursday 5 January 1922
Description: Clarinetist, USA
Summary: MCA billed him as "The World's Youngest Bandleader".

Date Born: Sunday 5 January 1975
Description: Actor. USA
Summary: Cooper began his professional acting career on the television series Sex and the City in 1999.

Date Born: Saturday 5 January 1946
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Keaton is the oldest of seven children. Her mother, Dorothy was a homemaker and amateur photographer, and her father, Jack Hall 19211990, was a real estate broker and civil engineer.

Date Born: Saturday 5 January 1946
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: Member of U.S. group "The Frost" in the late sixties. He Was Rhythm Guitarist.

Date Born: Monday 5 January 1914
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Reeves was born George Keefer Brewer in Woolstock, Iowa, the son of Don Brewer and Helen Lescher. His death certificate erroneously lists his birthplace as Kentucky. George was born five months into their marriage.

Date Born: Thursday 5 January 1961
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: The youngest child of Pat DeMent and his second wife, Flora Mae.

Date Born: Tuesday 5 January 1926
Description: Vibraphonist
Summary: Fluent with vibes and drums as well as arranging and composing, Australian.

Date Born: Friday 5 January 1945
Description: Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer, UK
Summary: Page was born in the suburb of Heston, which today forms part of the London Borough of Hounslow. His father was an industrial personnel manager and his mother was a doctor's secretary. In 1952 they moved to Miles Road, Epsom.

Date Born: Wednesday 5 January 1944
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: After establishing a musical partnership with the British blues musician Tony McPhee, Kelly appeared on two McPhee compiled albums for Liberty Records.

Date Born: Tuesday 5 January 1932
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Adams was a member of "The Soul Revelers" also "Bessie Griffin & The Soul Consolatory".

Date Born: Sunday 5 January 1969
Description: Vocalist, Actor, USA
Summary: The son of Barb and Hugh Warner. His father was a Catholic and his mother Episcopalian. According to his autobiography The Long Hard Road Out of Hell, Warner is of German and Polish ancestry on his father's side.

Date Born: Sunday 5 January 1941
Description: Violinist, composer, recording engineer, and record producer.
Summary: With 33 Grammy nominations, 14 Grammy Awards, including a Technical Grammy for his lifetime of innovative contributions to the recording industry, an Emmy, and numerous honors and accolades to his credit.

Date Born: Monday 5 January 1931
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Duvall was born the son of Mildred Virginia, an amateur actress and relative of American Civil War General Robert E. Lee, and William Howard Duvall, a Virginia-born U.S.

Date Born: Monday 5 January 1931
Description: Acting, USA
Summary: A veteran actor, Duvall has starred in some of the most acclaimed and popular films and TV shows of all time, among them The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, To Kill a Mockingbird, THX 1138, Joe Kidd, The Godfather, The Godfather Part II

Date Born: Friday 5 January 1923
Description: Record producer
Summary: In the 1940s, Phillips worked as a DJ for Muscle Shoals, Alabama radio station WLAY (AM). According to Phillips, this radio station's "open format" of broadcasting music from both white and black musicians. would later inspire his work in Memphis.

Date Born: Monday 5 January 1948
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Tom Mooney the drummer for early psychedelic garage rock band from the 1960s.

Date Born: Tuesday 5 January 1982
Description: Singer, Sonwriter, UK
Summary: After guesting on the underground R&B track "Wilder" by Stargate in 2001, which became a nightclub favourite in London, James got his first taste of celebrity.

Date Born: Saturday 5 January 1929
Description: Vocalist, Composer , USA
Summary: Harrison had a Billboard No.1 record in 1959 with the song "Kansas City". The song was written in 1951 and was one of the first credited collaborations by the team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.


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