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Adam Harvey
Date Born: Saturday 21 December 1974
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, Australia
Summary: At age 10 he performed his first ever gig at a Tamworth On Parade competition, for which the crowd demanded an encore.

Adam Hills
Date Born: Friday 10 July 1970
Description: Comedian and television presenter. Australia
Summary: He has appeared on Australian and British television and is best known for his role hosting the Australian ABC music trivia show Spicks and Specks. He has been nominated for a Perrier Comedy Award and Gold Logie Award.

Adam Horovitz
Date Born: Monday 31 October 1966
Summary: Adam is married to Kathleen Hanna of riot grrrl punk band Bikini Kill.

Addie Harris Mcpherson
Date Born: Monday 22 January 1940
Description: Vocalist, US
Summary: Beginning in 1958 as schoolgirls in Passaic, New Jersey, The Shirelles quickly became rock & roll's first female supergroup and were the inspirations for a legion of female groups that followed.

Adelaide Hall
Date Born: Sunday 20 October 1901
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: She began her career on Broadway in 1921 in the chorus line of the Broadway musical Shuffle Along.

Adolph Herseth
Date Born: Monday 25 July 1921
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: His anchesters came from Norway, so in 1977, he visited Norway to see the places where his relatives lives (in Stange in Hedemark). He also held a seminar.

Ainslie Henderson
Date Born: Sunday 28 January 1979
Description: Singer, Songwriter, Scotland
Summary: a Scottish singer-songwriter. He is best known for his appearance on the BBC's television programme, Fame Academy, and his subsequent Top 5 UK single, "Keep Me A Secret". In 2006, he independently released his debut album.

Al Haig
Date Born: Saturday 19 July 1924
Description: Pianist, USA
Summary: An American jazz pianist, best known as one of the pioneers of bebop. YOUTUBE: James Moody,alto sax, Al Haig,piano, Ray Brown,bass, Kenny Clarke,drums.

Al Hibler
Date Born: Monday 16 August 1915
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hibbler has a star at 1650 Vine Street on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Al Hirt
Date Born: Tuesday 7 November 1922
Description: Trumpeter, Composer, Arranger, America
Summary: Hirt had 22 different record albums on the Billboard Pop charts in the 1950s and 1960s.

Alan Hacker
Date Born: Friday 30 September 1938
Description: Clarinetist, UK
Summary: He became a professor of the Royal Academy of Music in 1960 and went on to found the Pierrot Players in 1965 along with Stephen Pruslin and Harrison Birtwistle which in 1972 became the Fires of London.

Alan Hawking
Date Born: Friday 7 July 1933
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Australia
Summary: A member of one of Australia’s leading country bands such as "The Hawking Bros"

Alan Hawkshaw
Date Born: Saturday 27 March 1937
Description: Pianist, Arranger, Composer, USA
Summary: In the United States, he also scored a number 1 single on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart with "Here Comes That Sound Again"

Alan Hull
Date Born: Tuesday 20 February 1945
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: Hull took up the guitar as a boy and became a member of the band The Chosen Few. P/A

Albert Hammond
Date Born: Thursday 18 May 1944
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, UK
Summary: Hammond is one of the more successful pop/rock songwriters to come out of England during the 1960s and 1970s, and has also enjoyed a long career as a recording artist

Albert Hammond Jr
Date Born: Tuesday 19 April 1988
Description: Vocalist,Guitarist, Composer, UK
Summary: An American musician and member of the garage rock band The Strokes in which he mostly plays rhythm guitar.

Alberta Hunter
Date Born: Monday 1 April 1895
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Born in Memphis, she left home while still in her early teens and settled in Chicago, Illinois. There, she peeled potatoes by day and hounded club owners by night, determined to land a singing job.

Alex Harvey
Date Born: Tuesday 5 February 1935
Description: Vocalist, Scotland
Summary: A biography of Harvey by John Neil Munro was published: The Sensational Alex Harvey.

Alex Harvey
Date Born: Monday 10 March 1947
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Canadian
Summary: He earned a master’s degree in music from Murray State University in Kentucky.

Alex Harvey
Date Born: Tuesday 5 February 1935
Description: Vocalist, Scotland
Summary: A biography of Harvey by John Neil Munro was published: The Sensational Alex Harvey.

Alfred Hitchcock
Date Born: Sunday 13 August 1899
Description: Director, Producer, UK
Summary: Hitchcock was born the second son and youngest of three children of William Hitchcock 1862-1914, a greengrocer and poulterer, and Emma Jane Hitchcock 1863-1942.

Alistair Hulett
Date Born: Monday 15 October 1951
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Scotland
Summary: Hulett discovered traditional music as an early teen and began playing the folk circuit in New Zealand in 1968, after immigrating with his family.

Amanda Holden
Date Born: Tuesday 16 February 1971
Description: Actress, presenter
Summary: Television, Kiss Me Kate, The Grimleys, Hearts and Bones, Cutting It, Mad About Alice, Wild at Heart, Britain's Got Talent, Big Top, Superstar

Amanda Jayne Halloran
Date Born:
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Amanda is a three time "TIME TOYOTA STAR MAKER" top twenty finalist & won the title "VOICE URBAN COUNTRY" 2008.

Amber Holcomb
Date Born: Thursday 17 March 1994
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She performed "My Funny Valentine" in Vegas sudden death rounds which received standing ovation from the judges.

Andre Hodier
Date Born: Saturday 22 January 1921
Description: Violinist, composer, arranger and musicologist. France
Summary: Hodeir was a founder, in 1954, and director of Jazz Groupe de Paris.

Andrew Hansen
Date Born: Wednesday 18 September 1974
Description: Comedian and musician, Australia
Summary: The most controversial song that Hansen has performed was The Eulogy Song, which was originally written for Chris Taylor's play Dead Caesar, with music and lyrics by Hansen .

Andy Hallett
Date Born: Monday 4 August 1975
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: He is best known for the character Lorne that he played in the television series "Angel".

Andy Hamilton
Date Born: Tuesday 26 March 1918
Description: Saxophonist, Jamaica
Summary: He was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) in the 2008 New Year Honours.

Angie Hart
Date Born: Wednesday 8 March 1972
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Born Adelaide, South Australia, she has an older sister, Rebecca, also a musician. Her parents were Christians from a missionary background. The family moved to Tasmania while Hart was still a baby where they lived in a Christian commune until she was 10 years old. They then moved to Melbourne to join another commune where they remained until Hart was 15 when, with the separation of her parents, the family left the church altogether.

Anita Harris
Date Born: Wednesday 3 June 1942
Description: Vocalist, Actress, UK
Summary: Best known in Britain as a singer and entertainer.She became known as a variety entertainer, and appeared in a number of the Carry On films, notably Follow That Camel and Carry on Doctor.

Anne Hathaway
Date Born: Friday 12 November 1982
Description: Actress, UK
Summary: She is the daughter of Gerald Hathaway, a lawyer, and Kate McCauley, an actress who inspired Hathaway to follow in her footsteps.

Anne Heche
Date Born: Sunday 25 May 1969
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Heche was born the daughter of Nancy and Donald Heche. Her father was an organist, church founder, Baptist minister, and choir director.

Anne Helm
Date Born: Monday 12 September 1938
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: The love interest of Elvis Presley in his 1962 film, Follow That Dream. During filming, she began a relationship with Presley and visited his home at Graceland after shooting finished.

Anthony Hamilton
Date Born: Thursday 28 January 1971
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Hamilton's career and was released in June 2005. Ain't Nobody Worryin', his gold-selling third studio album.

Anthony Hopkins
Date Born: Friday 31 December 1937
Description: Actor, Wales
Summary: Starred in many movies including "All Creatures Great And Small" in 1977. Hopkins is a talented pianist. In 1986, he released a single called "Distant Star".

Audrey Hepburn
Date Born: Saturday 4 May 1929
Description: Actress. USA
Summary: Hepburn also noted the similarities between herself and Anne Frank: "I was exactly the same age as Anne Frank.

Barbara Harris
Date Born: Saturday 18 August 1945
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Barbara started singing in her hometown churches at an early age, and moved to Queens, New York at the age of eleven.

Barbara Hershey
Date Born: Thursday 5 February 1948
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Born to an Irish American mother and a Jewish American father who was a horse-racing columnist.Hershey attended Hollywood High School.

Barry Humphries
Date Born: Saturday 17 February 1934
Description: Actor, Producer, Writer, Comedian, Australia
Summary: Barry Humphries was born in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell in Victoria, Australia. His grandfather was an immigrant to Australia from Manchester, England. His father was a well-to-do construction manager and Barry grew up in a clean, tasteful and modern home in Camberwell, then one of Melbourne’s new garden suburbs.

Barry Lee Hall Jr.
Date Born: Thursday 30 June 1949
Description: Trumpeter, music director and band leader
Summary: A trumpeter, music director and band leader of the Duke Ellington Small Band.

Benny Hill
Date Born: Wednesday 21 January 1925
Description: Comedian, Actor, UK
Summary: Hill was a distant relative of the Australian actress and singer Holly Valance (Hill's cousin being Valance's grandfather).

Bergt Hallberg
Date Born: Tuesday 13 September 1932
Description: Pianist, Sweden
Summary: Hallberg had a versatile style and in his later years he wrote music for film and television.

Bernard Herrmann
Date Born: Thursday 29 June 1922
Description: Composer of music, USA
Summary: He conducted music for the adaptation of H. G. Wells' The War of the Worlds broadcast on October 30, 1938, which consisted entirely of pre-existing music.

Bernard Horsfall
Date Born: Thursday 20 November 1930
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: In 2003 he appeared in Davros — a Doctor Who audio drama produced by Big Finish Productions.

Bertie Higgins
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1944
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Higgins is of Irish, German and Portuguese descent.

Beth Hart
Date Born: Monday 24 January 1972
Description: Vocalist , Composer, USA
Summary: While playing the Los Angeles clubs, she enlisted bassist Tal Herzberg and guitarist Jimmy Khoury.

Betty Hutton
Date Born: Saturday 26 February 1921
Description: Actress, vocalist, USA
Summary: A daughter of railroad foreman Percy E. Thornburg and his wife, the former Mabel Lum. Her father abandoned the family for another woman and they did not hear from or see him again until 1939, informing them of his death from suicide. P/A

Bev Harrell
Date Born: Thursday 24 October 1946
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Bev Harrell was one of the most popular female solo singers in Australia in the late 1960s.

Bill Haley
Date Born: Monday 6 July 1925
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Haley was blinded in his left eye as a child due to a botched operation. Haley later adopted his distinctive spit-curl hairstyle to distract attention from his blind eye.

Bill Hayes
Date Born: Friday 5 June 1925
Description: Actor, Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hayes is perhaps best known for his role as Doug Williams on Days of Our Lives.

Bill Hunter
Date Born: Tuesday 27 February 1940
Description: Actor, Australian
Summary: An Australian actor of film, stage and television.

Billie Holiday
Date Born: Wednesday 7 April 1915
Description: Vocalist, US
Summary: Holidays personal life has been said to be turbulent, just as the songs that she sang. Drug use came into her life in the early 40's. P/E

Billy Hatton
Date Born: Monday 9 June 1941
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: The group were named "The Four Jays" and made their debut at the Cavern Club in 1961, nearly three weeks before The Beatles.

Billy Hill (songwriter)
Date Born: Friday 14 July 1899
Description: Pianist, Violinist, Composer of songs, UK
Summary: Under the name of George "Funky" Brown, he co-wrote the song "Have You Ever Been Lonely?" and also the Ink Spots/Elvis hit song, "That's When Your Heartaches Begin".

Billy Horton
Date Born: Saturday 25 December 1937
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Silhouettes were formed in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1956, at first using the name The Thunderbirds.

Bo Hannson
Date Born: Saturday 10 April 1943
Description: keyboard player/composer, Sweden
Summary: During the early '70s, Hansson burst on the international scene with his concept album Lord of the Rings, an all-instrumental album inspired by the literary trilogy written by J.R.R. Tolkien. The album received gold record awards in England and Australia.

Bob Hite
Date Born: Monday 26 February 1945
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: As a young man he acquired a job in a record store and collected a huge amount of old Blues records.

Bob Hope
Date Born: Friday 29 May 1903
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Bob Hope was born in England, the fifth of seven sons. His English father, William Henry Hope, was a stonemason and his Welsh mother, Avis Townes, was a light opera singer who later had to find work as a cleaning woman.

Bob Horn
Date Born: Sunday 20 February 1916
Description: TV host, USA
Summary: Horn was the first compare of the show and was later to be replaced by Dick Clark.

Bob Howe
Date Born: Saturday 22 December 1956
Description: Guitarist, Composer, Australia
Summary: As a musical director he has conducted for international singers such as Frank Ifield, Guy Mitchell, and Judy Stone,etc.

Bob Hubbard
Date Born: Tuesday 3 July 1928
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: For over 40 years, the Jordanaires remained one of the premier backup vocal groups in country music.

Bobby Hackett
Date Born: Sunday 31 January 1915
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: He played with the Glenn Miller Orchestra during 1941-42.

Bobby Harrison
Date Born: Monday 28 June 1943
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: The drummer for "Procal Harum"

Bobby Hatfield
Date Born: Wednesday 10 April 1940
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Their first charted single as the Righteous Brothers was "Little Latin Lupe Lu" and their first #1 was "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'," produced by Phil Spector.

Bobby Hebb
Date Born: Saturday 26 July 1941
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Hebb's parents, William and Ovalla Hebb, were both blind musicians. Hebb and his older brother Harold performed as a song-and-dance team in Nashville.

Bobby Helms
Date Born: Saturday 15 August 1936
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: In 1956, Helms made his way to Nashville, Tennessee where he signed a recording contract with Decca Records.

Bobby Hendricks
Date Born: Tuesday 22 February 1938
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: From 1961, off and on, through 2008, Bobby Hendricks worked as lead singer with Bill Pinkney's original Drifters

Bobby Herne
Date Born: Tuesday 18 January 1938
Description: Guitarist, Producer, USA

Bobby Hunter
Date Born: Thursday 18 February 1943
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: He is mainly known for his years singing at the ’Palais’ in Adelaide fronting ’The Esquires’ where he stayed until the closure.

Bobby Hutcherson
Date Born: Monday 27 January 1941
Description: Vibraphone and marimba, USA
Summary: One of the most gifted and innovative jazz musicians of his generation, trumpeter Woody Shaw navigated the rapidly fluctuating jazz scene of the '70s and '80s

Booka Hyland
Date Born: Monday 12 February 1940
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: An Australian rock pioneer during the early days of television.

Brad Hawkins
Date Born: Sunday 13 January 1974
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Born in Dallas, Texas. He with his mother moved to Summerville, South Carolina.

Brenda Hollaway
Date Born: Friday 21 June 1946
Description: Vocalist
Summary: Holloway became a fixture to several sixties television shows including Shindig! and later was asked by The Beatles to open for them on their U.S. tour in 1966. Holloway performed in the first rock stadium concert at Shea Stadium for the Beatles as their opening act. Holloway was only one of three female acts who opened for the Beatles including Mary Wells and Jackie DeShannon.

Brian Henderson
Date Born: Tuesday 15 September 1931
Description: Television personality and pioneer, Australia
Summary: Henderson also holds the record for the longest serving television news presenter, having read either the weekend or the weeknight news on Sydney station TCN-9 from January 1957 until his retirement in late November 2002.

Brian Holland
Date Born: Saturday 15 February 1941
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: In 1963, Brian and Eddie Holland and Lamont Dozier teamed up as a songwriting-production unit.. Between 1963 and the end of 1967 H-D-H wrote majority of Motown's hit singles, with Brian writing the music, Eddie writing the lyrics, and Lamont doing both. NPA

Brian Holland
Date Born: Saturday 15 February 1941
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: In 1963, Brian and Eddie Holland and Lamont Dozier teamed up as a songwriting-production unit.. Between 1963 and the end of 1967 H-D-H wrote majority of Motown's hit singles, with Brian writing the music, Eddie writing the lyrics, and Lamont doing both. NPA

Brian Hyland
Date Born: Friday 12 November 1943
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Brian Hyland appeared on national television programs such as "American Bandstand" and "The Jackie Gleason Show" and toured both internationally and around America with Dick Clark in the legendary "Caravan of Stars."

Bruce Hornsby
Date Born: Tuesday 23 November 1954
Description: Pianist, Keyboardist, Accordianist,USA
Summary: Hornsby draws frequently from classical, jazz, bluegrass, Folk, motown, rock, blues, and jam band musical traditions with his songwriting and the seamless improvisations.

Buddy Hackett
Date Born: Sunday 31 August 1924
Description: Actor, Comedian, USA
Summary: He was born to Jewish heritage, the son of an upholsterer.

Buddy Harman
Date Born: Sunday 23 December 1928
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Harman has played on several European Tours with various artists including The Nashville Superpicker Band and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Buddy Holly
Date Born: Monday 7 September 1936
Description: Vocalist, Guitarst, Composer, Producer, USA
Summary: Born to Lawrence Odell Holley and Ella Pauline Drake in 1936.

Catherine Hicks
Date Born: Monday 6 August 1951
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: Hicks was born in New York City, the daughter of Jackie, a homemaker, and Walter Hicks, an electronics salesman.

Celeste Holme
Date Born: Tuesday 29 April 1919
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: The most successful of these were the comedy The Tender Trap 1955 and the musical High Society 1956.

Charlie Hodge
Date Born: Friday 14 December 1934
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, USA
Summary: Hodge was discovered by Presley while the former was performing with a band called The Foggy River Boys in Memphis, TN. Hodge had caught the singer's attention at the time partly because, at 5'3", the guitarist.

Charlie Hunter
Date Born: Tuesday 23 May 1967
Description: Guitarist, composer and bandleader, USA
Summary: First coming to prominence in the early 1990s, Hunter has recorded 17 albums. Hunter plays custom-made seven and eight-string guitars, on which he simultaneously plays basslines, rhythm guitar, and solos. Critic Sean Westergaard describes Hunter's guitar technique as "mind-boggling ... he's an agile improviser with an ear for great tone, and always has excellent players alongside him in order to make great music, not to show off."

Charlton Heston
Date Born: Saturday 4 October 1924
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Heston was born the son of Lilla and Russell Whitford Carter, a mill operator. Heston has stated that he was part Native American and a "blood-initiated brother of the Miniconjou Sioux." When he was ten, his parents divorced.

Chelsea Handler
Date Born: Tuesday 25 February 1975
Description: Actress, Comedian, USA
Summary: In July 2007, Handler began starring on her own half-hour, late-night comedy series on E! Entertainment Television titled Chelsea Lately. On the show's 100th episode, she revealed to viewers that the network had picked up Chelsea Lately for another 150 episodes.

Chico Hamilton
Date Born: Wednesday 21 September 1921
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Hamilton received a Living Legend Jazz Award as part of The Kennedy Center Jazz in Our Time Festival, as well as receiving a Doctor of Fine Arts from The New School.

Chris Hayes
Date Born: Sunday 24 November 1957
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: He got his first guitar when he was nine years old, and he took whatever lessons he could from folk to jazz (he is now a self-confessed jazz freak.

Chris Hillman
Date Born: Friday 4 December 1942
Description: Bassist, Composer, USA
Summary: Along with frequent collaborator Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman was a key figure in the development of country rock, virtually defining the genre through his seminal work in The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers, and later became the leader of the country act Desert Rose Band.

Christopher Hitchens
Date Born: Wednesday 13 April 1949
Description: Writer, journalist
Summary: Christopher Hitchens (1949 - 2011) was an Anglo-American author and journalist.

Cissy Houston
Date Born: Saturday 30 September 1933
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: In 1996 she received the Grammy Award for Best Traditional Soul Gospel Album for Face to Face an album that contained a gospelised version of "How Sweet It Is, to Be Loved by You" and she won the award again in 1998 for her album "He Leadeth Me".

Clarence Frogman Henry
Date Born: Friday 19 March 1937
Description: Vocalist
Summary: Henry seemed to pick out the songs that had come way before his time and turned them into hits during the early sixties.

Cliff Hall
Date Born: Friday 11 September 1925
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, GB
Summary: The Cuban-born singer and musician moved to Adelaide several years ago from Liverpool. Not to be confused with the keyboard player from "The Shadows".

Coleman Hawkins
Date Born: Monday 21 November 1904
Description: Saxophonist - USA
Summary: Started playing in his teenage years, Played with the famed ’FLETCHER HENDERSON’ in the mid twenties.

Colleen Hewett
Date Born: Sunday 16 April 1950
Description: Vocalist, Actress, Australia

Connie Haines
Date Born: Thursday 20 January 1921
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: Her 200 recordings were frequently up-tempo big band songs with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and Frank Sinatra.

Corey Haim
Date Born: Thursday 23 December 1971
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He starred in a number of films, such as Lucas, Silver Bullet, Murphy's Romance, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream.

Corey Hart
Date Born: Thursday 31 May 1962
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Canada
Summary: A Grammy Award-nominated Canadian musician. He was raised in Montreal, Spain, Mexico City, and Key Biscayne, Florida, and was raised solely by his mother from the age of 10.

Culley Holt
Date Born: Thursday 2 July 1925
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: A member of The Jirdanaires mainly known as the group known across the world as the backup vocalists for a number of Elvis Presley's hit singles.

Dale Hawkins
Date Born: Saturday 22 August 1936
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: In 1957, Hawkins was playing at Shreveport, Louisiana clubs, and was influenced by the new rock and roll style of Elvis Presley.

Damon Harris
Date Born: Monday 17 July 1950
Description: Singer, USA
Summary: As a teenager Harris had formed a Temptations tribute band named The Young Tempts (aka The Young Vandals).

Dan Hamilton
Date Born: Saturday 1 June 1946
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds hold a special place in the annals of rock and not just for their oldies station perennial "Don't Pull Your Love (Out)."

Dan Hartman
Date Born: Sunday 4 November 1951
Description: Instrumentalist, Producer, Composer, USA
Summary: Member of ’The Edgar Winter Band’ in the seventies,worked with Rick Derringer later going solo and charting several times.

Dan Hawkins
Date Born: Sunday 12 December 1976
Description: Musician, Guitarist, Producer. Songwriter, UK
Summary: An English rock guitarist, noted for his strong revival of 1970s classic rock and 1980s metal.

Dan Hill
Date Born: Saturday 6 March 1954
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hill is the son of social scientist and public servant, Daniel G. Hill, and brother of the author, Lawrence Hill. Youtube: Sometimes When We Touch (1977)

Danny Hutton
Date Born: Tuesday 10 September 1946
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hutton was one of the groups three lead singers. He was also known to audition for "The Monkees" at a later date.

Darren Hayes
Date Born: Monday 8 May 1972
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Australia
Summary: He is the youngest of three children. He started performing for his mother in his lounge room from an early age. At Mabel Park High School, Hayes appeared in the school musicals

Daryl Hall
Date Born: Friday 11 October 1946
Description: Vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter and producer USA
Summary: Daryl Franklin Hohl was born in Pottstown, a Pennsylvania borough 40 miles from Philadelphia.

Daryl Hannah
Date Born: Saturday 3 December 1960
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hannah became interested in movies at a young age, partly due to insomnia.

Dave Hill
Date Born: Thursday 4 April 1946
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: In 1989 Dave Hill and Noddy Holder did a remake of The Everly Brother's hit song "Crying in the Rain."

Dave Hole
Date Born: Tuesday 30 March 1948
Description: Slide Guitar
Summary: Hailed as the newest guitar wizard and comparing him to such greats as Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert King.

Dave Hughes
Date Born: Thursday 26 November 1970
Description: Comedian, Actor, Television personality, Australia
Summary: He is recognisable for his larrikin personality, drawling Australian accent and deadpan comedic delivery.

David Hasselhoff
Date Born: Thursday 17 July 1952
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Known for his lead roles on Knight Rider and Baywatch. He also crossed over to a successful music career, primarily in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

David Helfgott
Date Born: Monday 19 May 1947
Description: Pianist, Composer, Australia
Summary: David Helfgott now lives in "The Promised Land", a valley near Bellingen in New South Wales with his second wife, Gillian.

David Hobson
Date Born: Friday 18 November 1960
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Hobson sang with church and school choirs and local music groups as a child, but he was still vocally untrained when he performed as lead singer and bass guitarist with rock bands

David Hodo
Date Born: Monday 7 July 1947
Description: Vocalist, Actor, USA
Summary: The original Construction Worker, was born and raised in San Andreas, California.

David Honeyboy Edwards
Date Born: Monday 28 June 1915
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA

David Hood
Date Born: Tuesday 21 September 1943
Description: Bassist, Trombonist, Producer, USA
Summary: Hood started his career playing with "The Mystics" and as a back-up musician. YOUTUBE: The Decoys rocked the house at the Shoals theatre.... thats David Hood on bass. Filmed on July 24th 2009.

David Houston
Date Born: Friday 9 December 1938
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Houston was one of the earliest artists with National Recording Corporation in Atlanta. Charted with Grammy winning 'Almost Persuaded' in 1966.

David Hungate
Date Born: Thursday 5 August 1948
Description: Bassist, Vocalistt, USA
Summary: Hungate played on Toto's first four records, including multiple Grammy award-winning album, Toto IV.

David Hyde Pierce
Date Born: Friday 3 April 1959
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Pierce was born the youngest child of Laura Marie and George Hyde Pierce, who was an insurance agent and aspiring actor.

Debbie Harry
Date Born: Sunday 1 July 1945
Description: Vocalist, Actor, USA
Summary: Harry was adopted when she was three months old by a family from Hawthorne, New Jersey, and attended Hawthorne High School, where she graduated in 1963.

Delores Hart
Date Born: Thursday 20 October 1938
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: An American Roman Catholic nun and former actress. She made ten films in five years.

Dennis Hopper
Date Born: Sunday 17 May 1936
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Hopper made his debut on film in two roles with James Dean (whom he admired immensely) in Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and Giant (1956).

Dezo Hoffmann
Date Born: Friday 24 May 1912
Description: Photographer, Hungry
Summary: He earned international acclaim in the 1960s, shooting photographs of well known pop and showbiz personalities, such as The Beatles

Dhani Harrison
Date Born: Tuesday 1 August 1978
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: Like his father, Dhani Harrison showed a keen interest in Formula One auto racing. He accompanied George to Grand Prix races around the world.

Dick Hafer
Date Born: Sunday 29 May 1927
Description: Clarinetist, Saxophone, USA
Summary: Hafer began playing clarinet at age seven and switched to tenor sax in high school.

Dick Heckstall-smith
Date Born: Sunday 16 September 1934
Description: Saxophonist, UK
Summary: In 1967, Heckstall-Smith became a member of keyboardist-vocalist John Mayall's prominent group the Bluesbreakers.

Dick Heckstall-smith
Date Born: Wednesday 26 September 1934
Description: Saxophonist, UK
Summary: Heckstall-Smith was an active member of the London jazz scene from the late 1950s.

Dick Hyman
Date Born: Tuesday 8 March 1927
Description: Pianist, Conductor, Composer, USA
Summary: Hyman was educated at Columbia University. He used the Lowrey Organ, on the albums Fabulous and The Man From O.R.G.A.N. He later recorded several albums on the Moog Synthesizer.

Don Hartman
Date Born: Saturday 5 January 1946
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: Member of U.S. group "The Frost" in the late sixties. He Was Rhythm Guitarist.

Don Henderson
Date Born: Thursday 10 November 1932
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: Known for many roles mainly remembered for detective George Bulman, featured in TV series 'The XYY Man' in the mid seventies.

Don Henley
Date Born: Tuesday 22 July 1947
Description: Vocalist, Drummer, Composer, USA
Summary: Don Henley attended North Texas State University renamed in 1986 the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas during 1968 and 1969. He left to spend time with his father, who was dying from heart and arterial disease.

Don Ho
Date Born: Wednesday 13 August 1930
Description: Vocalist, Hawaii
Summary: Ho played at the top night club spotts such as Lake Taho, Las Vega, and in New York.

Donna Hightower
Date Born: Tuesday 28 December 1926
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She is also known for her performance of the song "If You Hold My Hand" that was sampled for the hit U.K. single "Handsfree" by Sonny J.

Donny Hathaway
Date Born: Monday 1 October 1945
Description: Vocalist, songwriter, producer, USA
Summary: At first, Hathaway worked as songwriter, session musician and producer. He is mainly known for the hit duet song ’Where Is The Love’ with Roberta Flack.

Douglas Hopkins
Date Born: Tuesday 11 April 1961
Description: Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: The Gin Blossoms were one of the hottest local bands in Tempe and the surrounding areas, and they signed a contract with A&M Records.

Dustin Hoffman
Date Born: Sunday 8 August 1937
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: While having dinner with Paul McCartney, Dustin Hoffman told the story of the death of Pablo Picasso and his famous last words, "Drink to me, drink to my health. You know I can't drink anymore." Paul had a guitar with him and immediately played an impromptu chord progression while singing the quote. Thus, "Picasso's Last Words", one of the highlights of the "Band On The Run" album, was made.

Dusty Hill
Date Born: Thursday 19 May 1949
Description: Bassist, America
Summary: Associated acts ZZ Top, Willy & the Wolves, Freddie King, The Warlocks, The Cellar Dwellers, American Blues

Dwayne Hickman
Date Born: Friday 18 May 1934
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: One of his earliest roles was an appearance in the 1942 Our Gang comedy Melodies Old and New.

Earl Hindman
Date Born: Tuesday 20 October 1942
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Hindman's most famous and enduring pre-Home Improvement role was as Bob Reid in Ryan's Hope.

Earl Hines
Date Born: Monday 28 December 1903
Description: Pianist, USA
Summary: For 11 years his was "The Band" in Al Capone's Grand Terrace Cafe

Earl Hooker
Date Born: Wednesday 15 January 1930
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Hooker made his first recordings mainly 78 rpm and 45 rpm records in 1952

Ed Hall
Date Born: Wednesday 15 May 1901
Description: Clarinetist, USA
Summary: Clarinetist Ed Hall played with such greats as Eddy Condon, Louis Armstrong.

Ed Harris
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1950
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: By transforming into his characters and pulling the audience in, Ed Harris has earned the reputation as one of the most talented actors of our time.

Eddie Harris
Date Born: Saturday 20 October 1934
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: He wrote the theme for "The Bill Cosby Show". Album The Reason Why Im Talkin Shit, which consisted mainly of stand up comedy.

Eddie Haywood
Date Born: Monday 12 April 1915
Description: Pianist, USA
Summary: Pianist, composer and bandleader, born Atlanta, Georgia, died 1989 in Miami, Florida.

Eddie Hazel
Date Born: Monday 10 April 1950
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Also sessions guitarist for Motown backing the likes of ’The Temptations’ etc.

Eddie Henderson
Date Born: Saturday 26 October 1940
Description: Trumpeter
Summary: Henderson's mother was one of the dancers in the original Cotton Club. She had a twin sister, and they were called The Brown Twins. They would dance with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson and the Nicholas Brothers

Eddie Hinton
Date Born: Thursday 15 June 1944
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Sessions guitarist for many top artists including Aretha Franklin, Wilson Pickett, Joe Tex etc.

Eddie Hodges
Date Born: Wednesday 5 March 1947
Description: Vocalist, Actor , USA
Summary: Eddie Hodges is a former child actor and recording artist who left show business as an adult.

Eddie Holland Jr.
Date Born: Monday 30 October 1939
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: One third of the most brilliant songwriting team during the sixties with brother Brian and Lamont Dosier.

Eddie Van Halen
Date Born: Wednesday 26 January 1955
Description: Guitarist,Pianist, USA
Summary: Edward Van Halen was born to Jan van Halen, a Dutch father, and Eugenia, a Javanese mother, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Van Halen family moved to Pasadena, California, United States, from the Netherlands in 1962.

Edward Everett Horton
Date Born: Thursday 18 March 1886
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Horton started his stage career in 1906, singing and dancing and playing small parts in Vaudeville and in Broadway productions.

Elberry Hobbs
Date Born: Tuesday 4 August 1936
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: The group were known as the new Drifters and Ben E. King.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck
Date Born: Saturday 28 May 1977
Description: Television host

Elizabeth Hurley
Date Born: Thursday 10 June 1965
Description: Actress, Model, UK
Summary: Hurley was born as a middle child in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, the daughter of Angela and Reg Hurley. Her father was a major in the British Army, while her mother was a schoolteacher at Kempshott Infant School.

Elsbearry Hobbs
Date Born: Monday 27 July 1936
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hobbs joined the vocal group "The Five Crowns", led by Ben E. King, in 1956.

Emmylou Harris
Date Born: Tuesday 4 February 1947
Description: Vocalist. Composer, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Emmylou Harris (born April 2, 1947, Birmingham, Alabama) is a country, folk, alternative rock, and alternative country musician.

Engelbert Humperdinck
Date Born: Saturday 2 May 1936
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: A well-known British-American pop singer who rose to international fame during the 1960s, He was born as one of ten children of the British Army officer Mervyn Dorsey and his wife Olive. Arnold George Dorsey's family migrated to Leicester, England when he was ten

Engelbert Humperdinck (pianist)
Date Born: Friday 1 September 1854
Description: Pianist, Composer, Germany
Summary: In 1914 Humperdinck seems to have applied for the post of director of the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, but with the outbreak of World War I it became unthinkable for a German to hold this position.

Eric Haydock
Date Born: Tuesday 3 February 1942
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: Eric Haydock born 3 February 1942, Burnley, Lancashire, was the original bass guitarist with The Hollies.

Ernie Hare
Date Born: Friday 16 March 1883
Description: Bandleader, Composer, and Radio musician, USA
Summary: A bass/baritone who recorded prolifically during the 1920s and 1930s, finding fame as a radio star on The Happiness Boys radio program. YOUTUBE: "The Boy From Dixie", who was most popular during the 1910s through early 1930s.

Ersel Hickey
Date Born: Wednesday 27 June 1934
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: In 1954, Hickey heard Elvis Presley's "I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine" and became a devoted fan of rock and roll.

Faith Hill
Date Born: Thursday 21 September 1967
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Actress, USA
Summary: Hill co-starred with Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick and Glenn Close in director Frank Oz's remake of the 1975 thriller The Stepford Wives.

Felix Haug
Date Born: Thursday 27 March 1952
Description: Drummer and keyboardist, Swiss
Summary: The high point of Double's career came shortly after the late-1985 release of their first full length album, Blue. YOUTUBE ABOVE: Kurt Maloo and Felix Haug in the original b/w video for "Rangoon Moon" (1984).

Ferlin Husky
Date Born: Thursday 3 December 1925
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: He became a DJ after serving in the secound World War and later went on to to recording.

Florence Henderson
Date Born: Wednesday 14 February 1934
Description: Actress, Singer, Dancer, USA
Summary: Born to Elizabeth a homemaker, and Joseph Henderson, a tobacco sharecropper.

Francoise Hardy
Date Born: Monday 17 January 1944
Description: Vocalist, Actress, French
Summary: Hardy is mentioned in a poem by Bob Dylan "Some other kinds of songs" on the cover of his LP "Another Side of Bob Dylan".

Freddie Hart
Date Born: Thursday 21 December 1933
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, USA
Summary: Worked with Lifty Frizzell in the fifties and would later win CMA song of the year in both 1971 and 1972. A karate expert and teacher in the fifties.

Freddie Hubbard
Date Born: Thursday 7 April 1938
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: Hubbard a Bop and Contemporary player was said to be the Satchmo of the seventies by Leonard Feather.

Gabby Hayes
Date Born: Thursday 7 May 1885
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Known for mainly western films and later Hayes would admit he had never been a big fan of westerns.

Garth Hudson
Date Born: Monday 2 August 1937
Description: Keyboards, Composer, USA
Summary: Garth Hudson's parents, Fred James Hudson and Olive Louella Pentland, were musicians. His mother played piano, accordion and sang. His father played drums, C melody saxophone, clarinet, flute and piano.

Gary Holt
Date Born: Thursday 4 May 1950
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: After guitarist Tim Agnello left Exodus in 1981, Gary Holt joined the band and has been the main songwriter and the most senior member of the group ever since.

Gene Hackman
Date Born: Thursday 30 January 1930
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Lyda and Eugene Ezra Hackman. He has a brother, Richard. Hackman's family moved from one place to another until finally settling in Illinois, living in the house of his maternal grandmother, Beatrice, and where Hackman's father operated the printing press for the Commercial-News, a local paper.

George D Hay
Date Born: Saturday 9 November 1895
Description: Radio Host, Promoter
Summary: An American radio personality. He was the founder of the original Grand Ole Opry radio program on WSM-AM in Nashville, Tennessee,

George Frederick Handel
Date Born: Saturday 23 February 1658
Description: Composer, Germany
Summary: Handel was born in Halle in the Duchy of Magdeburg (province of Brandenburg-Prussia) to Georg and Dorothea Händel in 1685, the same year that both Johann Sebastian Bach and Domenico Scarlatti were born.

George Hamilton
Date Born: Saturday 12 August 1939
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and lived in Blytheville, Arkansas. He won many awards as a student at Palm Beach High School, West Palm Beach, Florida.

George Hamilton Iv
Date Born: Monday 19 July 1937
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Known in Australia for his single - "Abilene". Hamilton moved to the country charts by 1959, where nine of his hits spent time in the Top Ten, including his only number one, "Abilene."

George Harrison
Date Born: Thursday 25 February 1943
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, UK
Summary: Born in Liverpool, England, to Louise and Harold Harrison, parents of a Roman Catholic family with deep roots in Ireland.

George Howard
Date Born: Sunday 15 September 1957
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Saxophonist and member of ’Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes’ then turning solo.

Geri Halliwell
Date Born: Sunday 6 August 1972
Description: Vocalist, Actress, UK
Summary: An English pop singer and songwriter, television personality, and actress, and became famous (under the nickname of "Ginger Spice"

Gladys Horton
Date Born: Wednesday 30 May 1945
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Pop singer, famous for being the founder and lead singer of the popular Motown all-female vocal group The Marvelettes

Glen Hardin
Date Born: Tuesday 18 April 1939
Description: Pianist, USA

Glenn Hughes
Date Born: Tuesday 18 July 1950
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hughes had the bass voice of the vocal group. He would be mainly seen witha headband, moudtache dressed in a leather outfit to match the Biker that he was in the group.

Glenn Hughes - Uk
Date Born: Tuesday 21 August 1951
Description: Vocalist, Bass,, guitar, piano, trombone
Summary: Glenn Hughes did a short tribute tour to Tommy Bolin in Texas, with Tommy's brother Johnny of Black Oak Arkansas on drums.

Goldie Harvey
Date Born: Sunday 23 October 1983
Description: Vocalist, Nigeria
Summary: She appeared on Big Brother Africa in 2012 which was her first TV appearance.

Goldie Hawn
Date Born: Wednesday 21 November 1945
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: The cute girl in the Bikini that messed every joke up on ’LAUGH IN’ in the sixties TV show became the most popular star on the show.

Grant Hart
Date Born: Saturday 18 March 1961
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Grant Hart was born in 1961, the youngest child of a credit union employee and a shop teacher.

Greg Ham
Date Born: Sunday 27 September 1953
Description: Saxophonist, composer of song, Australia
Summary: Australian songwriter, actor and saxophone player known for playing multiple instruments in the 1980s band Men at Work.

Gregory Herbert
Date Born: Monday 19 May 1947
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Herbert started on alto sax at age 12. In 1964 he did a short stint in the Duke Ellington Orchestra.

Guy Hemric
Date Born: Tuesday 30 June 1931
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: Co song writer with Richard Loring, he wrote lyrics for many themes for seventies beach films.

Hal Blaine
Date Born: Tuesday 5 February 1929
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Blaine played on numerous hits by popular groups, including Elvis Presley, John Denver, the Ronettes, Simon & Garfunkel, the Carpenters, the Beach Boys, Nancy Sinatra, and the 5th Dimension.

Hal David
Date Born: Wednesday 25 May 1921
Description: Composer, Lyricist, USA
Summary: Hal David would be to most musicians the perfect writer of words in the 20th Century, Collaboration with Burt Bacharach.

Hal Holbrook
Date Born: Tuesday 17 February 1925
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Holbrook was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of Aileen a vaudeville dancer, and Harold Rowe Holbrook, Sr.P/A

Hal Kalin
Date Born: Friday 16 February 1934
Description: Vocal Duo, USA
Summary: The Kalin Twins were a pop music recording duo, comprising Herbert and Harold Kalin.

Hal Ketchum
Date Born: Thursday 9 April 1953
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: An American country musician, songwriter, performer. Ketchum appeared in the 1988 film Heartbreak Hotel. Ketchum also made a cameo appearance as a bank robber in the 1994 film Maverick.

Hal Mckusick
Date Born: Thursday 24 April 1924
Description: Saxophonist, clarinetist and flautist
Summary: Hal McKusick worked with the big bands of Les Brown, Woody Herman (1943), Boyd Raeburn (1944-1945), Alvino Rey (1946), Buddy Rich, and Claude Thornhill (1948-1949).

Hal Shaper
Date Born: Saturday 18 July 1931
Description: Comoser of music, USA
Summary: Shaper was born in 1931 to an immigrant family of an English father and Polish mother in Muizenberg, a suburb of Cape Town.

Hal Singer
Date Born: Wednesday 8 October 1919
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Singer appears on the 1981 live recording Rocket 88 with the UK-based boogie-woogie band Rocket 88.

Halle Berry
Date Born: Sunday 14 August 1966
Description: Actress, US
Summary: She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and also a Revlon spokeswoman.

Hamish Blake
Date Born: Friday 11 December 1981
Description: Stand-up, television, radio
Summary: Blake has appeared on various Australian television series, including Spicks and Specks, Thank God You're Here, Australia's Brainiest Comedian, The Panel, Rove Live.

Hamish Stuart
Date Born: Saturday 8 October 1949
Description: Guitarist, Composer. UK
Summary: A member of the Average White Band from 1972 to 1982.

Hank B Marvin
Date Born: Tuesday 28 October 1941
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: Hank Marvin’s original guitar is now owned by fellow Shadow Bruce Welch and Des O’Conner owns one of Buddy Hollys first strat’s unless Paul McCartney has finally grabbed it.

Hank Ballard
Date Born: Friday 18 November 1927
Description: Vocalist, Composer , USA
Summary: Ballard grew up in Bessemer, Alabama, where he began singing in church and later aspired to a career in music.

Hank Cochran
Date Born: Friday 2 August 1935
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: In 1960, and in 1961 teamed up with Harlan Howard to write "I Fall to Pieces" that became a major hit for Patsy Cline.

Hank Garland
Date Born: Thursday 11 December 1930
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: At age 19, Garland recorded his million-selling hit "Sugarfoot Rag".

Hank Jones
Date Born: Wednesday 31 July 1918
Description: Pianist, Band leader, Composer, USA
Summary: Born in Mississippi, where his father, a Baptist deacon and lumber inspector, bought a three story brick home. One of seven children, Jones was raised in a musical family. His mother sang, his two older sisters studied piano, and his two younger brothers Thad, a trumpeter, and Elvin, a drummer—also became world famous jazz musicians.

Hank Locklin
Date Born: Friday 15 February 1918
Description: Vocalist, Composer , USA
Summary: Locklin 1918, in McLellan, Florida is an American country music singer songwriter. NPA

Hank Mills
Date Born: Thursday 9 April 1936
Description: Comoser of music, USA
Summary: Mills authored a number of country and western hits of the 1960s and 70's

Hank Snow
Date Born: Saturday 9 May 1914
Description: Vocalist,Composer, CA
Summary: In 1958, Snow became a naturalized citizen of the United States.

Hank Thompson
Date Born: Thursday 3 September 1925
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Thompson began singing in a plaintive honky-tonk style similar to that of Ernest Tubb but desiring to secure more engagements in the dancehalls of the Southwest.

Hank Van Sickle
Date Born: Sunday 31 December 1961
Description: Bassist, Keyboardist, USA
Summary: According to John Mayall, his is the longest run of any bass player with the Bluesbreakers.

Hank Williams
Date Born: Monday 17 September 1923
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: He has been covered in a range of pop, gospel, blues and rock styles.

Hank Williams Jr.
Date Born: Thursday 26 May 1949
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: The son of country music pioneer Hank Williams, he is the father of Hank Williams III, Holly Williams, Hillary Williams, Samuel, and Katie Williams.

Hans Poulsen
Date Born: Monday 7 May 1945
Description: Vocalist, Composer
Summary: One of Australia's most successful singers and songwriters during the sixties and the seventies.

Harlan Howard
Date Born: Sunday 8 September 1929
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: One of the great American country songwriters. Mainly known for his songs but has recorded himself many times.

Harold Adamson
Date Born: Monday 10 December 1906
Description: Composer. USA
Summary: He was nominated for five Academy Award Nominations for lyrics to several original movie scores.

Harold Arlen
Date Born: Wednesday 15 February 1905
Description: Composer, Pianist, USA
Summary: Born in Buffalo, New York, the child of a Jewish cantor.

Harold Ashby
Date Born: Saturday 21 March 1925
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: He was one of the last surviving regular members of Duke Ellington's orchestra

Harold Faltermeyer
Date Born: Sunday 5 October 1952
Description: Musician, composer, producer
Summary: He is recognized as one of the composers/producers who best captured the zeitgeist of 1980s synthpop in film scores.

Harold Lloyd
Date Born: Thursday 20 April 1893
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Lloyd was born in Burchard, Nebraska to James Darsie Lloyd and Elizabeth Fraser; his paternal great-grandparents were from Wales.

Harold Ray Brown
Date Born: Sunday 17 March 1946
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Brown started a band called the "Creators" in 1963

Harold Rhodes
Date Born: Wednesday 28 December 1910
Description: Inventor, Pianist, USA
Summary: Harlod Rhodes was the inventor of the most successful electric piano of it's day.

Harold Robbins
Date Born: Tuesday 21 March 1916
Description: Author
Summary: Robbins has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6743 Hollywood Boulevard.

Harold Williams
Date Born: Wednesday 23 June 1948
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist
Summary: Harold Williams began his first Australia wide tour at the age of sixteen with his famous father, the late Buddy Williams.

Date Born: Wednesday 5 April 1950
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Sweden
Summary: Harpo released his first two singles in 1973 - "Honolulu" and "Sayonara".

Harpo Marx
Date Born: Friday 23 November 1888
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Harpo recorded an album of harp music for RCA Victor, Harp by Harpo, 1952 and two for Mercury Records, Harpo, in Hi-Fi, 1957; Harpo at Work, 1958.

Harrison Ford
Date Born: Monday 13 July 1942
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Ford was born to mother, Dorothy October 17, 1917–February 10, 2004, was a homemaker and former radio actress, and his father, Christopher Ford November 20, 1906–February 10, 1999, was an advertising executive and former actor.

Harrison Verrett
Date Born: Wednesday 27 February 1907
Description: Pianist, Teacher, USA
Summary: Piano teacher of Fats Domino who would later join Domino on tour etc when Domino was an established artist.

Harry Akst
Date Born: Wednesday 15 August 1894
Description: Composer of songs, USA
Summary: He was inducted in the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1983.

Harry Barris
Date Born: Friday 24 November 1905
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Pianist, USA
Summary: Songwriter ("Highways Are Happy Ways"), composer and author, educated at the Jewish Training School. He wrote special material for Joe E. Lewis, Sophie Tucker, Ted Lewis and Jimmy Durante.

Harry Belafonte
Date Born: Tuesday 1 March 1927
Description: Vocalist, Actor, USA
Summary: Born in Harlem, New York, the son of Melvine, a domestic worker, and Harold George Belafonete, Sr. A native of the island Martinique. From 1935 to 1939, he lived with his grandmother in the village of Aboukir in her native country of Jamaica.

Harry Carey Jr
Date Born: Monday 16 May 1921
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: A respected character actor like his father, Carey appeared in several Westerns. He made four films with director Howard Hawks.

Harry Chapin
Date Born: Monday 7 December 1942
Description: Vocalist,Composer, US
Summary: Chapin's first formal introduction to music was while singing in the Brooklyn Boys Choir.

Harry Cohn
Date Born: Monday 23 February 1891
Description: Director
Summary: Harry Cohn, sometimes nicknamed King Cohn, was president and production director of Columbia Pictures.

Harry Connick Jr
Date Born: Monday 11 September 1967
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Actor, USA
Summary: With Connick provided a soundtrack for the 1989 romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally. Starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal.

Harry Edison
Date Born: Sunday 10 October 1915
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: A member of "The Bassie band" with the nick name of "SWEETS" for his love of candy.

Harry Herni
Date Born: Monday 23 February 1948
Description: Guitarist, Australia
Summary: Harry is one of Adelaide's finest guitarists and session musician. Harry is mainly known for his work with Adelaide's "Harts" during the mid sixties to the early seventies.

Harry Houdini
Date Born: Tuesday 24 March 1874
Description: Magician, Escapologist, USA
Summary: Houdini's father was Mayer (Mayo) Samuel Weiss (1829-1892). Weisz was a rabbi; his mother was Cecilia Steiner (1841-1913). Ehrich had six siblings.

Harry James
Date Born: Wednesday 15 March 1916
Description: Trumpeter, Band leader, USA
Summary: Harry James.One of the greatest trumpeters of all time. Appeared in many film musicals and radio. He came to fame in the 30’s with the Benny Goodman Band. Later formed his own band.

Harry James Angus
Date Born: Friday 11 June 1982
Description: Singer-songwriter, trumpet player and guitarist. Australia
Summary: In 2012 Angus wrote the club song for the newest franchise in the AFL, the Greater Western Sydney Giants.

Harry Lauder
Date Born: Thursday 4 August 1870
Description: Vocalist, Music hall comedian, Scotland
Summary: When World War I broke out, Lauder was in Melbourne on one of his Australian tours. He was, at one time, the highest-paid performer in the world, making the equivalent of £12,700 a night plus expenses.

Harry M. Miller
Date Born: Saturday 6 January 1934
Description: Promoter and Publicist.
Summary: Miller gives advice and manages all communication, negotiations and media attention surrounding an individual or company that finds themselves under intense public spotlight for example.

Harry Morgan
Date Born: Saturday 10 April 1915
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: One of the finest actors mainly remembered for his role as Sherman T. Potter in the TV series of ’MASH’ in which he won an Emmy.

Harry Nilsson
Date Born: Sunday 15 June 1941
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Nilsson was born in Brooklyn, New York. His paternal grandparents were Swedish circus performers, especially known for their "aerial ballet" which is also the title of one of Nilsson's albums. His father, Harry Edward Nilsson, Jr., abandoned the family three years after his birth.

Harry Ray
Date Born: Sunday 15 December 1946
Description: Vocalist, Composer of song, USA
Summary: Singer, Songwriter - Co wrote - ’Sexy Mama’ etc.

Harry Richman
Date Born: Saturday 10 August 1895
Description: Singer, actor, dancer, comedian, pianist, songwriter, bandleader, USA
Summary: He made his feature movie debut in Hollywood in 1930 with the film Puttin' on the Ritz

Harry Secombe
Date Born: Thursday 8 September 1921
Description: Vocalist , Actor , Welsh
Summary: Seacombe had an excellent tenor voice but only made the charts with 'If I Ruled The World' and the Charlie Chaplin composition 'This Is My Song'

Harry Vanda
Date Born: Friday 22 March 1946
Description: Guitarist, Composer, Producer Australia
Summary: His family migrated to Australia in 1963, and settled in Sydney. Vanda came to fame there in 1964-65 as the lead guitarist in Australia's most popular and successful group of the 1960s, The Easybeats.

Harry Warren
Date Born: Sunday 24 December 1893
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: Over a career spanning four decades, Warren wrote over 800 songs. One of America's most prolific film composers, Warren's songs have been featured in over 300 films.

Harry Wayne Casey
Date Born: Wednesday 31 January 1951
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: He is most famous for his group, KC and the Sunshine Band and as a producer of several hits for other artists.

Harry Womack
Date Born: Monday 25 June 1945
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: A Member of "The Valentinos".

Hartley Peavey
Date Born: Tuesday 30 December 1941
Description: Manufaturer of Guitas, Amplification, Audio, USA
Summary: Peavey has been recognized by his alma mater as an Alumni Fellow and as the 2004 commencement speaker.

Harvey Fuqua
Date Born: Saturday 27 July 1929
Description: Vocalist
Summary: ,e,ber of The Moonglows, the group began in 1952 as the Crazy Sounds, founded by Harvey Fuqua and Bobby Lester; the group later changed its name to the Moonglows. Though Harvey sang lead on some songs, Bobby sang lead much of the time.

Harvey James
Date Born: Saturday 20 September 1952
Description: Guitarist, Australia
Summary: His first major group in Australia was the early '70s harmony-rock band "Mississippi".

Harvey Keitel
Date Born: Saturday 13 May 1939
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Has appeared in many films such as ’Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ ’Taxi’.

Harvey Mandel
Date Born: Monday 11 March 1946
Description: Guitarist, Producer, USA
Summary: A professional at twenty, he played with Charlie Musselwhite, Canned Heat, The Rolling Stones, and John Mayall before starting a solo career.

Hattie Winston
Date Born: Saturday 3 March 1945
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hattie Mae Winston was born in Lexington, Mississippi, on March 3, 1945, to Selena Thurmond Winston and Roosevelt Love Winston. Winston was raised by her grandmother, Cora Thurmond, in nearby Greenville, Mississippi.

Havana Brown
Date Born: Thursday 14 February 1985
Description: Vocalist, Australian
Summary: Before Brown started to DJ, she was signed to a record label in the United Kingdom with a group called Fishbowl.

Hayden Panettiere
Date Born: Monday 21 August 1989
Description: Actress, Vocalist, Model, USA
Summary: She began her acting career by playing Sarah Roberts on One Life to Live (1994–1997), and Lizzie Spaulding on Guiding Light (1996–2000)

Hayley Mills
Date Born: Thursday 18 April 1946
Description: Actress, UK
Summary: She made her stage debut in a 1966 West End revival of Peter Pan.

Hayley Westenra
Date Born: Friday 10 April 1987
Description: Vocalist , Piano, Guitar, New Zealand
Summary: Westenra's parents, Jill and Gerald Westenra, have two other children, Sophie and Isaac. The family has a history in music.

Hazel Dickens
Date Born: Saturday 1 June 1935
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Bassist, USA
Summary: Became an active member in the Baltimore-Washington area bluegrass and folk music scene during the 1960s.

Hazel Oconnor
Date Born: Monday 16 May 1955
Description: Vocalist, Actress, Composer, UK
Summary: O'Connor originally became prominent as an actress in 1980.

Heath Ledger
Date Born: Wednesday 4 April 1979
Description: Actor, Australia
Summary: Ledger's mother is descended from the Clan Campbell of Scotland and his father comes from a family well-known in Perth.

Heather Locklear
Date Born: Monday 25 September 1961
Description: Actress
Summary: Locklear was born the daughter of Diane, a production executive for Disney, and William Robert Locklear, an administrator at UCLA.

Heather Small
Date Born: Wednesday 20 January 1965
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: On 26 May 2008 Small performed alongside Stereophonics and Feeder at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, as part of the celebrations of Wales success at the 2008 Grand Slam.

Heavy D
Date Born: Wednesday 24 May 1967
Description: Rapper, singer, songwriter, USA
Summary: Heavy D & the Boyz were the first group signed to Uptown Records; their debut, Living Large, was released in 1987.

Heavy D And The Boyz
Date Born: Wednesday 24 May 1967
Description: Vocal Group, USA
Summary: An American Hip Hop group formed in the nineties.

Hector Crawford
Date Born: Thursday 14 August 1913
Description: Producer, Conductor, Australian Producer/Media Executive , Australia
Summary: His first television production was in 1956 and later productions were 'Consider Your Verdict' 1961.

Hedy Lamarr
Date Born: Sunday 9 November 1913
Description: Actress, Algiers
Summary: She was born in Vienna to Emil Kiesler, a bank director, and Gertrud née Lichtwitz, pianist. Though part Jewish, she was raised as Catholic,and studied ballet and piano.

Heidi Swedberg
Date Born: Thursday 3 March 1966
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: While living in Hawaii, Swedberg grew up playing the ukulele

Date Born: Friday 24 July 1942
Description: Vocalist, Bassist, Germany
Summary: A member of "The Tornados" who charted with the Joe Meek produced hit "Telstar". Bassist.

Helen Cornelius
Date Born: Saturday 6 December 1941
Description: Vocalist , Composer, USA
Summary: Cornelius opened Nashville South in Gatlinburg, Tennessee in the 1990s.

Helen Darling
Date Born: Saturday 1 May 1965
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Helen's career began in Chicago singing jingles for television and radio.

Helen Forrest
Date Born: Thursday 12 April 1917
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She recorded with Nat King Cole and Lionel Hampton in 1940. In 1941, Forrest was hired by Harry James.

Helen Hayes
Date Born: Wednesday 10 October 1900
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Her father, Frank Van Arnum Brown, worked at a number of jobs, including as a clerk at the Washington Patent Office and as a manager and salesman for a wholesale butcher. Her mother, Catherine Estella Hayes, was an aspiring actress.

Helen Humes
Date Born: Monday 23 June 1913
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The versatile Humes was successively a teenaged blues singer, band vocalist with Count Basie.

Helen Hunt
Date Born: Saturday 15 June 1963
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hunt was born the daughter of Jane Elizabeth, a photographer, and Gordon Hunt, a film director and acting coach.

Helen Kane
Date Born: Thursday 4 August 1904
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: Helen Kane dolls and Helen Kane look-alike contests, appearances on radio and in nightclubs. This cult following reached its peak in late 1928 and stayed there until early 1929.

Helen Merrill
Date Born: Monday 21 July 1930
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Merrill's recording career has spanned six decades and she is popular with fans of jazz in Japan and Italy.

Helen Morgan
Date Born: Thursday 2 August 1900
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Helen was born in rural Danville, Illinois. Her father was a farmer and a schoolteacher. After her mother remarried, she changed the last name to "Morgan

Helen Reddy
Date Born: Saturday 4 October 1941
Description: Vocalist, Actor, Composer, Australia
Summary: Helen Reddy was born into a well-known Australian show business family. Her parents, performers on the Australian vaudeville circuit, were actress and singer Stella Lamond and writer-actor-comedian Max Reddy. Her sister, Toni Lamond is also an actress and singer.

Helen Shapiro
Date Born: Saturday 28 September 1946
Description: Vocalist
Summary: Shapiro sang "Look Who It Is" on the UK television programme, Ready Steady Go! to John Lennon, Ringo Starr and George Harrison of The Beatles.

Helmut Zacharias
Date Born: Tuesday 27 January 1920
Description: Violinist, Germany
Summary: In the 1950s he was considered to be one of the best jazz violinists of Europe.

Henri Dutilleux
Date Born: Saturday 22 January 1916
Description: Composer, France
Summary: In addition to his activities as a composer, Dutilleux worked as the Head of Music Production for Radio France for 18 years.

Henry Corden - (fred Flintstone)
Date Born: Tuesday 6 January 1920
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Corden gave his voice to a number of other Hanna-Barbara productions, including The Jetsons, The Atom Ant Show, The New Tom & Jerry Show.

Henry Fonda
Date Born: Tuesday 16 May 1905
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: In the late 1920s, Fonda journeyed East to join the Provinceton Players and then the University Players Guild. There, he met fellow actor Jimmy Stewart, with whom he became lifelong friends.

Henry Mancini
Date Born: Wednesday 16 April 1924
Description: Composer
Summary: Mancini was born Enrico Nicola Mancini in the Little Italy neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio, and grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the steel town of West Aliquippa, Pennsylvania.

Henry Mccullough
Date Born: Wednesday 21 July 1943
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: In 1971 Paul McCartney asked McCullough to join his new band, Wings, alongside Denny Laine and Denny Seiwell.YOUTUBE: Afternoon television in Belfast circa 1991. With Percy Robinson, Liam Bradley, Roe Butcher and Mr. James Delaney.

Henry Purcell - (1659-1695)
Date Born: Wednesday 10 September 1659
Description: Composer, UK
Summary: Purcell is said to have been composing at nine years old, but the earliest work that can be certainly identified as his is an ode for the King's birthday, written in 1670.

Henry Spinetti
Date Born: Saturday 31 March 1951
Description: Drummer, Wales
Summary: He played on Gerry Rafferty's single, "Baker Street", and also played in the 2002 memorial concert for George Harrison, "The Concert For George".

Henry Vestine
Date Born: Monday 25 December 1944
Description: Guitarist, US
Summary: Vestine toured with Canned Heat in Australia and Europe, where the band had a popularity that far surpassed the recognition they got in the United States.

Henry Winkler
Date Born: Tuesday 30 October 1945
Description: Actor, director, producer, and author. US
Summary: In October 1973, he was cast for the role of Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, nicknamed The Fonz or Fonzie, in the TV show Happy Days.

Henson Cargill
Date Born: Wednesday 5 February 1941
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: In the year of 1967 his fortune came with the song ’SKIP A ROPE’ a very meaningful song giving him a million seller world wide.

Herb Alpert
Date Born: Wednesday 31 March 1937
Description: Trumpeter, Composer, USA
Summary: Alpert began trumpet lessons at about the age of eight and played at dances as a teenager. In 1957, Alpert teamed up with Lou Adler, another burgeoning lyricist, as a songwriter for Keen Records.

Herb Cohen
Date Born: Friday 30 December 1932
Description: Management, USA
Summary: He began acting as manager for many artists, his eventual roster including Screamin' Jay Hawkins, George Duke, Alice Cooper, Tom Waits, etc.

Herb Ellis
Date Born: Thursday 4 August 1921
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Ellis has recorded, toured or appeared on TV with some of the biggest names in jazz including Oscar Petterson, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, etc.

Herb Jeffries
Date Born: Wednesday 24 December 1913
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Jeffries, a deep baritone, sang with Duke Ellington in the 1940s. His most famous song, "Flamingo", sold over 50 million copies.

Herb Reed
Date Born: Tuesday 7 August 1928
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: His vocals can be heard on The Platters' biggest hits, including Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, The Great Pretender, Twilight Time and My Prayer.

Herbert Lom
Date Born: Tuesday 11 September 1917
Description: Actor,
Summary: Lom escaped to England in January 1939 because of the impending Nazi occupation of the rest of Czechoslovakia.

Herbert Rhoad
Date Born: Sunday 1 October 1944
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Persuasions have also enjoyed recognition from outside the doo-wop, gospel, and a cappella communities.

Herbie Cox
Date Born: Saturday 6 May 1939
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Cleftones were a doo-wop group from Queens, New York. They were formed in 1955 at Jamaica High School. Consisted of Herbie Cox (lead), Charlie James (first tenor), Berman Patterson. YOUTUBE: Herbie Cox on the far right. He is the original lead singer from the beginning (1955).

Herbie Hancock
Date Born: Friday 12 April 1940
Description: Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: Hancock studied from age seven. His talent was recognized early, and he played the first movement of Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 5 in D Major at a young people’s concert with the Chicago Symphony at age eleven.

Herbie Mann
Date Born: Wednesday 16 April 1930
Description: Saxophonist, Composer. US
Summary: Mann had a number of songs cross over to the pop charts — rather rare for a jazz musician. A 1998 interview reported that "At least 25 Herbie Mann albums have made the top 200 pop charts, success denied most of his jazz peers."

Hg Wells
Date Born: Wednesday 21 September 1966
Description: Author
Summary: Together with Jules Verne and Hugo Gernsback, Wells has been referred to as "The Father of Science Fiction".

Hilary Duff
Date Born: Monday 28 September 1987
Description: Vocalist, Actress, Model, USA
Summary: Duff's early career was marked by playing minor roles, starting off with an uncredited appearance in Hallmark Entertainment's western miniseries True Women in 1997.

Hilary Swank
Date Born: Tuesday 30 July 1974
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hilary Swank is the third youngest woman in history to win two Academy Awards for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role".

Hillel Slovack
Date Born: Friday 13 April 1962
Description: Guitarst, USA
Summary: Books - Behind The Sun, The Diary and Art of Hillel Slovak. 1999 , James Slovack

Hilton Valentine
Date Born: Sunday 21 March 1943
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: Valentine is credited with the instantly recognizable electric guitar arpeggio introduction to the Animals' signature song "The House of the Rising Sun", which inspired countless beginning guitarists.

Himie Voxman
Date Born: Tuesday 17 September 1912
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: On December 20, 2008, Voxman received an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from the University of Iowa

Hiram Bullock
Date Born: Sunday 11 September 1955
Description: Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: He was born in Osaka, Japan to African American parents serving in the U.S. Military.

Hoagy Carmichael
Date Born: Wednesday 22 November 1899
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: Carmichael composed and recorded "Up a Lazy River" in 1930, lyrics by Sidney Arodin and the first recorded version of "Stardust" with lyrics (by Mitchell Parish) was recorded by Bing Crosby in 1931.

Holly Dunn
Date Born: Thursday 22 August 1957
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Holly is the sister of song writer Chris Dunn and also co writes with him. Holly is also the daughter of a minister.

Holly Hunter
Date Born: Thursday 20 March 1958
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: On May 30, 2008 Hunter received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Holly Throsby
Date Born: Thursday 28 December 1978
Description: Vovcalist,
Summary: Throsby's song "A Heart Divided" is featured on an international TV and cinema campaign for Tourism Victoria, filmed in Australia and Finland.

Holly Valance
Date Born: Wednesday 11 May 1983
Description: Vocalist, Actress, Australia
Summary: An Australian model, actress and singer. Valance began her career as Felicity "Flick" Scully on the Australian soap opera Neighbours.

Homayoun Khorram
Date Born: Monday 30 June 1930
Description: Composer, violinist, Australia
Summary: Khorram began his music career as a violinist at the age of 10 by participating in master Abolhassan Saba violin and Radif classes.

Hooper Brewster-jones
Date Born: Tuesday 28 June 1887
Description: Composer of song, Australia
Summary: There is a plaque in his honour on the Jubilee 150 Walkway.

Hope Lange
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1933
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Lange was born into a theatrical family in Redding Ridge, Connecticut. Her father, John George Lange, was a musician and the music arranger for Florenz Ziegfeld and conductor for Henry Cohen.

Horace Key
Date Born: Friday 13 April 1934
Description: Vocalist
Summary: Charted with "HEY GIRL DON’T BOTHER ME" 1971

Horace Silver
Date Born: Sunday 2 September 1928
Description: Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: His father was from Cape Verde and his mother was born in New Canaan, Connecticut and was of Irish-African descent.

Horst Jankowski
Date Born: Thursday 30 January 1936
Description: Pianist, Germany
Summary: A classically trained pianist most famous for his easy listening music.

Hot Lips Page
Date Born: Monday 27 January 1908
Description: Trumpeter, Vocals, USA
Summary: He has been largely neglected by historians since his death due to mysterious circumstances in November 1954, but is considered by many to be one of the giants of the Swing Era and one of the founders of what came to be known as rhythm and blues.

Hound Dog Taylor
Date Born: Monday 12 April 1915
Description: Singer, Composer, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Stevie Ray Vaughan also covered Taylor's best known song, "Give Me Back My Wig", both in concert and in studio. YOUTUBE: Hound Dog Taylor & the Houserockers featuring Little Walter on harmonica. This was back in 1967.

Howard Cosell
Date Born: Monday 25 March 1918
Description: Television Sportscaster. USA
Summary: He gained wide fame and acclaim during his tenure as a football commentator on ABC's "Monday Night Football".

Howard E Scott
Date Born: Friday 15 March 1946
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: He frequented the local blues clubs in South Los Angeles to study professionals such as Lowell Fulson, Johnny Guitar Watson, and T-Bone Walker.

Howard Greenfield
Date Born: Sunday 15 March 1936
Description: Lyricist and songwriter
Summary: In the spring of 1958, Greenfield and Sedaka signed to Don Kirshner's Aldon Music as songwriters, which had offices at 1650 Broadway in New York. The company later moved to the Brill Building.

Howard Hughes
Date Born: Sunday 24 December 1905
Description: Industrialist; Aviator; Engineer. Chairman, Hughes Aircraft;
Summary: Hughes sold the RKO theaters in 1953 as settlement of the United States v. Paramount Pictures, Inc. antitrust case.

Howard Johnson
Date Born: Wednesday 2 June 1897
Description: Pianist, Song lyricist, USA
Summary: After private music study, Johnson began his career as a pianist in Boston stage and film theatres.

Howard Jones
Date Born: Wednesday 23 February 1955
Description: Vocalist, keyboardists, UK
Summary: He is the eldest of four boys (brothers Roy, Martin, and Paul). Born in Southampton, Hampshire, UK, he spent his early years in Stokenchurch, near High Wycombe.

Howard Kaylan
Date Born: Sunday 22 June 1947
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: Kaylan and Mark Volman founded The Turtles, a popular band of the late 1960s.

Howard Keel
Date Born: Sunday 13 April 1919
Description: Actor, Vocalist, USA
Summary: Howard began his first solo recording career at age sixty-four, as well as a wildly successful concert career in the UK.He is mainly remembered for his role in "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" along side of Betty Hutton.

Howard Michael
Date Born: Friday 18 November 1938
Description: Bassist, Australia
Summary: Mainly known as the owner of the "Twin Street Music Centre" situated in the heart of Adelaide in Twin Street.

Howard Stern
Date Born: Tuesday 12 January 1954
Description: Disc Jockey, Radio Personality
Summary: American radio and TV personality, media mogul, humorist, actor, and author.

Howard Tate
Date Born: Sunday 13 August 1939
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: In his teens, he joined a gospel music group that included Garnet Mimms and, as the Gainors.

Howard Wyeth
Date Born: Saturday 22 April 1944
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Also was a member of "The Howard Wyeth Ragtime Band"

Howie Epstein
Date Born: Thursday 21 July 1955
Description: Bassist, US
Summary: While playing on a Del Shannon album that Tom Petty was producing (Drop Down And Get Me), Epstein impressed Tom with his ability. YOUTUBE: Tom Petty - vocals, guitar Mike Campbell - guitar Benmont Tench - keyboard, vocals Howie Epstein - bass, vocals Scott Thurston - guitar, vocals Steve Ferrone - drums

Howlin Wolf
Date Born: Friday 10 June 1910
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: Born near West Point, Mississippi, and named after Chester A. Arthur, 21st President of the United States. His nick name Big Foot Chester and Bull Cow as he was known in his early years because of his great size.

Hoyt Axton
Date Born: Friday 25 March 1938
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist,Composer, Actor USA
Summary: Raised in Comanche, Oklahoma. His mother, Mae Boren Axton, co-wrote the classic rock 'n' roll song "Heartbreak Hotel", which became the first major hit for Elvis Presley.

Hoyt Hawkins
Date Born: Thursday 31 March 1927
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: In the year 2001, the Jordanaires celebrated their 51st year in the music business and their election to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Hubert Johnson
Date Born: Tuesday 14 January 1941
Description: Vocalist, US
Summary: Cousin of Jackie Wilson, the group recorded for Motown with their first hit ’Do You Love Me’

Hubert Sumlin
Date Born: Monday 16 November 1931
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: He was best known for his celebrated work, from 1955, as guitarist in Howlin' Wolf's band.

Huey Smith
Date Born: Friday 26 January 1934
Description: Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: Huey's influence on New Orleans music in the mid 1950s was profound, and it was often said Huey Piano Smith’s band was like a finishing school for Nola singers and musicians.

Huey Lewis
Date Born: Wednesday 5 July 1950
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Lewis was born in New York City and raised in Marin County, California. His father was an Irish American from Boston and his mother, Magda Cregg, was a Polish refugee.

Hugh Cornwell
Date Born: Sunday 28 August 1949
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: Cornwell grew up in Tufnell Park and Kentish Town and attended William Ellis School in Highgate, where he played bass in a band with Richard Thompson, later a member of Fairport Convention.

Hugh Grant
Date Born: Friday 9 September 1960
Description: Actor, Film producer, UK
Summary: Grant was born the son of Fynvola Susan and Captain James Murray Grant.

Hugh Grundy
Date Born: Tuesday 6 March 1945
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: Keyboardist Rod Argent, guitarist Paul Atkinson, and drummer Hugh Grundy met at St. Albans school U.K. in 1961 and began experimenting musically. They brought on bassist Paul Arnold, who introduced the others to the talented singer Colin Blunstone.

Hugh Hefner
Date Born: Friday 9 April 1926
Description: Playboy Magazine
Summary: Hefner was born in Chicago, Illinois, the elder of two sons born to Grace Caroline (née Swanson; 1895–1997) and Glenn Lucius Hefner (1896–1976), both teachers.

Hugh Hopper
Date Born: Sunday 29 April 1945
Description: Bassist, US
Summary: Starting in 1963 as bassist with The Daevid Allen Trio, alongside drummer Robert Wyatt, he alternated between free jazz and rhythm and blues. YOUTUBE: "Big Bombay" Composed by Hugh Hopper, in loving memory. Performed by BONE: Nick Didkovsky - guitar Hugh Hopper - bass John Roulat - drums

Hugh Jackman
Date Born: Saturday 12 October 1968
Description: Vocalist, Dancer, Actor, Australian
Summary: Jackman was born the youngest of five children of English-born parents Chris Jackman and Grace Watson.His mother left the family when he was eight years old, and he remained behind with his father.

Hugh Jarrett
Date Born: Friday 11 October 1929
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: He joined the group in 1954 and left the group in 1958.

Hugh Laurie
Date Born: Thursday 11 June 1959
Description: Actor, Comedian, Musician, Singer
Summary: From the age of six, Laurie took piano lessons with a Mrs. Hare. He plays the piano, guitar, drums, harmonica and saxophone. He is a vocalist and keyboard player for the Los Angeles charity rock group Band From TV. On 26 July 2010, it was announced that Laurie would be releasing a blues album after signing a contract with Warner Bros. The album, called Let Them Talk, was released in France on 18 April 2011 and in Germany on 29 April. The album features collaborations from well known artists such as Tom Jones, Irma Thomas, and Dr. John.

Hugh Martin
Date Born: Tuesday 11 August 1914
Description: Composer of music, USA
Summary: An American musical theater and film composer, arranger, vocal coach, and playwright.

Hugh Mcdowell
Date Born: Friday 31 July 1953
Description: Celloist, Pianist, UK
Summary: McDowell performed with the first live line-up of ELO in 1972 while only 19 years old. YOUTUBE: Osaka Japan in 1978 during the Out of Blue Tour. I digitally remastered it to improve sound quality. I made a video montage of Hugh playing his cello.

Hugh Mckenna
Date Born: Monday 28 November 1949
Description: Pianist, UK
Summary: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (often shortened to SAHB) with Hugh McKenna was a member.

Hugh Obrian
Date Born: Sunday 19 April 1925
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: O'Brian was born in Rochester, New York, the son of Hugh John Krampe, a career United States Marine Corps officer, and his wife Edith Krampe.

Hughie Flint
Date Born: Sunday 15 March 1942
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: In 1970, Flint formed McGuinness Flint with Tom McGuinness, former guitarist with Manfred Mann.

Hugo Montenegro
Date Born: Wednesday 2 September 1925
Description: Band leader, Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: An American orchestra leader and composer of film soundtracks.

Hugo Peretti
Date Born: Wednesday 6 December 1916
Description: Composer, Arranger, Record producer, USA
Summary: Writer of one of the most performed and recorded songs of all time Can’t Help Falling In Love’ (Elvis Presley).

Humphrey Bate
Date Born: Tuesday 25 May 1875
Description: Band, USA
Summary: Bate and his band, which had been given the name "Dr. Humphrey Bate & His Possum Hunters" by Opry founder George D. Hay, remained regulars on the Grand Ole Opry until Bate's death in 1936.

Humphrey Bogart
Date Born: Monday 25 December 1899
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Humphrey Bogart still remains a living legend decades after his death and still a Hollywood’s great.

Humphrey Lyttleton
Date Born: Monday 23 May 1921
Description: Trumpeter, Composer, UK
Summary: He is reported to have turned down a knighthood in 1995.

Hunter Hayes
Date Born: Monday 9 September 1991
Description: Vocalist, Songwriter, USA
Summary: Associated acts - Dann Huff, Carrie Underwood, Jason Mraz, Victoria Justice, Ashley Monroe, Taylor Swift, Rascal Flatts

Hurd Hatfield
Date Born: Friday 7 December 1917
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: William Rukard Hurd Hatfield was an American actor.Nominations: Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actor - Comedy Series.

Huw Lloyd-langton
Date Born: Tuesday 6 February 1951
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: He played guitar for Leo Sayer during the 1970s, then rejoined Hawkwind in 1979, appearing on the Live Seventy Nine album release from that year and the subsequent Levitation album.

Ian Hunter
Date Born: Saturday 3 June 1939
Description: Vocalist, Keyboards, Bass, UK
Summary: Hunter's entry into the music business came after a chance encounter with Colin York and Colin Broom at Butlin's Holiday Camp, where the trio won a talent competition performing "Blue Moon".

Isaac Hanson
Date Born: Monday 17 November 1980
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist. USA
Summary: He sings both backing and lead vocals, plays electric and acoustic guitar, as well as the piano, bass and the synth.

Isaac Hayes
Date Born: Thursday 20 August 1942
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Actor, Producer,
Summary: Isaac Hayes, who won Grammy and Academy awards for the theme to the 1971 film "Shaft".

Ivory Joe Hunter - (composer)
Date Born: Saturday 10 October 1914
Description: Vocalist,Pianist, USA
Summary: Billed as The Baron of the Boogie, he was also known as The Happiest Man Alive. He is sometimes confused with Motown producer-songwriter Joe Hunter.

Jack Hardy
Date Born: Sunday 23 November 1947
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: An American lyrical singer–songwriter and playwright based in Greenwich Village, who was influential as a writer, performer, and mentor.

Jak Housden
Date Born: Thursday 12 June 1969
Description: Guitarist, Producer, Australia
Summary: Jak was the guitarist for The Badloves before becoming a full-time guitarist for "The Whitlams".

Jake Hanna
Date Born: Saturday 4 April 1931
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: A superior drummer equally at ease driving a big band or playing in small mainstream combos.

James Honeyman Scott
Date Born: Monday 4 November 1957
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: Honeyman Scott acknowledged a number of influences on his guitar playing (Guitar Player, 1981). Early musical influences included Cream and the Allman Brothers Band. P/A

James House
Date Born: Monday 21 March 1955
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: James House's musical career began in a band called the House Band, which was signed first to Warner Bros. Records and later to Atlantic Records. PNA

James Newton Howard
Date Born: Saturday 9 June 1951
Description: Composer/musician/songwriter
Summary: Howard also arranged strings for several of Elton's songs during this period including on the hits "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" and "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word".

Jan Howard
Date Born: Sunday 13 March 1932
Description: Vocalist
Summary: Jan recorded the original song "I Fall To Pieces" as a demo for Patsy Cline.Born in Missouri, married to famed song writer Harlan Howard.

Jane Harvey
Date Born: Tuesday 6 January 1925
Description: Vocalist, USA

Jane Henson
Date Born: Saturday 16 June 1934
Description: Puppeteer, USA
Summary: American puppeteer and the wife of puppeteer Jim Henson. They were married in 1959 and had five children.

Jazza Hall
Date Born: Thursday 2 February 1928
Description: Guitarist, Australia
Summary: John was a highly regarded South Australian musician for some 50 years or more.

Jean Harlow
Date Born: Friday 3 March 1911
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: The daughter of Mont Clair Carpenter, a dentist, and his wife, Jean Poe Carpenter. Young Harlean's father came from a working-class background while her mother was the daughter of a wealthy real estate broker.

Jeff Hanna
Date Born: Monday 11 August 1947
Description: Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: In 1990 as a foursome of Hanna, Fadden, Ibbotson and Carpenter, the band again toured the former Soviet Union.

Jeff Hanneman
Date Born: Friday 31 January 1964
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: The guitarist was with Slayer from its founding in 1981. Its breakthrough came five years later with the release of "Reign in Blood," an album that included two songs -- "Angel of Death" and "Raining Blood" -- co-written by Hanneman.

Jeffrey Hammond
Date Born: Tuesday 30 July 1946
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: Hammond replaced Glenn Cornick in "JETHRO TULL" in 1971. YOUTUBE: Off the 1968 debut album, This Was.

Jennifer Hanson
Date Born: Friday 10 August 1973
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hanson has also written singles for other artists, including "Leave the Pieces" for The Wreckers, and "A Different World" for Bucky Covington.

Jennifer Hudson
Date Born: Saturday 12 September 1981
Description: Vocalist, Actress
Summary: At 25 years old, Hudson became the eighth-youngest winner of the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Date Born: Wednesday 21 February 1979
Description: Vocalist, Compsoer, Actress - 2005
Summary: Hewitt was born to Patricia Mae a speech language pathologist, and Herbert Daniel Hewitt, a medical technician.

Jerry Herman
Date Born: Friday 10 July 1931
Description: Pianist, Composer, Lyricist, USA
Summary: Many of Jerry Herman's show tunes have become pop standards. His most famous composition, "Hello, Dolly!".

Jerry Hyman
Date Born: Monday 19 May 1947
Description: Trombonist, USA
Summary: Hyman joined the group in 1968 leaving in 1970.

Jessie Hill
Date Born: Friday 9 December 1932
Description: Vocalist, Composer of song, USA
Summary: Hill is mainly known as the writer of the rock song ’OOH BOOP PAH DOO’ in which he himself charted with in the year of 1960.

Jet Harris
Date Born: Thursday 6 July 1939
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: He learned to play clarinet as a teenager, he made his own four string double bass to play in a jazz group.

Jim Henson
Date Born: Thursday 24 September 1936
Description: Puppeteer, Director, USA
Summary: Henson used his talents towards the children of the world with people such as Frank Oz with The Sesame street TV Shows.

Jim Hermel
Date Born: Sunday 30 December 1945
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Australia
Summary: Jim is a great vocalist and a brilliant musician. His stage act comprises the combination of vocals, lead guitar, and a wailing blues harmonica.

Jimi Hendrix
Date Born: Friday 27 November 1942
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist
Summary: Hendrix often favored raw overdriven amplifiers with high gain and treble and helped develop the previously undesirable technique of guitar feedback. P/E

Jimmie Henderson
Date Born: Thursday 20 May 1954
Description: Guitarist,USA
Summary: James Henderson on guitar entered the band in 1975 and left the band in 1979.

Jimmy Hayes
Date Born: Friday 12 November 1943
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Persuasions are considered by many to be the benchmark of a cappella, with groups.

Jimmy Hodder
Date Born: Wednesday 17 December 1947
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Hodder left the group in 1974 and was replaced by Jeff Porcarro.

Jimmy Holiday
Date Born: Tuesday 24 July 1934
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hloliday first came to prominence in 1963 with the self-penned "How Can I Forget". NP

Jimmy Van Heusen
Date Born: Sunday 26 January 1913
Description: Pianst, Composer, USA
Summary: He also worked as a part time test pilot for Lockheed Corporation in World War II.

Joan Hackett
Date Born: Thursday 1 March 1934
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hackett debuted with the role of Gail Prentiss in the TV series Young Doctor Malone in 1959.

Joe Henderson
Date Born: Saturday 24 April 1937
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: From a very large family with five sisters and nine brothers, Henderson was encouraged by his parents and an older brother James T. to study music. Early musical interests included drums, piano, saxophone and composition.P/E

Joe Hill Louis
Date Born: Friday 23 September 1921
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: His nickname “Joe Louis” arose as a result of a childhood fight with another youth.He was also known as “The Pepticon Boy” and “The Be-Bop Boy”.

Joe Hinton
Date Born: Friday 15 November 1929
Description: Vocalist
Summary: His career began in the late fifties.

John H. Hammond
Date Born: Thursday 15 December 1910
Description: Record producer, Talent scout
Summary: He discovered Aretha Franklin, then an eighteen-year-old gospel singer. In 1961, he heard folk singer Bob Dylan playing harmonica.

John Hall - Drummer
Date Born: Friday 25 October 1946
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: The year 1968 saw the release of "I Get So Excited" which appeared in the Top 50 of the UK Singles Chart. It was reported in September 1969 that all five members of the group had been injured in Germany, when their car ran off an autobahn in a gale.

John Hartford
Date Born: Thursday 30 December 1937
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: John Harford would change his name to Hartford later in life. Born on to parents Dr. Carl and Mary Harford.

John Hawken
Date Born: Thursday 9 May 1940
Description: Piano, Keyboards
Summary: John Hawken appeared briefly in the David Essex movie That'll Be The Day (1973) as the keyboard player in the band led by Stormy Tempest (Billy Fury), which also featured Keith Moon on drums.

John Heard
Date Born: Thursday 7 March 1946
Summary: American film and television actor. His several films, included Chilly Scenes of Winter, Heart Beat, Cutter's Way, Cat People, and C.H.U.D., as well as supporting roles in After Hours, Big, Beaches, Awakenings. He also played Peter McCallister in Home Alone and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

John Hiatt
Date Born: Wednesday 20 August 1952
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: Hiatt received his first Grammy nomination in 1995 for his album "Walk On".

John Hinde
Date Born: Wednesday 26 July 1911
Description: TV Presenter
Summary: Born in 1911, Hinde grew up up in Adelaide. He started studying medicine at the University of Adelaide, but dropped out and married. After a short lived marriage he went first to Melbourne and later to Sydney.

John Hopkins
Date Born: Tuesday 19 July 1927
Description: Composer, Australia
Summary: Hopkins led the world premiere of Peter Sculthorpe's opera/music theatre work Rites of Passage

John Hughes
Date Born: Friday 23 June 1950
Description: Management
Summary: In 1991 Hughes started a band called Hughes Version featuring Jim Corr on keyboards.

John Hunter
Date Born: Sunday 23 November 1941
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: The Hombres' "Let It Out" is included on the soundtrack of the Cameron Crowe film, Elizabethtown.

John Hurt
Date Born: Monday 22 January 1940
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: John Hurt is an Academy Award nominated actor and BAFTA Award winning British actor.

John Huston
Date Born: Sunday 5 August 1906
Description: Actor, Film Director, USA
Summary: The son of Canadian born actor, Walter Huston, and Rhea Gore, a sports reporter, he was of Scots-Irish descent on his father's side, his ancestral surname was Houston[, and English and Welsh on his mother's.

John Lee Hooker
Date Born: Wednesday 22 August 1917
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Hooker was born the youngest of the eleven children of William Hooker, a sharecropper and a Baptist preacher, and Minnie Ramsey.

Johnny Halliday
Date Born: Tuesday 15 June 1943
Description: Vocalist, France
Summary: Johnny Hallyday to a French mother, Huguette 1919-2007, and a Belgian father, Leon Smet.

Johnny Horton
Date Born: Saturday 30 April 1927
Description: Vocalist, Guiarist, Composer, USA
Summary: Horton was born in Los Angeles but raised in the town of Rusk in east Texas. His family trekked back and forth from California often as migrant fruit pickers but always returned to the Rusk/Gallatin area in East Texas.

Jon Hiseman
Date Born: Wednesday 21 June 1944
Description: Musician

Jools Holland
Date Born: Friday 24 January 1958
Description: Pianist, Band Leader, UK
Summary: His autobiography, Barefaced Lies and Boogie Woogie Boasts (Michael Joseph Ltd, October 2007) was BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week in the week.

Joseph Haydn
Date Born: Monday 31 March 1732
Description: Composer, Violinist and Keyboardist, Austria
Summary: Joseph Haydn was the brother of Michael Haydn, himself a highly regarded composer, and Johann Evangelist Haydn, a tenor

Joseph Hutchinson
Date Born: Saturday 28 February 1931
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: Joseph had prayed for talented children before the girls were born, and wasted no time in developing their musical skills.

Judy Holliday
Date Born: Tuesday 21 June 1921
Description: Actress, singer, USA
Summary: Judy Holliday was an American actress. Holliday began her career as part of a night-club act, before working in Broadway plays and musicals.

Juliana Hatfield
Date Born: Thursday 27 July 1967
Description: Vocalsit, Composer, USA
Summary: The daughter of Philip M. Hatfield a radiologist and The Boston Globe fashion critic Julie Hatfield, Juliana grew up in the Boston suburb of Duxbury.

Julie Harris
Date Born: Wednesday 2 December 1925
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Harris has received more Tony Award nominations (ten) than any other performer.

June Hutton
Date Born: Wednesday 11 August 1920
Description: Vocalist
Summary: In the late 1930s, she joined the band of her older half-sister, Ina Ray Hutton, singing under the name of Elaine Merritt.

Justin Hayward
Date Born: Monday 14 October 1946
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: Hayward joined the Moody Blues in 1966, replacing the departing vocalist / guitarist, Denny Laine. Bassist John Lodge replaced Clint Warwick at the same time.

Kate Hudson
Date Born: Thursday 19 April 1979
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hudson was born in Los Angeles, the daughter of Academy Award-winning actress Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson, an actor, comedian, and musician.

Katharine Hepburn
Date Born: Sunday 12 May 1907
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hepburn was born the daughter of Katharine Martha and Dr. Thomas Horval Hepburn, who was a successful urologist from Virginia with Maryland roots. She is of English ancestry from both sides of her family.

Katherine Heigl
Date Born: Friday 24 November 1978
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: At the end of 2007, Barbara Walters named Heigl one of "The 11 Most Fascinating People of 2007"

Katie Holmes
Date Born: Sunday 24 December 1978
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: An American actress who first achieved fame for her role as Joey Potter on The WB television teen drama Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003.

Keith Hopwood
Date Born: Saturday 26 October 1946
Description: Pruduction, GB
Summary: Hopwood left Hermins Hermits and started his own music company with the late Derek Lekenby

Keith Hudson
Date Born: Monday 18 March 1946
Description: Singer-songwriter, record, producer
Summary: A Reggae star who adopted singing over the instrumental melody.

Kelvin Holly
Date Born: Monday 13 September 1954
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: In 1991 he moved to Muscle Shoals, Alabama, married, and began playing on recording sessions at the legendary Muscle Shoals Sound Studios.

Ken G Hall
Date Born: Friday 22 February 1901
Description: Australian film director

Ken Hensley
Date Born: Friday 24 August 1945
Description: Keyboardist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: A keyboard and a Hammond organ player, guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer best known for his work with Uriah Heep during the 1970s. YOUTUBE: Ken Hensley (Uriah Heep) - The Last Dance

Kim Hart
Date Born: Monday 9 May 1960
Description: Vocalist, NZ
Summary: Started her career with band ’CHALKDUST’ in 1976.

Kim Hill
Date Born: Monday 30 December 1963
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: An American Christian singer, songwriter and chastity advocate, active since the early 1990s. She has won several Dove Awards.

Kirk Hammett
Date Born: Sunday 18 November 1962
Description: Guitarist , USA
Summary: He became the first inductee into Guitar World magazine's "Hall of Fame" in 2002.

Kree Harrison
Date Born: Thursday 17 May 1990
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Harrison was chosen to perform on The Rosie O'Donnell Show's “Most Talent Kids” episode. She appeared as a guest on the show four times by the time she was twelve.

Larry Hagman
Date Born: Monday 21 September 1931
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Hagman was born Larry Martin Hagman in Fort Worth, Texas. His mother, Mary Martin, was a popular Broadway actress and his father, Benjamin Jack Hagman,was a district attorney in 1936.

Larry Hall
Date Born: Sunday 30 June 1940
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: He attended Rancho Alamitos High School, Garden Grove California in the late 50's.

Larry Henley
Date Born: Monday 30 June 1941
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Newbeats' track "Bread and Butter", features on the soundtrack to the 1998 comedy-drama film, Simon Birch.

Larry Hoppen
Date Born: Friday 12 January 1951
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter. USA
Summary: Larry sang lead on two of Orleans' biggest hits, "Still the One" and "Dance with Me."

Larry Hovis
Date Born: Thursday 20 February 1936
Description: Actor, Singer, USA
Summary: In 1965, Hovis was cast as "Sgt. Andrew Carter" in the television show Hogan's Heroes.

Lauren Holly
Date Born: Monday 28 October 1963
Description: Actress, Canadian
Summary: Lauren Michael Holly is an American-born Canadian actress. She is known for her roles as Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in the TV series Picket Fences

Laurence Harvey
Date Born: Monday 1 October 1928
Description: Acting, Lithuania
Summary: Born Laruschka Mischa Skikne in Lithuania, he made his cinema debut in the British film "House of Darkness" in 1948.

Lauryn Hill
Date Born: Sunday 25 May 1975
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: At thirteen Hill sang at the Apollo Theater.

Lee Hazlewood
Date Born: Tuesday 9 July 1929
Description: Vocalist,Composer, Record Producer, USA
Summary: Hazlewood had a baritone voice that added to his music. Hazlewood's collaborations with Nancy Sinatra as well as his solo output in the late 1960s

Lena Horne
Date Born: Saturday 30 June 1917
Description: Vocaliast, Actress, USA
Summary: In 1989, she received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Leon Hardy
Date Born: Thursday 12 May 1932
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Cardinals were a successful American R&B group of the 1950s.

Leonid Hambro
Date Born: Saturday 26 June 1920
Description: Pianist and composer. USA
Summary: The son of immigrant Russian Jews, his father was a pianist accompanying silent films.

Les Holroyd
Date Born: Friday 12 March 1948
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: Les was a founder member of BJH and played with the band throughout its life.

Leslie Hope
Date Born: Thursday 6 May 1965
Description: Actress, Canada
Summary: Her first movie role was in the Canadian movie Ups and Downs, in 1981, which was filmed in Victoria.

Leslie Howard
Date Born: Tuesday 29 April 1947
Description: Pianist and composer.
Summary: He has been described as "a master of a tradition of pianism in serious danger of dying out" by The Guardian.

Levon Helm
Date Born: Tuesday 26 May 1942
Description: Drums, USA
Summary: Helm was born in Arkansas and grew up in Turkey Scratch, a hamlet west of Helena, Arkansas where he began playing the guitar at the age of eight.

Lightnin Hopkins
Date Born: Friday 15 March 1912
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: His father, Abe, was a ruffian murdered after an argument over a card game. His mother, Frances, encouraged him to play organ at her home church services. In the mid-1930s, Hopkins was sent to Houston County Prison Farm for an unknown offense. there.

Lil Hardin Armstrong
Date Born: Thursday 3 February 1898
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hardin Armstrong, born February 3, 1898 – August 27, 1971, Memphis, Tennessee.

Linda Hamilton
Date Born: Wednesday 26 September 1956
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world (1990).

Linda Hargrove
Date Born: Thursday 3 February 1949
Description: Vocalist, Composer, US
Summary: In the mid-'70s, she was one of the first Nashville artists to blend country sounds with a modern pop/rock.

Linda Hunt
Date Born: Monday 2 April 1945
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: The daughter of Elsie (née Doying), a piano teacher who taught at the Westport School of Music and accompanied the Saugatuck Congregational Church choir, and Raymond Davy Hunt, the long-time vice president of Harper Fuel Oil in Long Island.

Lionel Hampton
Date Born: Monday 20 April 1908
Description: Vibes, Composer, USA
Summary: Known to all as the most famous of all vibraphone players.Known mainly for his outstanding playing, he is also known for his hit - FLYING HOME.

Lisa Hartman Black
Date Born: Friday 1 June 1956
Description: Vocalist, Actor, USA
Summary: Major role in the primetime soap Knots Landing, as rock singer Ciji Dunne, during 1982 and 1983.

Loleatta Holloway
Date Born: Tuesday 5 November 1946
Description: Vocalist, USA

Lorenz Hart
Date Born: Thursday 2 May 1895
Description: Lyricist,Composer, USA
Summary: Hart was born in Harlem to Jewish immigrant parents. He attended Columbia University, where a friend introduced him to Richard Rodgers, and the two joined forces to write songs for a series of amateur and student productions.

Ludwig Hirsch
Date Born: Thursday 28 February 1946
Description: Singer/songwriter and actor. Austrian
Summary: In 1978 he launched his career as a singer-songwriter and became known for his critical, macabre, and morbid lyrics.

Major Harris
Date Born: Sunday 9 February 1947
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Signing with Atlantic Records, Harris scored a string of R&B hits in the United States, including the Top Ten single "Love Won't Let Me Wait"

Marc Hunter
Date Born: Monday 7 September 1953
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Born in Taumarunui, Marc joined Dragon in 1974 and the band recorded two albums of progressive rock for Vertigo Records.

Marcia Hines
Date Born: Monday 20 July 1953
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Born in the USA, she began singing as a child in her local church choir and by her teens was performing with groups in her local area.

Maria Hawkins Ellington
Date Born: Saturday 1 July 1922
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She was also a jazz singer who worked most notably with Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

Marion Hutton
Date Born: Monday 10 March 1919
Description: Vocalist, Actress USA
Summary: Singer and actress. She was a band vocalist of the 1940s, and appeared in a few movies. She is the sister of actress Betty Hutton. Both sisters sang with the Vincent Lopez Orchestra.

Mark Hamill
Date Born: Tuesday 25 September 1951
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He starred in the TV Series as Kent Murray in ’General Hospital’ from 1972 - 1973

Marsha Hunt
Date Born: Monday 15 April 1946
Description: Singer and novelist, actress and model. US
Summary: Hunt was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1946 and lived in North Philadelphia.

Marsha Hunt
Date Born: Wednesday 17 October 1917
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Marsha Hunt attended the Theodore Irving School of Dramatics during her high school years. She was a singer and a model before Paramount Pictures signed her to a contract in 1934.

Marvin Hamlisch
Date Born: Friday 2 June 1944
Description: Composer, Films, USA
Summary: Hamlisch was born in New York City, the son of Viennese Jewish parents Lily (née Schachter) and Max Hamlisch.He was the youngest student to be excepted by the Julliard School practicing to be a concert pianist.

Mary Hopkin
Date Born: Wednesday 3 May 1950
Description: Vocalist, Wales
Summary: Mary was born in Wales to a Welsh speaking family and began her musical career as a folk singer with a local group called the Selby Set and Mary.

Matt Hunter
Date Born: Wednesday 2 May 1984
Description: Drummer, Pianist, Guitarist, Australia
Summary: Hunter is a member of Australian hard rock band. "Koritni" formed in Australia.

Mc Hammer
Date Born: Friday 30 March 1962
Description: Rap Musician, USA
Summary: Burrell wanted to be a professional baseball player, but he did not catch on in any professional organization.

Merle Haggard
Date Born: Tuesday 6 April 1937
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Upon his release in 1960, Haggard said it took about four months to get used to being out of the penitentiary and that, at times, he actually wanted to go back in. Haggard was later pardoned by Governor Ronald Reagan.

Michael Hastings
Date Born: Monday 28 January 1980
Description: Contributing editor to "Rolling Stone" - Journalist
Summary: Michael Mahon Hastings was an American journalist, author, contributing editor to Rolling Stone, and reporter for BuzzFeed. He was raised in New York, Canada, and Vermont, and attended New York University.

Michael Hedges
Date Born: Thursday 31 December 1953
Description: Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: He saw himself as a composer who played guitar, rather than a guitarist who composed music.

Michael Holliday
Date Born: Monday 26 November 1928
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: Holliday was very popular in the United Kingdom during the fifties.

Michael Hossack
Date Born: Friday 17 October 1947
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Known as to his former band members, started playing drums in the Little Falls Cadets

Michael Hutchence
Date Born: Wednesday 20 January 1960
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Michael Hutchence was the lead singer of the famed "INXS".

Mick Hamilton
Date Born: Saturday 1 February 1947
Description: Guitarist, Australia
Summary: In 2000, Mick released his debut solo album, appropriately titled Alone At Last.

Mick Harvey
Date Born: Sunday 24 August 1958
Description: Composer, Arranger, Record Producer, Australia
Summary: It was at school in the early 1970s that Harvey met fellow students Nick Cave, Phill Calvert and Tracy Pew.

Mickey Hart
Date Born: Saturday 11 September 1943
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Mickey Hart joined the Grateful Dead in September 1967, and left in February 1971. He rejoined the band for good in October 1974.

Mickey Hawks
Date Born: Wednesday 17 July 1940
Description: Singer, Pianist, USA
Summary: An American rockabilly singer and pianist, whose best remembered record, "Bip Bop Boom", has been included on many compilations of the genre after years as a collectible record.

Mike Harrison
Date Born: Wednesday 30 September 1942
Description: Keyboardist, UK
Summary: The group Spooky Tooth, an English progressive rock band principally active, with intermittent breakups, between 1967 to 1974.

Mike Heron
Date Born: Sunday 27 December 1942
Description: Vocalist , Composer, UK
Summary: A Scottish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, best known for his work in the Incredible String Band in the 1960s and 1970s.

Mike Hugg
Date Born: Monday 11 March 1940
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: The band made a huge impact with ’DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY’ - 1964. The group formed in 1964.

Mildred J. Hill
Date Born: Monday 27 June 1859
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: The Hill sisters wrote the song "Good Morning to All"; Mildred wrote the melody, and Patty the lyrics. The song was first published in 1893.

Mississippi John Hurt
Date Born: Tuesday 8 March 1892
Description: Vocalist, Guiarist, USA
Summary: John was the eighth of ten children born to Paul Hurt and Mae Jane Smith.

Missy Higgins
Date Born: Friday 19 August 1983
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Australia
Summary: Higgins, the youngest of three children of a doctor and a childcare centre operator, was raised in Melbourne, Victoria and attended Geelong Grammar School for her secondary education.

Monk Higgins
Date Born: Friday 3 October 1930
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Higgins served as a producer on several of Blood, Sweat, and Tears' albums.

Monte Hale
Date Born: Wednesday 8 June 1921
Description: Actor, Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Hale starred in his first major role in Home on the Range in 1946.

Murray Head
Date Born: Tuesday 5 March 1946
Description: Vocalist, Actor , UK
Summary: He made his film debut in the British film, The Family Way (1966), opposite Hayley Mills and her father John Mills.

Neal Hefti
Date Born: Sunday 29 October 1922
Description: Trumpeter, Composer, Arranger, America
Summary: Hefti won two Grammy awards for his composition work on Atomic Basie including "Li'l Darlin," "Splanky," and "Teddy the Toad."

Nick Harper
Date Born: Tuesday 22 June 1965
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist , Composer, UK
Summary: In November 2007, he performed at the International Guitar Festival of Great Britain for the fourth time.

Nick Heyward
Date Born: Saturday 20 May 1961
Description: Vocalist,Composer, UK
Summary: Heyward formed Haircut 100 in 1980. During Nick Heyward's time with the band, they had four UK Top 10 singles and their debut album, Pelican West (1982).

Nicky Hammerhead
Date Born: Friday 30 September 1960
Description: Drummer, Actor, USA
Summary: He was later well known as drummer for the roots-rock combo, the Sharkskins.

Nicky Hopkins
Date Born: Thursday 24 February 1944
Description: Vocalist, Composer, UK
Summary: He is regarded as one of the most important session musicians in rock history, playing on countless hit recordings by leading British and American acts.

Noddy Holder
Date Born: Thursday 15 June 1950
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: The son of a window cleaner, Noddy Holder attended the T. P. Riley Comprehensive School and passed 6 GCE O-level exams. He left school at 17 half way through his A level course to work in the office of a local car components firm.

Noel Harrison
Date Born: Monday 29 January 1934
Description: Vocalist, Actor, UK
Summary: He is the son of British actor Sir Rex Harrison.

Nona Hendryx
Date Born: Saturday 18 August 1945
Description: Vocalist, Record producer, Songwriter, Author,
Summary: Hendryx is known for her work as a solo artist as well as for being one-third of the trio Labelle.

Noni Hazlehurst
Date Born: Monday 17 August 1953
Description: Actress, Vocalist, Pianist, Australia
Summary: Noni has recorded several albums and spoken work cassettes and is a respected performer, presenter, writer and director whose work extends across all media, theatre, film, radio and television.

Norman Hetherington
Date Born: Sunday 29 May 1921
Description: Cartoonist, Australia
Summary: Hetherington worked as a cartoonist (initially freelance, but full-time from 1946) for The Bulletin magazine until 1961.

Oliver Hardy
Date Born: Monday 18 January 1892
Description: Actor, Comedian, Composer, USA
Summary: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appear on the Beatles "Sgt Pepper" cover.

Olivia De Havilland
Date Born: Saturday 1 July 1916
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Both de Havilland and Fontaine were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1942. Fontaine won that year for her role in Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion over de Havilland's performance in Hold Back the Dawn.

Oscar Hammerstein Ii
Date Born: Friday 12 July 1895
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: The final song he wrote was "Edelweiss", which was added during rehearsals near the end of the second act. To this day, many think it is an Austrian folk song.

Otto Harbach
Date Born: Thursday 18 September 1873
Description: Lyricist, librettist
Summary: He was lyricist for many songs now in the standard repertoire, including "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes," "Yesterdays", "Indian Love Call,"

Pat Hare
Date Born: Saturday 20 December 1930
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: An American blues and rockabilly - Guitarist and singer.

Patricia Heaton
Date Born: Tuesday 4 March 1958
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Heaton was the second youngest of five children born to an Irish American Roman Catholic family in Bay Village, Ohio. Heaton has three sisters and one brother.

Patrick Hernandez
Date Born: Wednesday 6 April 1949
Description: Vocalist, France
Summary: Patrick had sold an incredible 52 gold and platinum records from amny country's at the end of the year of 1979.

Paul Hancox
Date Born: Saturday 25 October 1947
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: The Mindbenders were originally the backing group for Wayne Fontana was a 1960s beat group from Manchester, England.

Paul Henreid
Date Born: Friday 10 January 1908
Description: Actor
Summary: Known professionally as Paul Henreid, was an Austrian actor and film director.

Paul Hester
Date Born: Tuesday 6 January 1959
Description: Drummer, Australia
Summary: An Australian musician and television personality; he was the drummer for the related bands, Split Enz and Crowded House.

Paul Hogan
Date Born: Sunday 8 October 1939
Description: Comedian, Actor, Australian
Summary: Paul Hogan became ’Australian of the Year’ in 1985.

Pee Wee Herman
Date Born: Wednesday 27 August 1952
Description: Comic fictional character
Summary: Pee-wee Herman is a comic fictional character created and portrayed by American comedian Paul Reubens. He is best known for his two television series and film series during the 1980s.

Penne Hackforth-jones
Date Born: Friday 5 August 1949
Description: Actress, Australia
Summary: Born in the U.S. but raised in Australia, where her great-grandmother Barbara Baynton had been a famous novelist.

Penny De Haven
Date Born: Monday 17 May 1948
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: The first female country artist to perform for the troupes in Vietnam.

Peppermint Harris
Date Born: Sunday 17 July 1927
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Originally from Texarkana, Texas, he first recorded in Houston, as Peppermint Nelson, in the late 1940s.

Pete Haycock
Date Born: Sunday 4 March 1951
Description: Guitarist, Vocalist, UK
Summary: Haycock was born in Stafford and he attended St.John's Primary School and King Edward VI Boys Grammar School in the town. As he child he was inspired by the guitar music of the The Shadows and he played his first electric guitar at a miners club when he was 12.

Pete Hayes
Date Born: Saturday 4 May 1946
Description: Guitarist, Mandolinist, Vocal
Summary: Elder brother of Mike Hayes and member of "The Hayes Brothers Band".

Peter Ham
Date Born: Saturday 26 April 1947
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist,Composer, UK
Summary: In 1968, the group came to the attention of Mal Evans - The Beatles personal assistant were signed to the Beatles' Apple label. McCartney reportedly was impressed. And so he should have been as we all were the group were one of the better groups to come out of England at the time.

Peter Hayes
Date Born: Wednesday 11 February 1976
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Peter Hayes is a founding and current member of the Alternative rock trio, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

Peter Hitchener
Date Born: Thursday 21 February 1946
Description: An Australian television presenter, Australia
Summary: He has been chief newsreader for Melbourne's edition of Nine News since 1998, and prior to that was weekend newsreader.

Peter Lind Hayes
Date Born: Friday 25 June 1915
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: An American vaudeville entertainer, songwriter, and film and television actor.

Phil Hartman
Date Born: Friday 24 September 1948
Description: Actor, Comedian, Voice actor, graphic artist, writer
Summary: In the late 1970s, he made his first television appearance on an episode of The Dating Game; he won, but was stood up by his date.

Phyllis Hyman
Date Born: Friday 30 June 1950
Description: Vocalist, Actress USA
Summary: Phyllis Hyman was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and grew up in the St. Clair Village, the South Hills section of Pittsburgh.

Rachel Hunter
Date Born: Tuesday 9 September 1969
Description: Fashion model, Actress, NZ
Summary: In 2005 she hosted a series of Make Me A Supermodel, a reality show for Britain's Five TV channel.

Randy Hobbs
Date Born: Sunday 5 August 1945
Description: Bassist, USA
Summary: Bass player for the Rock group The McCoys Hang On Sloopy. Also Played bass for Johnny Winter from 1970-1976.

Ray Henderson
Date Born: Tuesday 1 December 1896
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: Henderson worked as an accompanist to song and dance acts in Vaudeville. His last Broadway show was a resuscitation of the Ziegfeld Follies, one of several put on after Ziegfeld's death.

Ray Hoff And The Offbeats
Date Born: Tuesday 29 December 1942
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Australian rock'n'roll star of the late 1950s and throughout the beat and soul-funk era of the 1960s and beyond

Rebecca Hall
Date Born: Sunday 9 May 1982
Description: Actress, UK
Summary: Hall's first role came in 1992, when she appeared as young Sophy in her father's television adaptation of Mary Wesley's The Camomile Lawn.

Red Holloway
Date Born: Tuesday 31 May 1927
Description: Saxophonist, USA

Rene Hall
Date Born: Thursday 26 September 1912
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: He first recorded as a banjo player with Joseph Robichaux in New Orleans in 1933.

Rex Harrison
Date Born: Thursday 5 March 1908
Description: Acting, UK
Summary: One of Harrison's best remembered film roles was that of Professor Henry Higgins in the stage and film versions of My Fair Lady. The role earned him a Tony Award, a Golden Globe Award and Best Actor Oscar.

Richard Halligan
Date Born: Sunday 29 August 1943
Description: Trombonist, USA
Summary: As of 2006 he is active as a composer and performer for various types of music.

Richard Harris
Date Born: Wednesday 1 October 1930
Description: Actor, Iriish
Summary: He recorded several albums, one (A Tramp Shining) included the seven-minute hit song "MacArthur Park" (which Harris mispronounced as "MacArthur's Park"); that song written by Jimmy Webb, reached #2 on the United States Billboard magazine pop chart

Richard Holmes
Date Born: Saturday 2 May 1931
Description: Organist, USA
Summary: An African-American jazz organist who performed in the hard bop and soul jazz genre.

Richard Hughes
Date Born: Monday 8 September 1975
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: Hughes went to university at University College London where he received a degree in Geography.

Richie Havens
Date Born: Tuesday 21 January 1941
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Actor, USA
Summary: Richard P. Havens was born in Brooklyn, the eldest of nine children, and first started singing street corner doo-wop and performed with The McCrea Gospel Singers at 16.

Rick Huxley
Date Born: Wednesday 5 August 1942
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: Rick Huxley was one of the best known bass players during the sixties, his name recognition is only a little behind that of Paul McCartney.

Rita Hayworth
Date Born: Thursday 17 October 1918
Description: Actor, Singer, USA
Summary: At Columbia Rita Cansino was renamed Rita Hayworth, adding a Y to her mother's maiden name of Haworth.

Rob Heaton
Date Born: Thursday 6 July 1961
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: Together with Justin Sullivan he was the core of the Bradford based band, originally alongside Stuart Morrow on bass and then later with Jason 'Moose' Harris.

Robert Hegyes
Date Born: Monday 7 May 1951
Description: Actor. USA

Robert Hughes
Date Born: Thursday 19 August 1948
Description: Guitarist, Australia
Summary: In 1967–1968 Hughes was the bass player for the pop band The Flying Circus before they had hits with the songs "Hayride" and "La La".

Rock Hudson
Date Born: Tuesday 17 November 1925
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Hudson was born the son of Katherine Wood, a telephone operator, and Roy Harold Scherer, Sr, an auto mechanic who abandoned the family during the depths of the Great Depression.

Rolf Harris
Date Born: Sunday 30 March 1930
Description: Vocalist, Comic, Composer, Painter, Australia,
Summary: Named after Rolf Boldrewood, an Australian writer his mother admired, he was born in Bassendean, a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, Australia, to Cromwell Harris and Agnes Margaret Harris who had emigrated from Wales.

Ron Holden
Date Born: Monday 7 August 1939
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Ron Holden was born into a prominent African American Seattle family.

Ron Howard
Date Born: Monday 1 March 1954
Description: Actor, Director, USA
Summary: Howard was born in Duncan, Oklahoma, the son of Jean Speegle Howard, an actress, and Rance Howard, a director, writer, and actor.

Ronnie Hawkins
Date Born: Thursday 10 January 1935
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hawkins was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame at the Canadian Music Industry Awards on 4 March 2004. His pioneering contribution to the genre has also been recognized by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Ronnie Hilton
Date Born: Tuesday 26 January 1926
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: From a comparatively unknown Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, "Me and Juliet" written in 1953, Ronnie Hilton took the hit tune "No Other Love", and scored his one and only UK Number One hit in 1956.

Ross Hannaford
Date Born: Friday 1 December 1950
Description: Guitarist, Australia
Summary: While as a teenager Hannaford and Ross Wilson formed their first band in Melbourne, Australia called 'Tha Pink Finks'.

Rowland S. Howard
Date Born: Saturday 24 October 1959
Description: Guitarist, Australia
Summary: Australian rock musician, guitarist and songwriter, best known for his work with the post-punk group The Birthday Party.

Roy Hamilton
Date Born: Tuesday 16 April 1929
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The song ’You Can Have Her’ was his most noted hit in Australia.

Roy Hargrove
Date Born: Thursday 16 October 1969
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: Hargrove won a Grammy Award in 1998 for the album Habana with the Afro-Cuban band he founded: "Crisol".

Roy Harper
Date Born: Thursday 12 June 1941
Description: Vocalist, Songwriter, Guitarist
Summary: Harper was born in Manchester, England. After the death of his mother during childbirth, he was raised in Blackpool by his father.

Roy Hay
Date Born: Saturday 12 August 1961
Description: Guitarist, Keyboardist, UK
Summary: Some of Hay's musical influences were Stevie Wonder , The Isley Brothers and Led Zeppelin. Before his involvement with Culture Club.

Roy Haynes
Date Born: Saturday 13 March 1926
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Haynes can be linked to the all time jazz greats such as Stan Getz, Gary Burton etc or his own bands that he has formed over the years.

Roy Head
Date Born: Monday 1 September 1941
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: He moved to Texas, in 1955, he and Tommy Bolton formed his first group, The Traits, in 1957.

Ruby Hunter
Date Born: Monday 31 October 1955
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Australia
Summary: Hunter won Deadlys in 2000 for Female Artist of the Year, 2003 for Outstanding Contribution to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music and 2004 for Excellence in Film & Theatrical Score.

Rupert Holmes
Date Born: Monday 24 February 1947
Description: Composer, Producer, Sessions Musician, USA
Summary: Holmes was born in England. His father, Leonard Goldstein, was a United States Army Warrant Officer and bandleader, his mother, Gwen, was English, and both were musical.

Salma Hayek
Date Born: Friday 2 September 1966
Description: Actress, Singer, Mexico/USA
Summary: Hayek has been credited as a song performer in three movies. The first was Desperado for the song Quedate Aquí. In Frida she performed the Mexican folk song La Bruja with the band Los Vega. She also recorded Siente mi amor, which played during the end credits of Once Upon a Time in Mexico

Sammy Hagar
Date Born: Monday 13 October 1947
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Hagar in his early days played with bands that included, 'Dustcloud' - 'Justice Brothers' - 'Manhole' - 'Sammy Hagar Band' etc.