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Date Born: Friday 15 June 1956
Description: Vocalist, Canada
Summary: Shaw dreamed of becoming a rock guitarist. He bought himself a Gibson SG Special and started practicing.

Date Born: Monday 15 June 1931
Description: Recording, Audio engineer
Summary: He recorded more than 579 records that chartedó49 were top 10, 11 were number one, and 37 were certified gold records.

Date Born: Monday 15 June 1964
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Cox was born to a wealthy Southern family. Her mother, also named Courteney and her late father, Richard Lewis Cox, was a contractor. Cox has two older sisters,an older brother and nine half-brothers and half-sisters.

Date Born: Wednesday 15 June 1910
Description: Band Leader, Arranger, Composer, Conductor
Summary: Recipient of four Emmy awards, David Rose was born in London to Jewish parents and raised in Chicago, Illinois.

Date Born: Sunday 15 June 1947
Description: Vocalist, Bass guitarist, Egypt
Summary: He was born in Egypt to ethnic Greek parents George and Olga, and raised in Alexandria. His parents lost everything and moved to Greece after the Suez Crisis.

Date Born: Thursday 15 June 1944
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Sessions guitarist for many top artists including Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Joe Tex etc.

Date Born: Wednesday 15 June 1921
Description: Pianist, Composer, Arranger, USA
Summary: Garner refused to read music, and never did.

Date Born: Sunday 15 June 1941
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Nilsson was born in Brooklyn, New York. His paternal grandparents were Swedish circus performers, especially known for their "aerial ballet" which is also the title of one of Nilsson's albums. His father, Harry Edward Nilsson, Jr., abandoned the family three years after his birth.

Date Born: Saturday 15 June 1963
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hunt was born the daughter of Jane Elizabeth, a photographer, and Gordon Hunt, a film director and acting coach.

Date Born: Tuesday 15 June 1954
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: James Belushi was born the son of Agnes B., a firs generation Albanian American who worked as a cashier, and Adam Belushi, an Albanian immigrant and restaurant operator who left his native village, QytezŽ, in 1934 at the age of fifteen.

Date Born: Tuesday 15 June 1943
Description: Vocalist, France
Summary: Johnny Hallyday to a French mother, Huguette 1919-2007, and a Belgian father, Leon Smet.

Date Born: Wednesday 15 June 1983
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Australia
Summary: Imbruglia has released a single, EP and album on Chatterbox Records/MGM.

Date Born: Monday 15 June 1970
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Leah Remini was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York City, the daughter of Vicki Marshall, a private school teacher, and George Remini, who owned an asbestos removal company.

Date Born: Friday 15 June 1945
Description: Guitarist, Songwriter, Producer
Summary: Spectrum released four LPs and several 7" singles, including their national #1 hit single "I'll Be Gone", which has remained one of the best-known songs of the period.

Date Born: Thursday 15 June 1950
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: The son of a window cleaner, Noddy Holder attended the T. P. Riley Comprehensive School and passed 6 GCE O-level exams. He left school at 17 half way through his A level course to work in the office of a local car components firm.

Date Born: Tuesday 15 June 1937
Description: Author, Journalism
Summary: In 1962 he became the first music journalist that Brian Epstein introduced to the Beatles. Over the years, he traveled the world with them, becoming a respected friend of the band.

Date Born: Tuesday 15 June 1920
Description: Canadian record store chain
Summary: Sniderman was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 1997.

Date Born: Sunday 15 June 1913
Description: Composer of songs. USA
Summary: An Oscar-nominated songwriter who penned lyrics for several popular standards of the forties, Tom and his wife Frances Jeffords wrote songs and teleplays for The Mickey Mouse Club, Zorro, Disneyland, and several Disney film features.

Date Born: Tuesday 15 June 1937
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: Jennings was born to Lorene Beatrice Shipley and William Alvin Jennings. A self-taught guitar player, he rose to prominence as a bass player for Buddy Holly following the break-up of The Crickets.


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