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Abbey Lincoln
Date Born: Wednesday 6 August 1930
Description: Vocalist, Actress, Composer, USA
Summary: She continues to perform and can often be found at the Blue Note in New York City.

Abe Laboriel - Jr
Date Born: Tuesday 23 March 1971
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: The son of jazz bass master Abraham Laboriel, Sr., Abe grew up playing drums starting at age four

Abraham Laboriel
Date Born: Thursday 17 July 1947
Description: Bassist, USA
Summary: Guitar Player Magazine described him as "the most widely used session bassist of our time

Al Lewis
Date Born: Saturday 30 April 1910
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He attended Thomas Jefferson High School, from which he left in his junior year. He later attended Oswego State Teachers College.

Alan Jay Lerner
Date Born: Saturday 31 August 1918
Description: Composer, Lyricist, USA
Summary: At the time of his death he was married to actress Liz Robertson, who was thirty-six years his junior.

Alan Ladd
Date Born: Wednesday 3 September 1913
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Alan Ladd was born to an American father Alan Ladd, Sr. and an English-American mother Ina Raleigh Ladd. His father died when the boy was four.

Alan Lancaster
Date Born: Monday 7 February 1949
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Bassist, UK
Summary: Bass player, singer/songwriter.

Alan Light
Date Born: Thursday 4 August 1966
Description: Journalist
Summary: Light had been an intern at Rolling Stone during their 20th Anniversary year while still a student.

Alan Lomax
Date Born: Sunday 31 January 1915
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: He was one of the great field collectors of folk music of the 20th century, recording thousands of songs in the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, the Caribbean, Italy, and Spain.

Albert Lance
Date Born: Sunday 12 July 1925
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: He became Australia's principal tenor in the early 1950s before travelling to France in 1955, becoming one of the most sought after tenors there for nearly 20 years.

Albert Lee
Date Born: Tuesday 21 December 1943
Description: Guitarist, Sessions Musician, Singer UK
Summary: Earning a great reputation working with the likes of Jackson Brown - Joan Armatrading Dave Edmunds and many other great artists, he has proven to be one of the stayers in rock music.

Alex Lifeson
Date Born: Thursday 27 August 1953
Description: Guitarist, songwriter, Producer
Summary: His assumed stage name of "Lifeson" is a semi-literal translation of the name "Zivojinovich", meaning "son of life". His first exposure to formal music training came in the form of the viola which he renounced for the guitar at the age of 12.

Alex Lloyd
Date Born: Thursday 19 September 1974
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Australia
Summary: In 2006, Alex Lloyd performed in the grand finale of Dancing With The Stars, singing his breakthrough song, "Amazing".

Allan Longmuir
Date Born: Monday 20 June 1949
Description: Bassist, Scotland
Summary: He was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and is the elder brother of the group's drummer, Derek Longmuir.

Allen Lanier
Date Born: Tuesday 25 June 1946
Description: Keyboardist, Guitar, USA
Summary: An original member of Blue Öyster Cult. Lanier played keyboards and rhythm guitar. He resided in Manhattan.

Alvin Lee
Date Born: Tuesday 19 December 1944
Description: Guiarist, singer and composer. UK
Summary: During the sixties he joined bands where he worked with John Lee Hooker at the Marquee Club one of the most prominent gigs in London during the sixties.

Amber Lawrence
Date Born: Wednesday 19 April 1978
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Australia
Summary: After graduating from the University of New South Wales with a commerce degree and working for six years as a chartered accountant for Qantas

Andrew Lloyd Webber
Date Born: Wednesday 22 March 1944
Description: Pianist, Composer, UK
Summary: The son of Jean Hermione, a violinist and pianist, and William Lloyd Webber, a composer. His younger brother, Julian Lloyd Webber is a cellist. As a child, he could not bear noises made by others.

Andrew Love
Date Born: Friday 21 November 1941
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Love was born in Memphis and began his interest in music at the Baptist church were his father was pastor.

Andy Fairweather Low
Date Born: Monday 2 August 1948
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist
Summary: Fairweather Low first found fame as a founder member of the pop group Amen Corner in the late 1960s.

Andy Lee
Date Born: Sunday 24 May 1981
Description: Comedian, Australia
Summary: An Australian comedian and musician. He usually works alongside Hamish Blake as part of the comedy duo Hamish & Andy.

Angela Lansbury
Date Born: Friday 16 October 1925
Description: Actress, UK
Summary: Born the daughter of Belfast-born actress Moyna MacGill and Edgar Lansbury, a prominent businessman, and the granddaughter of the former Labour Party leader George Lansbury.

Ann Leuba
Date Born: Monday 3 October 1955
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Australia
Summary: Her most recent success was to have two of her songs accepted to be on a compilation Album, by Selection Records to be released in 2007.

Annie Lennox
Date Born: Saturday 25 December 1954
Description: Vocalist, Composer, UK
Summary: Lead singer of ’The Eurythmics’ with Dave Stewart. Lennox was born on Christmas Day, 1954, in Aberdeen.

Anni-frid Lyngstad
Date Born: Thursday 15 November 1945
Description: Vocalist, Norway
Summary: A Swedish singer of Norwegian and German origin. She was one of the four members of Swedish pop group ABBA.

Art Linkletter
Date Born: Wednesday 17 July 1912
Description: Actor, TV Host, Radio and TV, Canadian
Summary: In his autobiography, "Confessions of a Happy Man" 1960, Linkletter revealed that he had had no contact with his natural parents or his sister or two brothers since he was abandoned when only a few weeks old.

Arthur Lee
Date Born: Wednesday 7 March 1945
Description: Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer
Summary: Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist of the Los Angeles rock band Love, best known for the critically acclaimed 1967 album, Forever Changes. Youtube: Love with Arthur Lee - Alone Again Or

Arthur Lyman
Date Born: Tuesday 2 February 1932
Description: Pianist, USA
Summary: Arthur Lyman was born on the island of Kauai in the U.S. territory of Hawaii, on 2 February 1934.

Avril Lavigne
Date Born: Thursday 27 September 1984
Description: Violinist, USA
Summary: Lavigne has sold more than 30 million copies of her albums worldwide

Barbara Lee
Date Born: Friday 16 May 1947
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Their major hit was HE’S SO FINE. The song would later emerge in a court case that involved George Harrison and his song My Sweet Lord.

Barbara Lewis
Date Born: Tuesday 9 February 1943
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: In 1995, Lewis' "Baby I'm Yours" was featured on the "The Bridges of Madison County" soundtrack.

Barbara Lynn
Date Born: Friday 16 January 1942
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She appeared at the Apollo Theatre, twice on American Bandstand, and even had her song "Oh Baby (We've Got A Good Thing Goin')" recorded by The Rolling Stones.

Barry Lee Hall Jr.
Date Born: Thursday 30 June 1949
Description: Trumpeter, music director and band leader
Summary: A trumpeter, music director and band leader of the Duke Ellington Small Band.

Ben Lee
Date Born: Monday 11 September 1978
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, Australia
Summary: Lee's solo career started at the age of 16, while he was still in Noise Addict. He began recording his first solo album, Grandpaw Would, in both Sydney and Chicago with producer Brad Wood.

Bernie Leadon
Date Born: Friday 19 July 1946
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: In the mid 1960's Leadon attended Gainesville High School in Gainesville, Florida. One of his classmates at Gainesville High was Don Felder, who would years later be his bandmate in the Eagles.

Bernie Lowe
Date Born: Thursday 22 November 1917
Description: Composer, record producer, arranger, pianist, bandleader.
Summary: Lowe founded Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Cameo Records in 1956

Big Tiny Little
Date Born: Sunday 31 August 1930
Description: Pianist, US
Summary: The son of a prominent musician and bandleader, Tiny Little Sr..

Bill Laswell
Date Born: Saturday 12 February 1955
Description: Bassist, Producer, Arranger, USA
Summary: Laswell ranks among the most prolific of musicians, being involved in hundreds of recordings with many musicians from all over the world.

Bill Lear - Audio 8 Track-recording
Date Born: Thursday 26 June 1902
Description: Manufacturer, USA
Summary: William Powell Lear was an American inventor and businessman. He is best known for founding the Lear Jet Corporation.

Billy Lee Ryley
Date Born: Thursday 5 October 1933
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Born the son of a sharecropper, Riley learned to play guitar from black farm workers. After 4 years in the Army.

Billy Lyall
Date Born: Thursday 26 March 1953
Description: Keyboardist, Scotland
Summary: He also contributed to The Alan Parsons Project with fellow Pilot members. Lyall died of AIDS-related causes in 1989.

Blackie Lawless
Date Born: Tuesday 4 September 1956
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, USA
Summary: Lawless is of Blackfoot Native American ancestry. His mother, a professional dancer was part French and part Native American.

Blind Lemon Jefferson
Date Born: Friday 26 October 1894
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Jefferson was born in town of Coutchman, Texas, the son of Alex and Clarricy Jefferson.

Bob Lind
Date Born: Wednesday 25 November 1942
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Lind is best known for his transatlantic chart , which was a #5 hit in 1966.

Bob Lucas
Date Born: Wednesday 19 June 1957
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Produced recordings for "Fantasia" and for "Magic with Bobbi Lee" at Trackmaster Recording Studio in Buffalo, NY.

Bob Luman
Date Born: Thursday 15 April 1937
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Born in Blackjack, east Texas to Joe and Lavine Luman. Raised in Nacogdoches he learnt country music from his father who played various string instruments in local amatuer bands.

Bobby Lester
Date Born: Wednesday 13 January 1932
Description: Vocalist, US
Summary: Originally formed in their native Louisville, Kentucky as the Crazy Sounds

Bobby Lewis
Date Born: Friday 17 February 1933
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: "Tossin' And Turnin'" is on the CD "The Golden Age Of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 1".

Bobby Limb
Date Born: Monday 10 November 1924
Description: TV Host, Saxophonist,
Summary: Limb was one of the first to have his own variety television show during the early part of television in Australia.

Bobby Lord
Date Born: Saturday 6 January 1934
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, USA
Summary: In the early 1950s, he won a talent show which led to an appearance on Paul Whiteman's television show in New York. Soon after, in 1953, Boudleaux Bryant heard one of Lord's demo tapes and passed it on to Columbia Records, who signed him.

Booker Little
Date Born: Saturday 2 April 1938
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: He was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He studied at the Chicago Conservatory from 1956 to 1958 and it was during this time that he worked with leading local musicians such as Johnny Griffin.

Brandon Lee
Date Born: Monday 1 February 1965
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He was the son of the late legendary martial arts film star Bruce Lee and Linda Lee Cadwell and the brother of actress Shannon Lee.

Brenda Lee
Date Born: Monday 11 December 1944
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She enjoys one distinction unique among successful American singers: Her opening act on a UK tour in 1960 was a struggling foursome from Liverpool, England, The Beatles.

Brian Littrell
Date Born: Thursday 20 February 1975
Description: Singer-songwriter, actor, USA
Summary: Brian Littrell was born in Lexington, Kentucky, United States. He has an older brother, and is the cousin of fellow Backstreet Boys member Kevin Richardson. He first started to sing in the choir of his Lexington Baptist church.

Brian Locking
Date Born: Sunday 22 December 1940
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: Locking also played several other instruments, including clarinet nicknamed the which earned Locking the nickname "Liquorice".

Brie Larson
Date Born: Sunday 1 October 1989
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: Brie Larson was born in Sacramento, California.She decided to be an actress when she was seven years old and was one of the youngest students of the American Conservatory Theater. She moved to Los Angeles in 1998.

Bruce Lee
Date Born: Wednesday 27 November 1940
Description: Actor, martial arts, Chinese American
Summary: Martial arts expert in real life and on the screen.

Bruno Lawrence
Date Born: Wednesday 12 February 1941
Description: Actor, Drums
Summary: In the 1970s, Lawrence founded Blerta ("Bruno Lawrence's Electric Revelation and Travelling Apparition"), a musical and theatrical co-operative active.

Burt Lancaster
Date Born: Sunday 2 November 1913
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Lancaster was born in New York City, the son of Elizabeth and James Henry Lancaster, who was a postman.

Carole Lombard
Date Born: Tuesday 6 October 1908
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: In 1999, the American Film Institute ranked Lombard 23rd on its list of the 50 greatest American female screen legends.

Carolyn Leigh
Date Born: Saturday 21 August 1926
Description: Songwriter, Lyrisist, USA
Summary: Lyrist of the fifties, some of the most famous songs were "Young at Heart" - "Witchcraft".

Cathy Lee Crosby
Date Born: Saturday 2 December 1944
Description: Actress, TV Host, USA
Summary: In 1974, she starred as Wonder Woman in a made-for-TV adaptation of the comic book a year before Lynda Carter would popularize the role in a weekly series

Cee Lo Green
Date Born: Thursday 30 May 1974
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: An American singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer. He originally came to prominence as a member of the southern hip hop group Goodie Mob.

Charles Laughton
Date Born: Saturday 1 July 1899
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: Laughton was born the son of Robert Laughton by his wife Elizabeth. His mother was a devout Catholic and he attended Stonyhurst College, a Jesuit school, in Lancashire, England.

Charles Lloyd
Date Born: Tuesday 15 March 1938
Description: Saxophonist, Flautist, USA
Summary: From an early age, he was immersed in that city's rich musical life and was exposed to jazz. He began playing the saxophone at the age of 9 and took lessons from pianist Phineas Newborn.

Charlie Louvin
Date Born: Thursday 7 July 1927
Description: Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Known professionally as Charlie Louvin, is an American country music singer and songwriter. He is best

Cheryl Ladd
Date Born: Thursday 12 July 1951
Description: Actress, Singer, USA
Summary: Cheryl married fellow actor David Ladd, son of the famous actor Alan Ladd, by whom she had a daughter, Jordan.

Cheryl Lynn
Date Born: Saturday 11 May 1957
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Discovered on the GONG SHOW in the seventies.

Chris Ledoux
Date Born: Saturday 2 October 1948
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist
Summary: By 1982 he had sold over 250,000 copies of his albums, with little or no marketing. By the end of the decade he had self-released twenty-two albums.

Christiane Legrand
Date Born: Thursday 21 August 1930
Description: Vocalist , Composer, French
Summary: Legrand was born in Paris, the daughter of film composer Raymond Legrand.

Christopher Lee
Date Born: Saturday 27 May 1922
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: He was knighted in 2009 and received the BAFTA Fellowship in 2011.

Christopher Lloyd
Date Born: Saturday 22 October 1938
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: His first major motion picture role was as a psychiatric patient in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and the eccentric inventor Emmett "Doc" Brown in the Back to the Future.

Claudine Longet
Date Born: Thursday 29 January 1942
Description: Vocalist, Actress, France
Summary: Married Andy Williams on December 15, 1961. She and Williams separated in 1969 but did not formally divorce until 6 years later in 1975.

Cleo Laine
Date Born: Friday 28 October 1927
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: She is the only female performer to have received Grammy nominations in the jazz, popular and classical music categories.

Cloris Leachman
Date Born: Friday 30 April 1926
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: The eldest of three sisters, was born in Des Moines, Iowa, the daughter of Cloris and Buck Leachman, who owned a lumber company. She graduated from Roosevelt High School in 1944.

Colin Lane
Date Born: Thursday 25 March 1965
Description: Actor, Comedian, Australia
Summary: Lano and Woodley (Colin Lane and Frank Woodley) were one of Australia's most successful Australian comedy duos of the 1990s and 2000s.

Corky Laing
Date Born: Monday 26 January 1948
Description: Drummer, Canada
Summary: A Canadian rock drummer, best known as a longtime member of pioneering American hard rock band Mountain.

Courtney Love
Date Born: Thursday 9 July 1964
Description: Actress, Singer, USA
Summary: Courtney Michelle Harrison was born in San Francisco, California to a family of Irish and Jewish descent.

Curtis Lee
Date Born: Tuesday 28 October 1941
Description: Vocalist , Composer, USA
Summary: He began writing songs in partnership with a friend, Tommy Boyce, who later became one-half of the Boyce and Hart

Cyndi Lauper
Date Born: Saturday 20 June 1953
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Lauper was born to Fred and Catrine Lauper in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in a rough area of Queens. Her mother uses the stagename, "Catrine Dominique" for the music videos she has starred in. Her father was of German and Swiss descent and her mother was Italian American from Campania.

Cynthia Lennon
Date Born: Sunday 10 September 1939
Summary: She married Lennon on 23 August 1962, at the Mount Pleasant Register office in Liverpool.

Daliah Lavi
Date Born: Monday 12 October 1942
Description: Vocalist, Actor, Israele
Summary: Fluent in several languages, she has also been in German-, French-, Italian-, Spanish- and English-language films.

Damien Leith
Date Born: Sunday 18 January 1976
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, Ireland
Summary: As a teenager he formed a family band, "Leaf", with his sister Áine and brothers Paul and Darren.

Daniel Day- Lewis
Date Born: Monday 29 April 1957
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: He came to be noticed in the film 'A Room With A View' in 1986. By 1989 he appeared in 'My Left Foot' which gave him numorous awards including an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Danny La Rue
Date Born: Tuesday 26 July 1927
Description: Ffemale impersonator.
Summary: Among his celebrity impersonations were Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Marlene Dietrich, and Margaret Thatcher.

Darlene Love
Date Born: Saturday 26 July 1941
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Love also began an acting career, playing Danny Glover's wife in the four Lethal Weapon movies, and appeared on Broadway in Grease and in the short-lived musical adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie.

Darryl Leroach
Date Born: Friday 12 September 1947
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: DeLoach was a founder member, lyricist and original lead vocalist of the rock group Iron Butterfly.

Dave Liebman
Date Born: Wednesday 4 September 1946
Description: Saxophonist, flautist, USA
Summary: He began classical piano lessons at the age of nine and saxophone by twelve. His interest in jazz was sparked by seeing John Coltrane perform live in New York City clubs such as Birdland, the Village Vanguard and the Half Note.

Dave Lovelady
Date Born: Friday 16 October 1942
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: In the summer of 1963, the group - now called The Fourmost - signed a management contract with Brian Epstein. This led to their being auditioned by George Martin and signed to EMI's Parlophone record label.

David Lastie
Date Born: Sunday 11 November 1934
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Tenor Saxophonist, worked with James Booker mainly playing Bebop Jazz.

David Lee Roth
Date Born: Monday 10 October 1955
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Van Halen achieved their greatest commercial success, including their first Billboard #1 single, for the song "Jump", in 1984.

David Letterman
Date Born: Saturday 12 April 1947
Description: Television Host, Actor, Film producer, USA
Summary: David Letterman was born in Indiana. His father, Harry Joe Letterman, was a florist who died in 1973; his mother Dorothy Letterman, now Dorothy Mengering, a Presbyterian church secretary of German descent, is an occasional figure on the show. He has an older sister, Janice, and a younger sister, Gretchen.

David Linch
Date Born: Sunday 20 January 1946
Description: Film director, screenwriter, producer, painter, musician, USA
Summary: Born to a middle-class family in Missoula, Montana, Lynch spent his childhood traveling around the United States, before going on to study painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

David Lynch
Date Born: Wednesday 3 July 1929
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: David Lynch of St. Louis, Missouri, who was working as a cab driver when he joined. YOUTUBE: The lead singer on this recording is David Lynch. This song was orginally a hit in 1947 for Kay Kyser and Freddy Martin.

Dawn Lake
Date Born: Thursday 20 January 1927
Description: Vocalist, Comedian, Actress, Australia
Summary: Her most enduring character was Ethel, who first appeared in the early 1960s in The Mobil Limb Show. "You tell 'em luv!" was Ethel's catchcry.

Denis Leary
Date Born: Sunday 18 August 1957
Description: Stand up comedy, music, television, film
Summary: Influences Lenny Bruce, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Bill Hicks. In 1993, his sardonic song about the stereotypical American male, "Asshole", achieved much notoriety. It was voted #1 in an Australian youth radio poll (the Triple J Hottest 100).

Dennis Linde
Date Born: Thursday 18 March 1943
Description: Vocalist, Songwriter, Composer
Summary: Linde wrote for many major artists that included Garth Brooks, Tanya Tucker, Roger Miller, The Dixie Chicks etc.

Dennis Locorriere
Date Born: Monday 13 June 1949
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Dennis Locorriere was a founding member of Dr Hook.

Denny Laine
Date Born: Sunday 29 October 1944
Description: Guitarist, Vocalist, UK
Summary: Guitarist with ’THE MOODY BLUES’ and composer of the groups best song ’GO NOW’.

Derek Leckenby
Date Born: Friday 14 May 1943
Description: Guitarist

Derek Longmuir
Date Born: Monday 26 June 1950
Description: Drummer, Scotland
Summary: He appeared on each of the band's nine studio albums through to 1981

Derve And Lincoln Gordon
Date Born: Tuesday 29 June 1948
Description: Vocalists, UK
Summary: They first started rehearsing on a council estate at Hornsey Rise, North London in 1965.

Diane Lane
Date Born: Friday 22 January 1965
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: The Perfect Storm started Lane on a long-overdue career upswing, which peaked with 2002's Unfaithful and her first Oscar nomination.

Dickey Lee
Date Born: Sunday 21 September 1941
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: His most recorded song was the Delaney and Bonnie song,NEVER ENDING SONG OF LOVE.

Dinah Lee
Date Born: Thursday 19 August 1943
Description: Vocalist, New Zealand
Summary: One of the very first New Zealand singers to become a house-hold name during the sixties.

Dixie Lee
Date Born: Saturday 4 November 1911
Description: Actress, Singer, Dancer, USA
Summary: She married Bing Crosby at the age of 18, and had four sons with him, two of whom, Lindsay and Dennis.

Don Lafontaine
Date Born: Monday 26 August 1940
Description: Occupation Voice actor
Summary: His nicknames included "Thunder Throat" and "The Voice of God". LaFontaine's voice was used in Family Guy episodes "North by North Quahog", and "Brian Sings and Swings", and The Untold Story version of "Stewie B. Goode", and has been featured in musical tracks.

Don Lamond
Date Born: Wednesday 18 August 1920
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: He took over Dave Tough's spot in Woody Herman's big band First Herd in 1945, where he remained until the group disbanded at the end of 1946.

Don Lane
Date Born: Monday 13 November 1933
Description: TV Host, Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Don Lane is one of Autralia's better entertainers during the seventies. He introduced his television show with grace and spontaneity and always giving the best he could. The show is missed by many and can surely run rings around what is on Australain televison today.

Don Lang
Date Born: Monday 19 January 1925
Description: Vocalist, Tromboniat, UK
Summary: English trombone player and singer, who led his own band, Don Lang & his Frantic Five. They appeared on the first BBC Television show for teenagers called Six-Five Special

Don Lanphere
Date Born: Tuesday 26 June 1928
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: In his later years Lanphere became an educator, took up the soprano sax as a double, frequently guested at Bud Shank's Port Townsend Jazz Seminar.

Donna Lewis
Date Born: Monday 6 August 1973
Description: Vocalist , Composer
Summary: During the early 2000s Lewis was featured as a guest vocalist on several trance music/house music recordings.

Donna Loren
Date Born: Friday 7 March 1947
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: In 1966, Loren became a co-star with Bobby Rydell on The Milton Berle Show, a variety series hosted by Berle and co-starring Irving Benson.

Dorothy Lamour
Date Born: Thursday 10 December 1914
Description: Actress, Vocalist, USA
Summary: Lamour was born the daughter of Carmen Louise and John Watson Slaton, both of whom were waiters.

Ed Lewis
Date Born: Friday 22 January 1909
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: Lewis played early in his career in Kansas City.

Ed Lincoln
Date Born: Tuesday 31 May 1932
Description: Pianist, Bassist, Keyboardist,
Summary: Ed Lincoln recorded under many different names during his career; at times he used a new name for each musical style or for each new record. He was originally listed as Eduardo Lincoln when taking part in larger ensembles, then became Ed Lincoln in 1958.

Eddie Low
Date Born: Friday 14 May 1943
Description: Vocalist, NZ
Summary: Eddie is a multi intrumentalist playing, guitar, violin, flute, trumpet, etc.

Elen Levon
Date Born: Sunday 13 March 1994
Description: Actress, singer, dancer, performer, film producer, film director, Australia
Summary: Associated acts Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Elton John, Blondie, Elizabeth Taylor

Enoch Light
Date Born: Sunday 18 August 1907
Description: Band Leader, Classical Violinist, Conductor and recording engineer
Summary: His albums were very popular even though percussion orientated they sold very well during the early sixties.

Eva Longoria Parker
Date Born: Saturday 15 March 1975
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Longoria landed her first television role in 2000, guest-starring in an episode of Beverly Hills, 90210.After completing college, Longoria entered a talent contest that led her to Los Angeles; shortly after, she was spotted and signed by a theatrical agent.

Evelyn Lear
Date Born: Friday 8 January 1926
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: From 1957 until his retirement in 1996, McBeth taught at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas.

Frances Langford
Date Born: Saturday 4 April 1914
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: While a young girl she required surgery on her throat, and as a result, she was forced to change her vocal style.

Frank Lero
Date Born: Saturday 31 October 1981
Description: Guitarist , USA
Summary: Frank has many tattoos. Some tattoos he has include a tattoo of the letters "N" and "J" inside his lip, a jack-o-lantern, which he got on his 18th birthday, and the word "HALLOWEEN" tattooed on his fingers.

Frank Loesser
Date Born: Wednesday 29 June 1910
Description: Composer, Lyricist, USA
Summary: Loesser was the lyricist of over 700 songs.

Frank Luther
Date Born: Saturday 4 August 1900
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Pianist, USA
Summary: He was raised on a farm near Hutchinson, Kansas, where his father dealt in livestock and trotting horses.

Frankie Laine
Date Born: Sunday 30 March 1913
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: born to Giovanni and Cresenzia LoVecchio. His parents had emigrated from Monreale, Sicily to Chicago's "Little Italy", where his father worked at one time as the personal barber for gangster Al Capone.

Frankie Lymon
Date Born: Wednesday 30 September 1942
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: Frankie Lymon was born to a truck driver father and a domestic mother. Lymon's father, Howard Lymon, also sang in a gospel group known as the Harlemaires.

Franz Liszt
Date Born: Tuesday 22 October 1811
Description: Pianist, Composer, Hungarian
Summary: Liszt's father Adam List would have been Germans too. Adam List was in his youth registered as "Adamus Matthäus Liszt, natio et locus natalis Germanus", "Adam Matthäus Liszt, of German nationality and origin". Liszt's mother Anna Maria Lager was of Austrian origin, which in those days was also regarded as German.

Fred Lipsius
Date Born: Friday 19 November 1943
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: An original member leaving in 1972 and replaced by Lou Marini, Jr

Frederick Loewe
Date Born: Monday 10 June 1901
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: Loewe was born in Berlin to Viennese parents Edmond and Rosa Loewe. His father Edmond was a noted Jewish operetta star who traveled considerably.

Fud Livingston
Date Born: Tuesday 10 April 1906
Description: Clarinetist, Saxophonist, USA
Summary: His stint with Whiteman, which lasted from 1930 to 1933, was mainly as an arranger, though he played occasionally. YOUTUBE: Personnel: Red Nichols - cornet Miff Mole - trombone Fud Livingston - clarinet Arthur Schutt - piano Vic Berton - Drums

Furry Lewis
Date Born: Monday 6 March 1893
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Walter E. Lewis was born in Greenwood, Mississippi, but his family moved to Memphis when he was aged seven. Lewis acquired the nickname "Furry" from childhood playmates.

Gary Lewis
Date Born: Wednesday 31 July 1946
Description: Band, USA
Summary: Gary Lewis and the Playboys were a 1960s pop group fronted by Gary Lewis, son of comedian Jerry Lewis.

Gary Loizze
Date Born: Thursday 16 August 1945
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: The group are mainly remembered for ’BEND ME SHAPE ME’ 1967

Gary Valentine Lachman
Date Born: Saturday 24 December 1955
Description: Writer and Musician.
Summary: Founding members of Blondie, having joined the band as bassist in 1975.

Geddy Lee
Date Born: Wednesday 29 July 1953
Description: Bassist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, CA
Summary: Lee's parents were Jewish refugees from Poland who had been survivors of Nazi concentration camps Dachau and Bergen-Belsen during World War II.

Gene Lees
Date Born: Wednesday 8 February 1928
Description: Canadian music critic, Lyracist, Canada
Summary: As a freelance writer, Lees wrote for the American high fidelity magazines Stereo Review and High Fidelity (often using his column to defend jazz and older popular music while blasting "that rock junk").

Gene Lockhart
Date Born: Saturday 18 July 1891
Description: Vocalist, Actor, USA
Summary: He made his Broadway debut in 1916, in the musical The Riviera Girl.

George Lanius
Date Born: Monday 4 September 1939
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Crescendos were an early American rock and roll group from Nashville, Tennessee.

George Lewis
Date Born: Friday 13 July 1900
Description: Clarinetist, US
Summary: Lewis interpolated various blues melodies, many of which may be heard on recordings by Louis Armstrong, specifically the recording with his Hot Five of Kid Ory's composition "Savoy Blues."

George Lewis - Trombone
Date Born: Sunday 13 July 1952
Description: Trombonist, Composer, USA
Summary: Lewis is featured extensively in Unyazi of the Bushveld (2005), a documentary about the first symposium of electronic music held in Africa, directed by Aryan Kaganof.

George Lucas
Date Born: Sunday 14 May 1944
Description: Director, Producer, USA
Summary: His first full-length feature film produced by the studio, THX 1138, was not a success. Lucas then created his own company, Lucasfilm, Ltd., and directed American Graffiti (1973).

Gina Lollobrigida
Date Born: Wednesday 4 July 1928
Description: Actress, Italian
Summary: Born one of four daughters of a furniture manufacturer, her sisters are Giuliana, Maria and Fernanda.

Gloria Loring
Date Born: Thursday 12 December 1946
Description: Vocalist, Actress
Summary: Loring joined NBC daytime soap Days of Our Lives as chanteuse Liz Chandler. The show was going through a dry spell at the time, with many veterans shown the door and many new faces alienating longtime fans.

Gloria Lynne
Date Born: Monday 23 November 1931
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: In 2008 Ms Gloria Lynne was presented with a special award for 'Outstanding Achievement In Jazz'at the New York MAC Awards.

Gordon Lightfoot
Date Born: Thursday 17 November 1938
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Canadian
Summary: Singer, songwriter has proven to all that you really don’t need a gimmick to make it but good words and a darn good melody.

Greg Lake
Date Born: Wednesday 10 November 1948
Description: Musician, singer-songwriter, producer
Summary: Known as a vocalist and bassist of King Crimson and Emerson, Lake & Palmer.

Guy Lombardo
Date Born: Thursday 19 June 1902
Description: Band Leader, Conductor, Canada
Summary: His very first recording session took place where trumpter Bix Beiderbecke made his legendary recordings in Richmond, Indiana, at the Gennett Studios both during early 1924

Hank Locklin
Date Born: Friday 15 February 1918
Description: Vocalist, Composer , USA
Summary: Locklin 1918, in McLellan, Florida is an American country music singer songwriter. NPA

Harold Lloyd
Date Born: Thursday 20 April 1893
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Lloyd was born in Burchard, Nebraska to James Darsie Lloyd and Elizabeth Fraser; his paternal great-grandparents were from Wales.

Harry Lauder
Date Born: Thursday 4 August 1870
Description: Vocalist, Music hall comedian, Scotland
Summary: When World War I broke out, Lauder was in Melbourne on one of his Australian tours. He was, at one time, the highest-paid performer in the world, making the equivalent of £12,700 a night plus expenses.

Heath Ledger
Date Born: Wednesday 4 April 1979
Description: Actor, Australia
Summary: Ledger's mother is descended from the Clan Campbell of Scotland and his father comes from a family well-known in Perth.

Heather Locklear
Date Born: Monday 25 September 1961
Description: Actress
Summary: Locklear was born the daughter of Diane, a production executive for Disney, and William Robert Locklear, an administrator at UCLA.

Hedy Lamarr
Date Born: Sunday 9 November 1913
Description: Actress, Algiers
Summary: She was born in Vienna to Emil Kiesler, a bank director, and Gertrud née Lichtwitz, pianist. Though part Jewish, she was raised as Catholic,and studied ballet and piano.

Herbert Lom
Date Born: Tuesday 11 September 1917
Description: Actor,
Summary: Lom escaped to England in January 1939 because of the impending Nazi occupation of the rest of Czechoslovakia.

Hope Lange
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1933
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Lange was born into a theatrical family in Redding Ridge, Connecticut. Her father, John George Lange, was a musician and the music arranger for Florenz Ziegfeld and conductor for Henry Cohen.

Hot Lips Page
Date Born: Monday 27 January 1908
Description: Trumpeter, Vocals, USA
Summary: He has been largely neglected by historians since his death due to mysterious circumstances in November 1954, but is considered by many to be one of the giants of the Swing Era and one of the founders of what came to be known as rhythm and blues.

Huey Lewis
Date Born: Wednesday 5 July 1950
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Lewis was born in New York City and raised in Marin County, California. His father was an Irish American from Boston and his mother, Magda Cregg, was a Polish refugee.

Hugh Laurie
Date Born: Thursday 11 June 1959
Description: Actor, Comedian, Musician, Singer
Summary: From the age of six, Laurie took piano lessons with a Mrs. Hare. He plays the piano, guitar, drums, harmonica and saxophone. He is a vocalist and keyboard player for the Los Angeles charity rock group Band From TV. On 26 July 2010, it was announced that Laurie would be releasing a blues album after signing a contract with Warner Bros. The album, called Let Them Talk, was released in France on 18 April 2011 and in Germany on 29 April. The album features collaborations from well known artists such as Tom Jones, Irma Thomas, and Dr. John.

Humphrey Lyttleton
Date Born: Monday 23 May 1921
Description: Trumpeter, Composer, UK
Summary: He is reported to have turned down a knighthood in 1995.

Huw Lloyd-langton
Date Born: Tuesday 6 February 1951
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: He played guitar for Leo Sayer during the 1970s, then rejoined Hawkwind in 1979, appearing on the Live Seventy Nine album release from that year and the subsequent Levitation album.

Ida Lupino
Date Born: Monday 4 February 1918
Description: Actress, UK
Summary: The daughter of actress Connie O'Shea and music hall entertainer, Stanley Lupino, one of the Lupino family.

Ira Louvin
Date Born: Monday 21 April 1924
Description: Singer, Songwriter
Summary: Known professionally as Ira Louvin, was an American country music singer, mandolinist and songwriter.

Isabel Lucas
Date Born: Tuesday 29 January 1985
Description: Actress, Australia
Summary: Known for her role as Tasha Andrews on the Australian television soap opera Home and Away (2003–2006)

Jack Laine
Date Born: Sunday 21 September 1873
Description: Band Leader
Summary: The first jazz recording were made by the band in 1917. YOUTUBE: Original Dixieland Jass Band was a New Orleans, Dixieland Jazz band that made the first jazz recordings early in 1917. The band consisted of five musicians who had previously played in the Papa Jack Laine bands, a diverse and racially integrated collection of musicians who played for parades, dances, and advertising in New Orleans.

Jack Lemmon
Date Born: Sunday 8 February 1925
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: John Uhler Lemmon III Born, February 8, 1925 – Died, June 27, 2001). Better known as Jack Lemmon, was a two-time Academy Award winning American actor.

Jackie Lomax
Date Born: Wednesday 10 May 1944
Description: Vocalist, Composer, UK
Summary: Lomax started his career at the age of 16 singing blues and played with a group ’The Undertakers’ in Liverpool

Jacky Landry Jackson
Date Born: Thursday 22 May 1941
Description: Vocalist
Summary: The group was formed in the Bronx, New York, in 1956

James L Brooks
Date Born: Thursday 9 May 1940
Description: Director, Producer, USA
Summary: The Simpsons Movie. In total, Brooks has received 47 Emmy nominations, winning 20 of them.

James Last
Date Born: Wednesday 17 April 1929
Description: Bandleader, Pianist,USA
Summary: Over the course of his career, he has sold well over 100 million albums. James Last has survived the ever changing times since the inception of his music.

James Lipton
Date Born: Sunday 19 September 1926
Description: Poet, talk show host, writer, teacher, actor, producer
Summary: James R. Lipton was born in Detroit, Michigan, the son of Betty (née Weinberg), a teacher, and journalist Lawrence Lipton.

James Lomenzo
Date Born: Tuesday 13 January 1959
Description: Bassist, US
Summary: He played bass with White Lion from 1984 to 1991, and later with Zakk Wylde's side-project Lynyrd Skynhead who evolved into Pride & Glory and released one 1994 album.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Date Born: Saturday 22 November 1958
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Curtis was born in Los Angeles, California, the child of actors Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh.

Jane Leeves
Date Born: Tuesday 18 April 1961
Description: Actress,Dancer, UK
Summary: Leeves made her screen debut with a small role in the 1983 popular British comedy television show The Benny Hill Show.

Janet Leigh
Date Born: Tuesday 6 July 1926
Description: Actress, Dancer, USA
Summary: Leigh was born the only child of Helen Lita and Frederick Robert Morrison.

Jani Lane
Date Born: Saturday 1 February 1964
Description: Vocalist , Composer, USA
Summary: As lead vocalist with Warrant, Lane wrote three Top 40 hit singles.

Jared Leto
Date Born: Sunday 26 December 1971
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter. USA
Summary: Musician, composer, singer, songwriter, producer, actor, director, philanthropist; businessman, photographer and painter

Jb Lenoir
Date Born: Tuesday 5 March 1929
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Born in Monticello, Mississippi, and was always known by the initials J.B. rather than any given name. His surname was spelled as Lenore on some of his early recordings.

Jean Luc Ponty
Date Born: Tuesday 29 September 1942
Description: Violinist , French
Summary: He first appearing in the U.S.A. at the Monterey Jazz Festival in the late sixties. He has worked with the likes of Frank Zappa and Elton John etc.

Jeanne Lee
Date Born: Sunday 29 January 1939
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Her influence is the black rootsand tradition and her love for classical.

Jeff Lang
Date Born: Sunday 9 November 1969
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Australia
Summary: A leading performer in the Australian roots style, which incorporates primarily folk, blues and rock, his music is heavily influenced by the folk music of the southern United States as well as from the British Isles.

Jeff Lorber
Date Born: Tuesday 4 November 1952
Description: Keyboardist, USA
Summary: Forming his own jazz band "The Jeff Lorber Fusion" and released his debut album under the groups name in 1977.

Jeff Lynne
Date Born: Tuesday 30 December 1947
Description: Vocalist, Producer, Composer, Guitarist, UK
Summary: Formed in 1971. Comprising of Ron Wood, Bev Bevan,Rick Price and Jeff Lynn with many changes with Lynn joining as well and later taking control.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce
Date Born: Friday 27 June 1958
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: His persona type of theatrical frontman modeled in part on Bryan Ferry and Marc Bolan—that would become the essential elements of Gun Club.

Jennifer Lopez
Date Born: Friday 24 July 1970
Description: Actress, Singer, Composer, Record producer, USA
Summary: Jennifer Lopez was born to Puerto Rican parents Guadalupe Rodríguez, a kindergarten teacher, and David Lopez, a computer specialist.

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Date Born: Wednesday 21 February 1979
Description: Vocalist, Compsoer, Actress - 2005
Summary: Hewitt was born to Patricia Mae a speech language pathologist, and Herbert Daniel Hewitt, a medical technician.

Jenny Lewis
Date Born: Thursday 8 January 1976
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Actress, USA
Summary: Lewis went on to appear in over a dozen teen-themed movies, such as Troop Beverly Hills, in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Jerry Lawson
Date Born: Sunday 23 January 1944
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: A member of 'THE PERSUASIONS' and leader of the quintet a cappella group for nearly 40 years.

Jerry Lee Lewis
Date Born: Sunday 29 September 1935
Description: Vocalist, Pianist, USA
Summary: "The Killer", a nickname he's had since childhood, is known for his forceful voice and piano production on stage, he was described by fellow artist Roy Orbison as the best raw performer in the history of rock and roll music. In 1986, Lewis was part of the first group inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Jerry Leiber
Date Born: Tuesday 25 April 1933
Description: Composer, Producer, USA
Summary: Leiber and Stoller went into the record business and, focusing on the "girl group" sound, released some of the greatest classics of the Brill Building period.

Jerry Lewis
Date Born: Monday 16 March 1925
Description: Vocalist, Actor, Comedian, Director, USA
Summary: He was born Jerome Levitch in Newark, New Jersey, to Russian Jewish parents.Part comedy team mainly in the fifties with Dean Martin.

Jerry Lordan
Date Born: Monday 30 April 1934
Description: Vocalist, Composer , UK
Summary: As a child he taught himself to play piano and guitar. "Apache" is the number for which Jerry will always be best remembered although he wrote many more instrumentals for the Shadows- including "Wonderful Land" and "Diamonds" for Jet Harris & Tony Meehan- both of them number #1s.

Jessica Lange
Date Born: Wednesday 20 April 1949
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Known for the role of the late country singer Patsy Cline in the film ’SWEAT DREAMS’ - 1985

Jessica Lucas
Date Born: Tuesday 24 September 1985
Description: Actress, Canada
Summary: A Canadian actress. She is perhaps known for her roles in television, such as, Melrose Place and Edgemont, and in the movies, She's the Man and Cloverfield.

Jim Lea
Date Born: Saturday 14 June 1952
Description: Bassist, Keyboardist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: He first played guitar, and then bass, in the schoolboy group 'Nick and The Axemen', then went for auditions for a local band, 'The N'Betweens'.

Jim Lowe
Date Born: Saturday 7 May 1927
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: He retired in 2004 at the age of 77, and lives in New Jersey.

Jimmie Logsdon
Date Born: Saturday 1 April 1922
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: A popular country and rockabilly singer, songwriter and radio and TV personality in the 1950s and '60s.

Jimmy Liggins
Date Born: Saturday 14 October 1922
Description: Guitarist, US
Summary: Jimmy Liggins started his own recording career as a singer, guitarist, and leader of the 'Drops of Joy'

Jimmy Little
Date Born: Monday 1 March 1937
Description: Vocalist, Actor, Australia.
Summary: Jimmy, a well liked singer of Aboriginal decent was one of the first of his people to tackle the stage and television in it’s infancy including acting.

Jimmy Lovine
Date Born: Wednesday 11 March 1953
Description: Record Producer, USA
Summary: Lovine has produced artist such as Steviw Nix, Buce Springsteen, Tom Petty, U2, The Pretenders etc.

Jo Lustig
Date Born: Wednesday 21 October 1925
Description: Manager, UK
Summary: He became an apprentice music journalist, meeting up with Gloria Swanson and Mel Brooks.

Joe E Lewis
Date Born: Sunday 12 January 1902
Description: Vocalist, Comedian, USA
Summary: He appeared frequently on The Ed Sullivan Show, was the "Mystery Guest" three different times on What's My Line, and was interviewed on Person to Person in 1956.

Joe E Lewis - Guitarist
Date Born: Monday 4 January 1937
Description: Guitarist, Producer, USA
Summary: He was mainly known for being a guitarist and a harmony singer for country artist Conway Twitty and his bands.

Joe Hill Louis
Date Born: Friday 23 September 1921
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: His nickname “Joe Louis” arose as a result of a childhood fight with another youth.He was also known as “The Pepticon Boy” and “The Be-Bop Boy”.

Joe Liggins
Date Born: Friday 9 July 1915
Description: Vocalist, Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: Before he turned twenty was an accomplished piano player and musical arranger. He moved to Los Angeles in 1939

Joe Loss
Date Born: Tuesday 22 June 1909
Description: Band Leader, Arranger, Violinist, UK
Summary: The youngest of four children of Israel and Ada Loss, Russian Jews who were first cousins. His father was a cabinet maker who had an office furnishing business, and his wife, Ada Loss.

John D Loudermilk
Date Born: Saturday 31 March 1934
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Loudermilk grew up in a family who were members of the Salvation Army faith and was influenced by the church singing. His cousins Ira and Charlie Loudermilk were known professionally as the Louvin Brothers.

John Laboriel
Date Born: Thursday 9 July 1942
Description: Vocalist, Mexico
Summary: At 16 years old, in 1958 he joined the Rock n' Roll group "Los Rebeldes del Rock

John Landis
Date Born: Thursday 3 August 1950
Description: Actor, Film Director, USA
Summary: Landis was born the son of Shirley Levine and Marshall David Landis, an interior decorator. Although he is mostly known for his influential comedies and his music videos with Michael Jackson

John Larroquette
Date Born: Tuesday 25 November 1947
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He played reed instruments as a child and moved to Los Angeles, California in 1973.

John Laws
Date Born: Thursday 8 August 1935
Description: Radio host, Australia

John Lawton
Date Born: Thursday 11 July 1946
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: Lawton began his musical career in North Shields, UK, in the early '60s with "The Deans".

John Lee Hooker
Date Born: Wednesday 22 August 1917
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Hooker was born the youngest of the eleven children of William Hooker, a sharecropper and a Baptist preacher, and Minnie Ramsey.

John Lees
Date Born: Monday 13 January 1947
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: Educated at Robin Hill Secondary Modern and Breeze Hill Comprehensive, John went on to study at Oldham School Of Art, where he met Woolly Wolstenholme in 1964.

John Lennon
Date Born: Wednesday 9 October 1940
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist , Composer, UK
Summary: John Lennon was born to Julia Lennon and Alfred Lennon, during the course of a German air raid in World War II. He was named after his paternal grandfather, John 'Jack' Lennon, and Winston Churchill. Alf was a merchant seaman during World War II, and was often away from home. Alf went AWOL in 1943. When Alf eventually came home in 1944, he offered to look after Julia and Lennon, but Julia rejected the idea. After considerable pressure from her sister, Mary "Mimi" Smith, Julia handed the care of Lennon over to Mimi.

John Leon Gardner
Date Born: Sunday 21 May 1933
Description: Saxophonist, Composer, USA
Summary: The group formed 1975 in America with Gardner joining in 1967. Sessions musician, Saxophonist and Drummer mainly recorded for the group

John Levy
Date Born: Thursday 11 April 1912
Description: Double bass, USA
Summary: In 1997, Levy was inducted into the International Jazz Hall of Fame

John Leyton
Date Born: Saturday 17 February 1940
Description: Vocalist, Actor, UK
Summary: John Leyton was born on Feb. 17th 1939 at Frinton-On Sea, Essex, England, to parents of show business background. His father owned several cinemas and his mother acted under the name of 'Babs Walters' on the London stage. NPA

John Locke
Date Born: Saturday 25 September 1943
Description: Pianist, USA
Summary: He joined Narareth in 1980 through to 1982.

John Lodge
Date Born: Tuesday 20 July 1943
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: He also collaborated with fellow Moody Blues member Justin Hayward on the 1975 album Blue Jays, and released a solo album, Natural Avenue, in 1977.

Johnny Lee
Date Born: Wednesday 3 July 1946
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: In high school he formed a rock n' roll band, "Johnny Lee and the Roadrunners".

Johnny Lewis
Date Born: Saturday 29 October 1983
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Lewis is best known for his role as prospect biker Kip "Half-Sack" Epps in the first two seasons of the FX original series Sons of Anarchy.

Johnny Little
Date Born: Thursday 16 April 1931
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: One of the masters of the slide guitar born in the USA.

Johnny Lockwood
Date Born: Tuesday 7 December 1920
Description: Theatre, television and film
Summary: He was known as the bumbling Jewish delicatessen proprietor Aldo Godolfus and was one of Number 96 most well-known and recognised figures.

Jon Lee - (drummer)
Date Born: Thursday 28 March 1968
Description: Guitarist, Drummer, USA
Summary: He took up playing the drums, having acquired a drum kit in his teens.

Jon Lord
Date Born: Monday 9 June 1941
Description: Vocalist, Pianist, UK
Summary: Jon Lord was born to his late parents Miriam (1912-1995, and Reg. He studied classical piano from age five, and those influences are a trademark in his work.

Jon Lovitz
Date Born: Sunday 21 July 1957
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Lovitz was born in Los Angeles, California to Jewish parents of Hungarian, Romanian and Russian descent.

Jose L Rodriguez
Date Born: Saturday 25 March 1944
Description: Record producer, USA
Summary: A recording engineer for group "Culture Club".

Joy Lynn White
Date Born: Monday 24 July 1961
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: The "Trio" became an early inspiration to countless groups, including "The Beach Boys".

Jude Law
Date Born: Friday 29 December 1922
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: In 2003, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in another Minghella film, Cold Mountain.

Judy Lynn
Date Born: Sunday 12 April 1936
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She got a bit of a break when some folks from the Grand Ole Opry were doing a tour up in the northwest.

Julia Lennon
Date Born: Thursday 12 March 1914
Description: Mother, Home Duties
Summary: Julia Stanley, later known by the family as Judy, was born at 8 Head Street, Liverpool in 1914, and was the fourth of five sisters.

Julia Louis-dreyfus
Date Born: Friday 13 January 1961
Description: Actress, Comedian. USA
Summary: Louis-Dreyfus subsequently became one of the cast members on NBC's Saturday Night Live from 1982 to 1985, tying with current cast member Abby Elliot as the youngest female cast member in the history of the program.

Julian Lennon
Date Born: Monday 8 April 1963
Description: Vocalist, Composer, UK
Summary: The first son of Beatle John Lennon and the only child of his first wife Cynthia Lennon. His godfather was Beatles' manager Brian Epstein. He was named after John Lennon's late mother, Julia.

Julie London
Date Born: Tuesday 26 October 1926
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: Born the daughter of Jack and Josephine Peck, who were a vaudeville song and dance team. When she was 14, the family moved to Los Angeles.

June Lockhart
Date Born: Thursday 25 June 1925
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: She was the only child of two actors: Canadian-born Gene Lockhart, who came to fame on Broadway in 1933 in Ah, Wilderness, and UK-born Kathleen Arthur Lockhart.

Katherine Lee Bates
Date Born: Friday 12 August 1859
Description: Composer of music, USA
Summary: She popularized "Mrs. Santa Claus" through her poem Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride (1889).

Kathleen De Lon Jones
Date Born: Thursday 1 September 1977
Description: Vocalist, Dancer, Actor, Australian
Summary: Born in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, in 1977, Kathleen moved to Australia with her family in 1978

Kd Lang
Date Born: Thursday 2 November 1961
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Guitarist, USA
Summary: In 2003, she won her fourth Grammy Award, this time for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album for her collaboration with Tony Bennett on A Wonderful World.

Keith Lamb
Date Born: Wednesday 9 January 1952
Description: Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Australia
Summary: He was arguably Australia's best front man of the 1970s, along with Bon Scott and Doc Neeson.

Kelly Lebrock
Date Born: Thursday 24 March 1960
Description: Actress, Model, Fashion, USA
Summary: LeBrock was born in New York, New York, and raised in London. She is the daughter of a French-Canadian father who worked as an accountant and an Irish mother who was a housewife.

Kenny Lattimore
Date Born: Friday 10 April 1970
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Lattimore is known for his dramatic stage shows, vocal agility, and romantic ambiance. The New York Times hailed him as a "modern soul man" on stage.

Kenny Loggins
Date Born: Wednesday 7 January 1948
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist,Composer, USA
Summary: His early 20s found him in the band Gator Creek with Mike Deasy. An early version of "Danny's Song" (later recorded by Loggins and Messina) was included on an effort on Mercury Records.

Kenny Lynch
Date Born: Saturday 18 March 1939
Description: Vocalist, Actor, Composer, UK
Summary: Lynch grew up in Stepney, East London as one of 13 children and his sister, Gladys stage name Maxine Daniels was a jazz singer of some note.

Ketty Lester
Date Born: Thursday 16 August 1934
Description: Vocalist, US
Summary: Lester began her singing career after studying music at San Francisco State College, and performed in the city's Purple Onion club in the early 1950s.

Kevin Lindblom
Date Born: Friday 3 May 1946
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Comedian, Australia
Summary: Kevin was an South Australian performer mainy known for his comedy.

Kit Lambert
Date Born: Saturday 11 May 1935
Description: Composer, Producer, Manager, Entrepreneur and promoter.
Summary: He left the ’WHO’in the early seventies and would concentrate on producing other artists.

La Costa Tucker
Date Born: Friday 6 April 1951
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Has her own band 'The Stone Bridge Band' in the late seventies.

La Toya Jackson
Date Born: Tuesday 29 May 1956
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: La Toya Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana, the fifth of nine children born to Joseph and Katherine Jackson. After her mother became a devout Jehovah's Witness in 1966.

Lady Gaga
Date Born: Friday 28 March 1986
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Dancer, USA
Summary: As of May 2010, Gaga has sold over 15 million albums and over 40 million singles worldwide.

Lafayette Leake
Date Born: Tuesday 1 June 1920
Description: Pianist, USA
Summary: Leake played piano on One Dozen Berrys, Chuck Berry's second album, released in 1958 under Chess Records.

Lamar Williams
Date Born: Friday 14 January 1949
Description: Bassist, USA
Summary: He played for "The Allman Brothers Band" in late 1972 after the death of original bassist Berry Oakley.

Lamont Dozier
Date Born: Monday 16 June 1941
Description: Composer, Producer, USA

Lana Del Ray
Date Born: Saturday 21 June 1986
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Del Rey's music has been noted for its cinematic sound and its references to various aspects of pop culture, particularly that of the 1950s and '60s Americana. The singer has described herself as a "self-styled gangsta Nancy Sinatra."

Lana Turner
Date Born: Tuesday 8 February 1921
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Born Julia Jean Mildred Frances Turner in Wallace, Idaho, she was the daughter of John Virgil Turner, a miner from Hohenwald, Tennessee, and Mildred Frances Cowan.

Lang Lang
Date Born: Monday 14 June 1982
Description: Pianist, China
Summary: Lang Lang featured in the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing on the 8th August 2008.

Larrie Londin
Date Born: Friday 15 October 1943
Description: Drummer - USA
Summary: Londin also backed Rodney Crowell in the 1980s as a member of Crowell's backing band, The Cherry Bombs.

Larry Ballard
Date Born: Wednesday 13 November 1946
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Enitially a rock singer later crossing over to Country.

Larry Boone
Date Born: Thursday 7 June 1956
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Born in Florida in 1956 where he left in 1981 for Nashville.

Larry Cassidy
Date Born: Saturday 18 April 1953
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, UK
Summary: An English musician, known for being the singer and bassist of post-punk and electronic band Section 25.

Larry Chance
Date Born: Saturday 19 October 1940
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Larry and company have placed many songs on the charts, including: Life Is But a Dream, Never, I Believe, and of course the classic Remember Then. They've recorded many other classics including: Looking For My Baby, Eyes, Kissin' and Cry, Cry, Cry, etc. .

Larry Chance - Usa
Date Born: Saturday 19 October 1940
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: He was born Larry Figueiredo in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Larry Collins
Date Born: Wednesday 4 October 1944
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist,Composer, USA
Summary: Larry and Lorrie Collins were among the most influential rockabilly acts of the 1950s.

Larry Coryell
Date Born: Friday 2 April 1943
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: He was born in Texas. After graduating from Richland High School in eastern Washington, he moved to Seattle to attend the University of Washington. In 1965, Coryell moved to New York City where he became part of Chico Hamilton's quintet, replacing Gabor Szabo.

Larry Finnegan
Date Born: Wednesday 10 August 1938
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Larry made some great records and will always be remembered for his own song "Dear One". The song that still gets air-play today.

Larry Gatlin
Date Born: Sunday 2 May 1948
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, USA

Larry Golder
Date Born: Sunday 14 January 1951
Description: Guitarist, Arranger, Musical Director. Australia
Summary: Larry regularly taught master classes in guitar, for the University of Adelaide.

Larry Graham
Date Born: Wednesday 14 August 1946
Description: Bassist, USA
Summary: He is best known as both the bass player in the popular and influential psychedelic soul/funk band Sly & the Family Stone

Larry Hagman
Date Born: Monday 21 September 1931
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Hagman was born Larry Martin Hagman in Fort Worth, Texas. His mother, Mary Martin, was a popular Broadway actress and his father, Benjamin Jack Hagman,was a district attorney in 1936.

Larry Hall
Date Born: Sunday 30 June 1940
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: He attended Rancho Alamitos High School, Garden Grove California in the late 50's.

Larry Henley
Date Born: Monday 30 June 1941
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Newbeats' track "Bread and Butter", features on the soundtrack to the 1998 comedy-drama film, Simon Birch.

Larry Hoppen
Date Born: Friday 12 January 1951
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Songwriter. USA
Summary: Larry sang lead on two of Orleans' biggest hits, "Still the One" and "Dance with Me."

Larry Hovis
Date Born: Thursday 20 February 1936
Description: Actor, Singer, USA
Summary: In 1965, Hovis was cast as "Sgt. Andrew Carter" in the television show Hogan's Heroes.

Larry King
Date Born: Sunday 19 November 1933
Description: Host - television
Summary: He has won an Emmy Award, two Peabody Awards, and ten Cable ACE Awards.

Larry Knechtel
Date Born: Sunday 4 August 1940
Description: Keyboardist, Session musician, USA
Summary: Knechtel was proficient in other instruments, notably the harmonica and also the electric bass guitar, which can be heard on "Mr. Tambourine Man" by The Byrds, "Stoney End" by Barbra Streisand, and on tracks by The Doors.

Larry Laprise
Date Born: Monday 11 November 1912
Description: Composer, USA

Larry Lee
Date Born: Sunday 7 March 1943
Description: Guitarist, Vocalist, USA
Summary: American singer, songwriter and guitarist from Memphis, Tennessee, best known for his work with Al Green and Jimi Hendrix.

Larry Linville
Date Born: Friday 29 September 1939
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He acted in numerous TV shows like Mission: Impossible, Room 222, Mannix, The Love Boat and Fantasy Island, it is his portrayal of Major Frank Burns on the hit television show M*A*S*H. Died aged 60.

Larry Norman
Date Born: Tuesday 8 April 1947
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Norman's recordings are noted for their Christian and social subject matter, and he is often described as the "father of Christian rock music".

Larry Parks
Date Born: Sunday 13 December 1914
Description: Actor, Singer, USA
Summary: The voice of Al Jolson,the looks of Larry Parks, great songs,orchestration. But serously, I never get tired of watching The Jolson Story & Jolson Sings Again, even though I have both films on DVD, if they are shown again on TV, I have to sit down and watch - my two most favourite films - EVER! Al Jolson and Larry Parks rehearsing "Ma Blushin' Rosie" for 'The Jolson Story'.

Larry Reinhardt
Date Born: Wednesday 7 July 1948
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Reinhardt started his musical career in the 1960s in the Bradenton-Sarasota, Florida area.

Larry Rosen
Date Born: Saturday 25 May 1940
Description: American entrepreneur, producer, musician, and recording engineer
Summary: Rosen began his musical career as a drummer with the Newport Youth Band and met future partner Dave Grusin while working with singer Andy Williams

Larry Storch
Date Born: Monday 8 January 1923
Description: Actor, Comedian, USA
Summary: He played a recurring role as Charlie, a drunk, on Car 54, Where Are You.

Larry Taylor
Date Born: Saturday 6 June 1942
Description: Bassist, USA
Summary: He is the brother of drummer for The Ventures, Mel Taylor

Larry Troutman
Date Born: Saturday 12 August 1944
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Founding member of the funk/R&B band Zapp alongside his younger brother, Roger Troutman.

Larry Verne
Date Born: Monday 8 June 1936
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: A American novelty song singer. Verne scored two U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart hit singles in 1960

Larry Williams
Date Born: Friday 10 May 1935
Description: Vocalist, songwriter, pianist., USA
Summary: Williams first record was the wellknown, JUST BECAUSE - 1957

Lary Butler
Date Born: Thursday 26 March 1942
Description: Producer, Songwriter, USA
Summary: An American country music producer/songwriter. From the mid-1970s through the 1980s, he worked with Kenny Rogers. Butler is the only Nashville producer to win the Grammy Award for Producer of the year.

Laura Branigan
Date Born: Wednesday 3 July 1957
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Known for the songs "Gloria" and "Self Control", the latter receiving the first of four Grammy Award nominations. Without You",

Laura Imbruglia
Date Born: Wednesday 15 June 1983
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Australia
Summary: Imbruglia has released a single, EP and album on Chatterbox Records/MGM.

Laura Linney
Date Born: Wednesday 5 February 1964
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: In 2000, Linney was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the film You Can Count on Me.

Laura Nyro
Date Born: Saturday 18 October 1947
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Mogull negotiated her a recording contract, and she recorded her debut album, More Than a New Discovery, for the Verve Folkways label. The album provided material for other artists, notably the 5th Dimension.

Laurel Aitken
Date Born: Friday 22 April 1927
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Born in Cuba of mixed Cuban and Jamaican descent, Aitken and his family settled in Jamaica in 1938.

Lauren Bacall
Date Born: Tuesday 16 September 1924
Description: Actress, US
Summary: Bacall married Humphrey Bogart. Their wedding and honeymoon took place at Malabar Farm, Lucas, Ohio.

Lauren Graham
Date Born: Thursday 16 March 1967
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: She grew up in Northern Virginia, USA (Fairfax, Arlington, and Great Falls, VA) Graduate of Langley High School, McLean, VA Graduate of Barnard College/Columbia University.

Lauren Holly
Date Born: Monday 28 October 1963
Description: Actress, Canadian
Summary: Lauren Michael Holly is an American-born Canadian actress. She is known for her roles as Deputy Sheriff Maxine Stewart in the TV series Picket Fences

Laurence Harvey
Date Born: Monday 1 October 1928
Description: Acting, Lithuania
Summary: Born Laruschka Mischa Skikne in Lithuania, he made his cinema debut in the British film "House of Darkness" in 1948.

Laurence Scott
Date Born: Thursday 7 February 1946
Description: Keyboardist, UK
Summary: Isotope was a British jazz-rock band based around guitarist Gary Boyle.

Laurie Anderson
Date Born: Thursday 5 June 1947
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Laurie Anderson married longtime companion Lou Reed in a private ceremony in Boulder, Colorado.

Laurie London
Date Born: Wednesday 19 January 1944
Description: Vocalis , UK
Summary: At the age of thirteen he made an up-tempo version of the spiritual song "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" with the Geoff Love Orchestra

Laurie Sterling
Date Born: Friday 5 November 1943
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: An Australian Country singer, songwriter

Laurindo Almeida
Date Born: Tuesday 2 October 1917
Description: Guitarist, Band Leader, Brazilian
Summary: Laurindo Almeida was a Brazilian virtuoso guitarist and composer who made many recordings of enduring impact in classical, jazz and Latin genres.

Lauryn Hill
Date Born: Sunday 25 May 1975
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: At thirteen Hill sang at the Apollo Theater.

Lavern Baker
Date Born: Monday 11 February 1929
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She began singing in Chicago clubs around 1946, often billed as "Little Miss Sharecropper",

Lawrence Payton
Date Born: Wednesday 2 March 1938
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: All four members of the group began their careers together while they were high school students in Detroit.

Lawrence Tureaud - Mr T
Date Born: Wednesday 21 May 1952
Description: Actor, motivational speaker, USA
Summary: In 1984 Mr. T released an album titled Mr. T's Commandments (Columbia/CBS Records), much in the same tone as his 1984 educational video, which instructed children to stay in school and to stay away from drugs.

Lawrence Welk
Date Born: Wednesday 11 March 1903
Description: Band Leader, Conductor, USA
Summary: Welk had a number of instrumental hits, including a cover of the song "Yellow Bird." His highest charting record was "Calcutta", which achieved hit status in 1961.

Lawrie Minson
Date Born: Saturday 13 September 1958
Description: Guitarist, Composer, Australia
Summary: Mainly known for backing Lee Kernaghan's band and also a singer, songwriter.

Layne Staley
Date Born: Tuesday 22 August 1967
Description: Vocalist , Composer, USA
Summary: Alice in Chains rose to international fame as part of the grunge movement of the early 1990s.

Lc Williams
Date Born: Wednesday 12 March 1930
Description: Vocalist

Lea Thompson
Date Born: Wednesday 31 May 1961
Description: Actress, Dancer, USA
Summary: Best Young Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for: Some Kind of Wonderful (1987). Lea Thomas is a very likeable star seemingly one could get along quite easy with her out-going way. Is that debatable.

Lead Belly
Date Born: Friday 20 January 1899
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: He was incarcerated in Sugar Land, Texas and it is there that he got the inspiration for the song Midnight Special.

Leah Remini
Date Born: Monday 15 June 1970
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Leah Remini was born in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York City, the daughter of Vicki Marshall, a private school teacher, and George Remini, who owned an asbestos removal company.

Leann Rimes
Date Born: Saturday 28 August 1982
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: An only child, Rimes started singing before the age of two, and was only 8 years old when she appeared on Star Search in 1990. In 1991 before the age of 11, she released her first album.

Leanne Douglas
Date Born: Wednesday 13 April 1955
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist
Summary: Inspired by many great guitarists such as Hank Marvin - The Shadows and many more.

Leapy Lee
Date Born: Thursday 2 July 1942
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: The song "Little Arrows", written by Albert Hammond and Mike Hazelwood, was also the title track of his first album, released in 1968. NP

Lee Aaron
Date Born: Saturday 21 July 1962
Description: Vocalist, Canada
Summary: Aaron sang, played alto saxophone and keyboards in this first incarnation of the band.

Lee Adams
Date Born: Thursday 14 August 1924
Description: Writer, librettist, USA
Summary: Born in Mansfield, Ohio, Adams received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Ohio State University and a Master's from Columbia University.

Lee Allen
Date Born: Saturday 2 July 1927
Description: Saxophonist, Composer, USA
Summary: Raised largely in Colorado, Allen played saxophone from his childhood.

Lee Ann Womack
Date Born: Friday 19 August 1966
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Lee Ann is a winner of two Grammy awards and over five awards from the Country Music Association, as well as having numerous Top 10 and 20 Country hits.

Lee Collins
Date Born: Thursday 17 October 1901
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: Collins was a star trumpeter of old New Orleans who later led many dance bands, Dixieland groups and combos during his 50 year career.

Lee Conway
Date Born: Friday 10 March 1944
Description: Vocalist, Management
Summary: Born in Poland, Lee started playing guitar in his early teens.

Lee Doorman
Date Born: Tuesday 15 September 1942
Description: Bassist, USA
Summary: Lee Dorman played with "Iron Butterfly" and "Captain Beyond".

Lee Dorman
Date Born: Tuesday 15 September 1942
Description: Bassist, USA
Summary: Dorman was found dead in his Orange County, CA home. He was 70 years old.

Lee Dorsey
Date Born: Wednesday 24 December 1924
Description: Vocalist, Composer, US
Summary: In 1970 Dorsey and Toussaint collaborated on an album entitled Yes We Can; the title song was Dorsey's last entry in the singles chart.

Lee Gordon
Date Born: Thursday 8 March 1923
Description: American entrepreneur and rock and roll promoter.
Summary: His first Australian business venture was an early form of telemarketing. The marketing venture proved hughly successful and Gordon used the profits to establish a promotions company, Big Show Pty Ltd, and began promoting concert tours of Australia by leading American jazz and rock'n'roll acts.

Lee Graziano
Date Born: Tuesday 9 November 1943
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Mainly remebered for BEND ME SHAPE ME - 1968

Lee Greenwood
Date Born: Tuesday 27 October 1942
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: His beginings were playing the saxophone and in the late sixties he became a member of 'The Chester Smith Band'.

Lee Hazlewood
Date Born: Tuesday 9 July 1929
Description: Vocalist,Composer, Record Producer, USA
Summary: Hazlewood had a baritone voice that added to his music. Hazlewood's collaborations with Nancy Sinatra as well as his solo output in the late 1960s

Lee J Cobb
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1911
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Born Leo Jacoby to a Jewish family in New York City, Cobb studied at New York University before making his film debut.

Lee Jackson
Date Born: Friday 8 January 1943
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: Jackson came to prominence in the 1960s in the progressive rock group The Nice with keyboardist Keith Emerson and drummer Brian Davison.

Lee Kernaghan
Date Born: Wednesday 15 April 1964
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist , Composer, Australian
Summary: Lee Kernaghan's father Ray and sister, Tania are also successful country musicians in Australia. Parents Ray and Pam Kernaghan and siblings Tania, Greg and Fiona.

Lee Kerslake
Date Born: Wednesday 16 April 1947
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: Kerslake joined Uriah Heep in November 1971, left the band in October 1979, and rejoined them in April 1982.

Lee Konitz
Date Born: Thursday 13 October 1927
Description: Saxophonist, Composer, USA
Summary: Konitz began his professional career in 1945 with the Teddy Powell band as a replacement for Charlie Ventura.

Lee Loughnane
Date Born: Monday 21 October 1946
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: The group has been one of the very few groups to last through the sixties through to the 21st century.

Lee Majors
Date Born: Tuesday 23 April 1940
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Majors got his big break when he beat out over 400 young actors, including Burt Reynolds, for the co-starring role of Heath Barkley in a new ABC western series, The Big Valley, which starred Barbara Stanwyck.

Lee Michaels
Date Born: Monday 24 December 1945
Description: Keyboardist, US
Summary: Michaels went into semi-retirement from the music business by the end of the decade, which was also influenced by his severe hearing loss.

Lee Morgan
Date Born: Sunday 10 July 1938
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: Morgan was a jazz prodigy, first picking up the trumpet on about the age of thirteen or so, after developing an interest in the vibraphone.

Lee Oskar
Date Born: Wednesday 24 March 1948
Description: Harmonicist, Manufacturer, USA
Summary: Between recording, performing and running his immensely successful harmonica company, Lee Oskar is a very busy man. The Lee Oskar Harmonica was introduced in 1983

Lee Pockriss
Date Born: Sunday 20 January 1924
Description: Composer of music, USA
Summary: He wrote Anita Bryant's "My Little Corner of the World", Shelley Fabares' "Johnny Angel", and the Clint Holmes song "Playground In My Mind."

Lee Remick
Date Born: Saturday 14 December 1935
Description: Actress, US
Summary: Remick made her film debut in Elia Kazan's A Face in the Crowd.

Lee Ritenour
Date Born: Saturday 1 November 1952
Description: Guitarist, Arranger, Composer, USA
Summary: Ritenour,one of America’s top sessions guitarist and has now featured on well over the 200 mark in recordings. Nicknamed ’Captain Fingers’ Ritenour has released many tuition video releases that are a must for any guitarist.

Lee Roy Parnell
Date Born: Friday 21 December 1956
Description: Vocalist, Drummer, Guitarist,
Summary: Parnell was born in 1956.His parents were friends of country superstar Bob Wills, and Parnell began his music career on Wills's local radio show at the age of six.

Lee Thompson Young
Date Born: Wednesday 1 February 1984
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He was known for his teenage role as the title character on the Disney Channel television series The Famous Jett Jackson and as Chris Comer in the movie Friday Night Lights.

Lee Vincent
Date Born: Saturday 15 April 1916
Description: Bandleader, Bassist, USA
Summary: Lee Vincent was an American musician, disk jockey, orchestra leader and musical agent. NP

Lefty Frizzell
Date Born: Saturday 31 March 1928
Description: Vocalist , Composer, USA
Summary: Frizzell began playing the guitar as a young boy. By age 12, he was appearing regularly on a children's show at local radio station KELD-AM.

Leif Garrett
Date Born: Wednesday 8 November 1961
Description: Vocalist, Actor, USA
Summary: Leif Garrett was a seventies teen idol, or as some would have said teeny bopper idol.

Lek Leckenby
Date Born: Friday 14 May 1943
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: Leckenby is credited with arranging the band's first big hit, "I'm into Something Good".

Leland Sklar
Date Born: Wednesday 28 May 1947
Description: Singer-songwriter, Bassist, Film score composer, Session musician
Summary: An American musician, singer-songwriter and film score composer.

Date Born: Monday 24 December 1945
Description: Guitarist,UK
Summary: attended Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones school in Amlwch, where he was nick-named Lemmy, although he is unsure why, and it would later be claimed that it originated from the phrase "Lemmy a quid till Friday"

Len Barry
Date Born: Sunday 6 December 1942
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: One time lead singer of the ’Dovells’and during the mid sixties charted with ’Like a Baby’.

Lena Horne
Date Born: Saturday 30 June 1917
Description: Vocaliast, Actress, USA
Summary: In 1989, she received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lene Lovich
Date Born: Thursday 30 March 1950
Description: Vocalist, Composer, UK
Summary: Lovich was born Lili-Marlene Premilovich in Detroit, Michigan to a British mother and a Serbian father.

Date Born: Saturday 18 March 1978
Description: Singer, songwriter, actress
Summary: As a teenager, Lenka studied acting at the Australian Theatre For Young People, where she trained with actress Cate Blanchett

Lennie Baker
Date Born: Thursday 18 April 1946
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Baker went on to become a member of the musical group Sha Na Na, doing vocals and playing sax.

Lennie Tristano
Date Born: Wednesday 19 March 1919
Description: Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: A jazz pianist, composer and teacher of jazz improvisation. He performed in the cool jazz, bebop, post bop and avant-garde jazz genres.

Lenny Davidson
Date Born: Saturday 30 May 1942
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: The second British group to appear on ’The Ed Sullivan Show’. NP

Lenny Kravitz
Date Born: Tuesday 26 May 1964
Description: Guitarist,Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, arranger
Summary: Kravitz was born the son of Roxie Roker, an actress known for her character Helen Willis in the 1970s hit television sitcom The Jeffersons, and Sy Kravitz, an NBC television news producer.

Lenny Waronker
Date Born: Friday 3 October 1941
Description: Record producer for Warner Bros. Records
Summary: As a producer, Lenny Waronker has worked with such acts as Arlo Guthrie, Rickie Lee Jones, Randy Newman, and the Doobie Brothers.

Leo Carrillo
Date Born: Friday 6 August 1880
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Leo Carrillo was part of an old and respected Californio family who could trace their roots back to the conquistadores. His great-great grandfather, José Raimundo Carrillo (1749–1809) was an early Spanish settler of San Diego, California.

Leo Fender
Date Born: Tuesday 10 August 1909
Description: Guitar, Designer, USA
Summary: Leo Fender has been recognized in "The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"

Leo Lyons
Date Born: Tuesday 30 November 1943
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: In 1975, he was hired as a studio manager by Chrysalis Records to re-equip and run Wessex Studios in London.

Leo Robin
Date Born: Friday 6 April 1900
Description: Composer, Lyricist, Song Writer. USA
Summary: On 17 January 1967 at Abbey Road Studios Mason recorded the piccolo trumpet solo which is a prominent part of The Beatles' song Penny Lane.

Leo Sayer
Date Born: Friday 21 May 1948
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Australia
Summary: A "Leo Sayer" is cockney rhyming slang for an all day drinking session "all-dayer".

Leon Hardy
Date Born: Thursday 12 May 1932
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Cardinals were a successful American R&B group of the 1950s.

Leon Mcauliffe
Date Born: Wednesday 3 January 1917
Description: Steel Guitarist
Summary: He in more noted, however, for his most famous composition, "Steel Guitar Rag", and his playing, along with that of "Bob Dunn Light Crust Doughboys".

Leon Rene
Date Born: Thursday 6 February 1902
Description: Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: Born in Covington, Louisiana he is perhaps best known for his hit song song "When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano." 1940.

Leon Russell
Date Born: Thursday 2 April 1942
Description: Keyboardist, Vocalist, USA
Summary: Russell was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on Monday, March 14, 2011, at a black-tie dinner at The Waldorf-Astoria hotel in Manhattan.

Leon Thomas
Date Born: Friday 1 October 1937
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: None exemplified the creativity of the music like singer/percussionist Leon Thomas. The vocalist and co-author with Pharoah Sanders of "The Creator Has A Master Plan".

Leona Lewis
Date Born: Wednesday 3 April 1985
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: Leona Lewis was born in Highbury, in the London borough of Islington, to parents Aural Josiah, an Afro-Caribbean Guyanese youth worker, and Maria Lewis, a social worker of Welsh descent.

Leonard Bernstein
Date Born: Sunday 25 August 1918
Description: Pianist, Composer, Conductor, Arranger, USA
Summary: Bernstein was born to a Polish, Jewish family from the Ukraine. He had his name changed to Leonard officially when he was fifteen. His father, Sam Bernstein, was a businessman, and initially opposed young Leonard's interest in music.

Leonard Cohen
Date Born: Friday 21 September 1934
Description: Composer, Poet, Canadian
Summary: Cohen comes from a Jewish background, most obviously reflected in his song "Story of Isaac", and also in "Who by Fire," whose words and melody echo the Unetaneh Tokef, an 11th century liturgical poem recited on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Leonard Feather
Date Born: Sunday 13 September 1914
Description: Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: He wrote the lyrics to the jazz song "Whisper Not" which was then recorded by Ella Fitzgerald on her 1966 Verve release of the same name.

Leonard Lee
Date Born: Monday 29 June 1936
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: He and partner Shirley Lee recorded for the Aladdin label in 1952 and became known as "The Sweethearts Of The Blues."

Leonard Nimoy
Date Born: Thursday 26 March 1931
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: His mother, Dora (née Spinner), was a homemaker, and his father, Max Nimoy, owned a barbershop.

Leonardo Dicaprio
Date Born: Monday 11 November 1974
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: DiCaprio's career began with his appearing in several commercials and educational films. He got his break on television in 1990 when he was cast in the short-lived series based on the movie Parenthood.

Leonid Hambro
Date Born: Saturday 26 June 1920
Description: Pianist and composer. USA
Summary: The son of immigrant Russian Jews, his father was a pianist accompanying silent films.

Leroi Moore
Date Born: Thursday 7 September 1961
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Moore helped found the Charlottesville Swing Orchestra (1982).

Leroy Anderson
Date Born: Monday 29 June 1908
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: In 1951 Anderson wrote his first hit, "Blue Tango", earning a Golden Disc and the No. 1 spot on the Billboard charts.

Leroy Van Dyke
Date Born: Friday 4 October 1929
Description: Singer, songwriter, USA
Summary: American country music singer best known for his hits "The Auctioneer" (1956) and "Walk On By" (1961).

Les Baxter
Date Born: Tuesday 14 March 1922
Description: Band leader, Pianist, USA
Summary: Les Baxter has a motion picture star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6314 Hollywood Blvd.

Les Braid
Date Born: Monday 15 September 1941
Description: Bassist,UK
Summary: The Swinging Blue Jeans, with some original members, continue to tour to this day.

Les Brown
Date Born: Thursday 14 March 1912
Description: Band Leader, Saxophonist, Actor, USA
Summary: Les Brown and the Band of Renown performed with Bob Hope on radio, stage and TV for almost fifty years.

Les Chadwick
Date Born: Friday 11 May 1934
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: When the Pacemakers split up in 1966, he bought a garage with fellow former Pacemaker, Les Maguire. In the 1980s, Chadwick relocated to Sydney, Australia, where he set up an employment agency.

Les Gilbert
Date Born: Thursday 10 January 1946
Description: Keyboardist, Bass, Australia
Summary: Les was a founding member of "The Wild Cherries" during the sixties.

Les Holroyd
Date Born: Friday 12 March 1948
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: Les was a founder member of BJH and played with the band throughout its life.

Les Kaczmarek
Date Born: Wednesday 18 May 1955
Description: Bassist, Australia
Summary: He formed Cold Chisel in 1973 with Ian Moss, Don Walker and Steve Prestwich. Les left in 1975 and was replaced by Phil Small.

Les Maguire
Date Born: Sunday 27 December 1942
Description: Keyboardist, UK
Summary: The group are remembered for many top hits such as HOW DO YOU DO IT.

Les Paul
Date Born: Saturday 9 January 1915
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: He was born to George and Evelyn Polfus. His birth name was first simplified by his mother to Polfus before he took his stage name of Les Paul.

Les Wilson
Date Born: Saturday 10 September 1955
Description: Guitarist, Vocalist, UK
Summary: He established 'Les Wilson and The House Rockers in 1981 becoming well known inative UK and Europe.

Lesley Ann Warren
Date Born: Friday 16 August 1946
Description: Actress, Dancer, Vocalist, US
Summary: Warren was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. Warren is also a five-time Golden Globes nominee and won for the 1977 mini-series Harold Robbins' 79 Park Avenue.

Lesley Duncan
Date Born: Thursday 12 August 1943
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: After Elton John recorded "Love Song" this landed Lesley Duncan a recording contract with CBS / Columbia Records.

Lesley Gore
Date Born: Monday 6 May 1946
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Gore was raised in Tenafly, New Jersey in a Jewish family. She was a junior at the Dwight School for Girls in nearby Englewood when "It's My Party" became a #1 hit.

Leslie Carter
Date Born: Friday 6 June 1986
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: An American pop singer best known as the sister of fellow singers Nick and Aaron Carter.

Leslie Hope
Date Born: Thursday 6 May 1965
Description: Actress, Canada
Summary: Her first movie role was in the Canadian movie Ups and Downs, in 1981, which was filmed in Victoria.

Leslie Howard
Date Born: Tuesday 29 April 1947
Description: Pianist and composer.
Summary: He has been described as "a master of a tradition of pianism in serious danger of dying out" by The Guardian.

Leslie Mckeown
Date Born: Saturday 12 November 1955
Description: Vocalist, Scotland
Summary: McKeown joined the Bay City Rollers in late 1973, replacing original lead singer Nobby Clark.

Leslie Nielsen
Date Born: Thursday 11 February 1926
Description: Actor, Canadian
Summary: Nielsen was born in Regina, Saskatchewan, the son of Maybelle and Ingvard Nielsen. Nielsen's mother was Welsh and his father Danish.

Leslie Phillips
Date Born: Sunday 20 April 1924
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: Phillips made his first film appearances as a child in the 1930s. He is the only actor still alive who performed at Pinewood Studios during the week it opened in 1936.

Leslie Uggams
Date Born: Tuesday 25 May 1943
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: Early in 2009, Uggams made an appearance as the jazz singer Lena Horne in a production of the stage musical Stormy Weather at the Pasadena Playhouse in California

Leslie West
Date Born: Friday 26 October 1945
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Member and founder of hard rock band ’MOUNTAIN’

Lester Chambers
Date Born: Wednesday 13 April 1932
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: He sang lead on the Chambers Brothers songs "All Strung Out Over You," "People Get Ready," "Uptown," "I Can't Turn You Loose," and "Funky."

Lester Flatt
Date Born: Friday 19 June 1914
Description: Guiarist, USA
Summary: Flatt was born in Duncan's Chapel, Overton County, Tennessee, to Nannie Mae Haney and Isaac Columbus Flatt.

Lester Lanin
Date Born: Saturday 26 August 1911
Description: Band leader, USA
Summary: Lanin's brothers, Sam and Howard, were also both bandleaders, they came from a family of ten of which Lester was the youngest born to a family of Russian - Jewish immigrants.

Lester Sill
Date Born: Sunday 13 January 1918
Description: Management, Producer, USA
Summary: He worked with Leiber and Stoller co founder of Phillies Records.

Lester Young
Date Born: Friday 27 August 1909
Description: Saxophonist, Band Leader, USA
Summary: Born in Mississippi and grew up in a musical family. Young's father, Willis Handy Young, was a respected teacher, his brother Lee Young was a drummer, and several other relatives played music professionally.

Levi Stubbs
Date Born: Saturday 6 June 1936
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: The group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1999. In 2004, Rolling Stone Magazine ranked them 79 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

Levon Helm
Date Born: Tuesday 26 May 1942
Description: Drums, USA
Summary: Helm was born in Arkansas and grew up in Turkey Scratch, a hamlet west of Helena, Arkansas where he began playing the guitar at the age of eight.

Lew Brown
Date Born: Sunday 10 December 1893
Description: Composer, Lyicist, USA
Summary: In 1922, Brown met Ray Henderson, a pianist and composer, and they quickly started writing songs together. Their first hit was "Georgette", introduced in the Greenwich Village Follies of 1922.

Lew Childre
Date Born: Friday 1 November 1901
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: One of the holdovers from the early days of vaudeville shows and one-man bands, Lew Childre managed a successful career during the 1930s and '40s

Lew Soloff
Date Born: Thursday 20 January 1944
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: Lew Soloff was born in New York City on January 20th, 1944, was raised in Lakewood, New Jersey. P/A

Lewis Grizzard
Date Born: Sunday 20 October 1946
Description: Comedian, Actor, USA
Summary: An American writer and humorist, known for his Southern demeanor and commentary on the American South.

Lhasa De Sela
Date Born: Wednesday 27 September 1972
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: American-born singer-songwriter who was raised in Mexico and the United States and divided her adult life between Canada and France.

Liam Neeson
Date Born: Saturday 7 June 1952
Description: Actor, Ireland
Summary: Born in Northern Ireland, UK, Neeson worked as a forklift operator for Guinness, truck driver, assistant architect and an amateur boxer.

Date Born: Friday 16 May 1919
Description: Pianist, US
Summary: He received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1960 for his contributions to the television industry.Liberace's popularization of the phrase inspired the title of Crying All the Way to the Bank.

Lightnin Hopkins
Date Born: Friday 15 March 1912
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: His father, Abe, was a ruffian murdered after an argument over a card game. His mother, Frances, encouraged him to play organ at her home church services. In the mid-1930s, Hopkins was sent to Houston County Prison Farm for an unknown offense. there.

Lightnin Slim
Date Born: Thursday 13 March 1913
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: Slim was born Otis Hicks in St. Louis, Missouri. Slim was playing bars in Baton Rouge by the late 1940s.

Lightning Rhodes
Date Born: Monday 4 September 1939
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Walter Lightnin Bug Rhodes was also known as "The Blonde Bomber" and "Little Red Walter".

Lil Hardin Armstrong
Date Born: Thursday 3 February 1898
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Hardin Armstrong, born February 3, 1898 – August 27, 1971, Memphis, Tennessee.

Lili Pons
Date Born: Tuesday 12 April 1898
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Pons first studied piano at the Paris Conservatory, winning the First Prize at the age of 15.

Lillian Gish
Date Born: Wednesday 14 October 1896
Description: Actress, Director, USA
Summary: Lillian Gish was born the elder sister of actress Dorothy Gish. The sisters' mother, Mary Robinson McConnell, began acting in order to support the family after her husband, James Leigh Gish abandoned them.

Lillian Roxon
Date Born: Monday 1 February 1932
Description: Rock Historian, Australian
Summary: In 1959 she moved permanently to New York, becoming the first Australian female overseas correspondent and the first Australian journalist to establish a high profile in America.

Lily Allen
Date Born: Thursday 2 May 1985
Description: Vocalist, Composer, UK
Summary: In December 2006, her debut album Alright, Still was voted the third best album of the year by Mixmag.

Lily Tomlin
Date Born: Friday 1 September 1939
Description: Actress, Comedian, USA
Summary: Tomlin was born the daughter of Lillie Mae, a housewife and nurse's aide, and Guy Tomlin, a factory worker.

Lincoln Kilpatrick
Date Born: Friday 12 February 1932
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He appeared in more than 40 movies including "A Raisin in the Sun," and "Blues for Mr. Charlie," "The Slave" and "The Black."

Linda Blair
Date Born: Thursday 22 January 1959
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: She dated Australian rock singer Rick Springfield with the age difference of 10 years, plus at the time she was a minor.

Linda Darnell
Date Born: Tuesday 16 October 1923
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: She failed to receive recognition from the industry and its critics, and disappeared from the screen in the 1950s. Darnell died from burns sustained in a house fire.

Linda Davis
Date Born: Monday 26 November 1962
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: An established country singer, Linda continues to record and perform to her fans throughout the United States.

Linda Eder
Date Born: Friday 3 February 1961
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: Linda Eder (born February 3, 1961) is an American singer and actress. Parents are Georg from Austria and Leila from Norway. Raised in Brainerd, Minnesota.

Linda Evans
Date Born: Wednesday 18 November 1942
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: A Golden Globe-winning and Emmy nominated American actress known primarily for her roles on television.

Linda Gail Lewis
Date Born: Friday 18 July 1947
Description: Vocalist, Pianist, Composer, USA
Summary: She is the sister of Jerry Lee Lewis. Along with cousins Jimmy Swaggart, a world renowned evangelist and Mickey Gilley legendary singer/songwriter.

Linda Gray
Date Born: Thursday 12 September 1940
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Mainly known for her role in the ’DALLAS’ TV series playing Sue Ellen Shepard Ewing.

Linda Hamilton
Date Born: Wednesday 26 September 1956
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Chosen by People magazine as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world (1990).

Linda Hargrove
Date Born: Thursday 3 February 1949
Description: Vocalist, Composer, US
Summary: In the mid-'70s, she was one of the first Nashville artists to blend country sounds with a modern pop/rock.

Linda Hunt
Date Born: Monday 2 April 1945
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: The daughter of Elsie (née Doying), a piano teacher who taught at the Westport School of Music and accompanied the Saugatuck Congregational Church choir, and Raymond Davy Hunt, the long-time vice president of Harper Fuel Oil in Long Island.

Linda Jones
Date Born: Thursday 14 December 1944
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Her first recording was "Lonely Teardrops" under the name Linda Lane.

Linda Lewis
Date Born: Wednesday 27 September 1950
Description: Vocalist, Actress, UK
Summary: Soul singer and R&B singer with a background of Jamaican parents her natural influence was of Calypso Music. Linda Lewis has a five octave vocal range.

Linda Mccartney
Date Born: Thursday 24 September 1942
Description: Vocalist, Keyboardist, UK, USA
Summary: Before her marriage to Paul McCartney, she served as the house photographer for the Fillmore East in New York City.

Linda November
Date Born: Monday 16 October 1944
Description: Vocalist, Pianist, USA
Summary: Over the course of her 32 years as a jingle singer, November sang approximately 22,000 jingles which were played on the television and radio.

Linda Perry
Date Born: Thursday 15 April 1965
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Linda Perry was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, the daughter of Portuguese-American Alfred Xavier Perry and Brazilian-born Marluce Perry.

Linda Ronstadt
Date Born: Monday 15 July 1946
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Linda Ronstadt was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1946 to Gilbert Ronstadt 1911-1995, a prosperous machinery merchant who ran the F. Ronstadt Co. and Ruthmary Copeman Ronstadt 1914-1982, a homemaker with a gift for science.

Linda Scott
Date Born: Friday 1 June 1945
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Born in Queens, New York, Scott was 11 when she moved with her family to Teaneck, New Jersey and was still in school (Teaneck High School Class of '63)

Lindsay Butler
Date Born: Saturday 4 March 1944
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Australia
Summary: His story began in Tenterfield NSW, where Lindsay was raised on his families dairy farm and according to his sisters, did all he could to avoid his daily chores with the cows, to hide away and play his guitar.

Lindsay Cooper
Date Born: Saturday 3 March 1951
Description: Bassoonist, UK
Summary: She has written scores for film and TV and a song cycle Oh Moscow which was performed live around the world in 1987.

Lindsay Lohan
Date Born: Wednesday 2 July 1986
Description: Actress, Singer, USA
Summary: Lohan, then 17, became the youngest-ever host of the MTV Movie Awards in 2004. Speak, Lohan's debut album, was released in December 2004, peaking at number four on the Billboard 200 and earning Platinum certification by early 2005.

Lindsay Wagner
Date Born: Wednesday 22 June 1949
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Wagner was born in Los Angeles, California. Her parents divorced and her mother moved with her to the northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Eagle Rock, near Pasadena.

Lindsey Buckingham
Date Born: Monday 3 October 1949
Description: Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: In 1981, Buckingham released his first solo album Law and Order playing nearly every instrument and featuring guest appearances by bandmates Mick Fleetwood and Christine McVie.

Link Wray
Date Born: Thursday 2 May 1929
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Wray was born to Lillie M. Norris and Frederick ("Fred") Lincoln Wray.

Linn Phillips Iii
Date Born: Friday 1 August 1947
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist
Summary: In Flash Cadillac, he was able to have roles in the films American Graffiti (1973)

Lionel Bart
Date Born: Friday 1 August 1930
Description: Composer, Arranger, Band leader
Summary: Bart was born the youngest of seven surviving children and grew up in Stepney. His father worked as a tailor in a garden shed in London E1.

Lionel Batiste
Date Born: Wednesday 1 April 1931
Description: Singer, Drummer, USA
Summary: He began his music career at the age of 11 playing bass drum with the Square Deal Social & Pleasure Club.

Lionel Cartwright
Date Born: Wednesday 10 February 1960
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: The multi talented Lionel Cartwight's career started during the early eighties.

Lionel Hampton
Date Born: Monday 20 April 1908
Description: Vibes, Composer, USA
Summary: Known to all as the most famous of all vibraphone players.Known mainly for his outstanding playing, he is also known for his hit - FLYING HOME.

Lionel Richie
Date Born: Monday 20 June 1949
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Born in Alabama, Richie grew up on the campus of Tuskegee Institute. His grandfather's house was across the street. His family moved to Illinois where he graduated from Joliet Township High School, East Campus, in Joliet.

Lionel Rose
Date Born: Tuesday 21 June 1949
Description: Vocalist, Boxer, Australian
Summary: Mainly known and remembered for his Boxing career.

Lisa Bonet
Date Born: Thursday 16 November 1967
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Actress mainly known for her part in "THE COSBY SHOW" as Denise Huxtable.

Lisa Hartman Black
Date Born: Friday 1 June 1956
Description: Vocalist, Actor, USA
Summary: Major role in the primetime soap Knots Landing, as rock singer Ciji Dunne, during 1982 and 1983.

Lisa Kudrow
Date Born: Tuesday 30 July 1963
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Kudrow was born the daughter of Nedra,a travel agent, and Lee Kudrow, a headache specialist and physician.

Lisa Lopes
Date Born: Thursday 27 May 1971
Description: Rapper, singer, songwriter, actress, dancer, USA
Summary: TLC started off as a female trio called Second Nature. The group was renamed TLC — derived from the first initials of its then three members — Tionne, Lisa and Crystal.

Lisa Marie Presley
Date Born: Thursday 1 February 1968
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: She attended the 10th grade at an alternative boarding school in Ojai, California, called Happy Valley School.

Lisa Mitchell
Date Born: Thursday 22 March 1990
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Composer, Australia
Summary: On August 4, 2007, Mitchell released her debut EP, Said One To The Other via iTunes and physically one week later. It was released independently through Scorpio and Warner Music.

Lisa Stanfield
Date Born: Monday 11 April 1966
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: In 1992, Stansfield won a BRIT Award as best British female solo artist. Her second album Real Love did not quite live up to the success of Affection; it did spawn four Top 40 singles on the European charts: "Change", "All Woman", "Time to Make You Mine" and "Set Your Loving Free".

Lita Roza
Date Born: Sunday 14 March 1926
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: Roza made three appearances in the UK heats for selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, in 1957, 1959 and 1960.

Little Anthony
Date Born: Wednesday 8 January 1941
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame on October 15, 2006. The Rhythm And Blues Foundation's Pioneer Award in 1993.

Little Esther Phillips
Date Born: Monday 23 December 1935
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: In 1962, Kenny Rogers re-discovered her while singing at a Houston club and got her signed to his brother Lelan’s Lenox label.

Little Eva
Date Born: Friday 29 June 1945
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Known by the stage name of Little Eva after a character from Uncle Tom's Cabin, was an American singer. As a teenager, she worked as a maid and earned extra money as a babysitter for songwriters Carole King and Gerry Goffin.

Little Jimmy Dickens
Date Born: Saturday 19 December 1925
Description: Vocalist, Composer, US
Summary: In 1948, Dickens was heard performing on a radio station in Saginaw, Michigan by Roy Acuff.

Little Milton
Date Born: Monday 17 September 1934
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: In 1952, while still a teenager playing in local bars, he caught the attention of Ike Turner, who was at that time a talent scout for Sam Phillips' Sun Records.

Little Pattie
Date Born: Thursday 17 March 1949
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Pattie was educated at King Street Primary School and Sydney Girls High School.At the age of 11 she commenced singing lessons with Gwen Parsons, who also taught Noeleen Batley

Little Richard
Date Born: Monday 5 December 1932
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Penniman was born the son of Leva Mae and Charles "Bud" Penniman, who was a bootlegger.

Little Walter
Date Born: Thursday 1 May 1930
Description: Vocalist, Harmonacist, USA
Summary: Jacobs is generally included among blues music greats: his revolutionary harmonica technique has earned comparisons to Charlie Parker and Jimi Hendrix.

Little Willie John
Date Born: Monday 15 November 1937
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Soul, Gospel singer having his first hit song at the age of 18 during the fifties.

Livingston Taylor
Date Born: Tuesday 21 November 1950
Description: Vocal, Guitarist, Songwriter
Summary: He briefly attended the Westtown School in Pennsylvania. He is the brother of famous singer-songwriter James Taylor.

Liz Anderson
Date Born: Thursday 13 March 1930
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: An American Country Music Singer-Songwriter. She is also the mother of singer Lynn Anderson.

Liz Phair
Date Born: Monday 17 April 1967
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist,Composer, USA
Summary: Phair was born in New Haven, Connecticut, but was raised in Winnetka, Illinois, by wealthy adoptive parents. She graduated from New Trier High School in 1985.

Liza Minnelli
Date Born: Tuesday 12 March 1946
Description: Vocalist, Actress
Summary: The Oscar winner for ’Cabaret’ in 1973 and also numerous awards.

Lizabeth Scott
Date Born: Friday 29 September 1922
Description: Actress, Singer, USA
Summary: After completing Loving You in 1957, Elvis Presley's second film, Scott retired from the screen. Later that year, she recorded her album, Lizabeth. The next few years saw Scott occasionally guest-star on television.

Lizbeth Webb
Date Born: Saturday 30 January 1926
Description: Actress, Singer
Summary: She began her career as a teenage band vocalist under the name Betty Webb, singing to the troops during World War II and freelancing with British bands

Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Date Born: Sunday 16 December 1956
Description: Vocalist, French
Summary: A French singer and musician, a pioneer in the worldbeat genre, as well as a writer and painter.

Lloyd Brevett
Date Born: Saturday 1 August 1931
Description: Double bass
Summary: He toured many countries of the world with The Skatalites.

Lloyd Bridges
Date Born: Wednesday 15 January 1913
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Bridges gained wide recognition as Mike Nelson, the main character in the television series Sea Hunt, which ran from 1958-1961.

Lloyd Knibb
Date Born: Sunday 8 March 1931
Description: Drummer, Jamaica
Summary: He played his last show in Peru in April 23rd 2011 with local band Vieja Skina as the opening act.

Lloyd Maines
Date Born: Thursday 28 June 1951
Description: Pedal Steel Guitar, Producer. USA
Summary: Maines was a member of The Maines Brothers Band in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Lloyd Parks
Date Born: Wednesday 26 May 1948
Description: Vocalist, Bassist, Jamaica

Lloyd Price
Date Born: Thursday 9 March 1933
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Price’s biggest year was 1959, during which he released four hits: “Personality,” “Where Were You (On Our Wedding Day),” “I’m Gonna Get Married” and “Come Into My Heart.”

Lobby Lloyd
Date Born: Sunday 18 May 1941
Description: Guitarist, Australia
Summary: Loyde was regarded as one of Australia's finest rock guitarists during the sixties.

Date Born: Saturday 31 July 1943
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: An American singer-songwriter who was successful in the early 1970s, scoring several Top 10 hits, including

Lois Wilkinson - The Caravelles
Date Born: Monday 3 April 1944
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The group charted with ’ YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A BABY TO CRY’ in 1963

Lol Coxihill
Date Born: Monday 19 September 1932
Description: Saxophonist, UK
Summary: Coxhill was compere and occasional performer at the Bracknell Jazz Festival, and a raconteur as well as a musician.

Loleatta Holloway
Date Born: Tuesday 5 November 1946
Description: Vocalist, USA

Long John Baldry
Date Born: Wednesday 12 January 1944
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: The nick name Long John came about because of his Height.

Loni Ackerman
Date Born: Sunday 10 April 1949
Description: Actress, singer, USA
Summary: she made her Broadway debut in George M! in 1968, then replaced Xernadette Peters in the hit Off-Broadway production of Dames at Sea.

Loni Anderson
Date Born: Monday 5 August 1946
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Anderson was born to Carl K. Anderson and Maxine H. Kallin. As she tells it in her autobiography, My Life in High Heels.

Lonnie Donegan
Date Born: Wednesday 29 April 1931
Description: Vocalist, Composer, UK
Summary: Donegan adopted the name Lonnie from his idol Lonnie Johnson. He wrote "I'll Never Fall in Love Again" for Tom Jones in 1969), and he began to play on the American cabaret circuit.

Lonnie Johnson
Date Born: Friday 8 February 1889
Description: Guitarist, Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Alonzo "Lonnie" Johnson Born, February 8, 1899 – Died June 16, 1970. He was an American blues and jazz singer,guitarist and songwriter.

Lonnie Jordan
Date Born: Sunday 21 November 1948
Description: Keyboardist, USA
Summary: He is the only current member of War remaining from the original lineup.

Lonnie Lee
Date Born: Friday 13 September 1940
Description: Singer, Composer, Guitarist, Australia
Summary: One of Australia’s pioneers of the rock industry and singer of many memorable hits on the Leedon label. Lonnie Lee’s success was a clear - cut indication of talent.

Lonnie Mack
Date Born: Friday 18 July 1941
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: In 1980, the editors of Guitar World magazine ranked "Memphis" first among rock's top five "landmark" guitar recordings.[6] He is widely regarded today as a pivotal historical figure in expanding the role of the electric guitar in rock.

Lonnie Pitchford
Date Born: Saturday 8 October 1955
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: He was a protégé of Robert Lockwood, Jr., from whom he learned the style of Robert Johnson.

Lorenz Hart
Date Born: Thursday 2 May 1895
Description: Lyricist,Composer, USA
Summary: Hart was born in Harlem to Jewish immigrant parents. He attended Columbia University, where a friend introduced him to Richard Rodgers, and the two joined forces to write songs for a series of amateur and student productions.

Loretta Lynn
Date Born: Sunday 14 April 1935
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Lynn’s story is a remarkable one when married at an early age and a grandmother at 32 and Mother of six.

Loretta Swit
Date Born: Thursday 4 November 1937
Description: Actress,Singer, USA
Summary: Swit is also a singer who trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts before entering the theater. She graduated from Pope Pius XII High School in Passaic, NJ, in 1955.

Loretta Young
Date Born: Monday 6 January 1913
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah as Gretchen Young she took the name Michaela at confirmation she moved with her family to Hollywood when she was three years old. Loretta and her sisters Polly Ann Young and Elizabeth Jane Young screen name Sally Blane worked as child actresses, of whom Loretta was the most successful.

Lorna Thayer
Date Born: Monday 10 February 1919
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: She appeared often in theatre and on television.

Lorne Greene
Date Born: Friday 12 February 1915
Description: Actor, Canadian
Summary: Born to Russian Jewish immigrants, Daniel and Dora Green.

Lorrae Desmond
Date Born: Sunday 2 October 1932
Description: Actress, Singer, Australia
Summary: She was a performer at heart even as a child. Before she left her hometown to try her hand at entertaining, she began training as a hairdresser

Lorraine Bracco
Date Born: Saturday 2 October 1954
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Dr. Jennifer Melfi on the HBO series The Sopranos and as Karen Hill in the 1990 Martin Scorsese film Goodfellas.

Lorraine Wakefield
Date Born: Tuesday 20 February 1934
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: Lorraine has been the Entertainment Officer for the Adelaide Country Music Club for 15 years.

Lorrie Collins
Date Born: Thursday 7 May 1942
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: She made her debut on January 22, 1958 in an episode entitled "The Picture in Rick's Notebook"

Lorrie Morgan
Date Born: Saturday 27 June 1959
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Morgan made her first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry at age 13, performing Fred Spielman and Janice Torre's "Paper Roses."

Lou Costello
Date Born: Tuesday 6 March 1906
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Born to an Italian father and a mother of French and Irish descent. A gifted athlete, he excelled in basketball and reportedly was once the New Jersey State Foul Shot champion.

Lou Gramm
Date Born: Tuesday 2 May 1950
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: An original member of the group formed in 1976, New York City. Also member of group ’Black Sheep’.

Lou Martin
Date Born: Friday 12 August 1949
Description: Pianist, Ireland
Summary: Martin started learning the piano at the age of six, and joined his first professional band, Killing Floor, in April or May 1968.

Lou Rawls
Date Born: Sunday 1 December 1935
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Rawls who learned of gospel music through his grandmother in Chicago was a hugely successful singer, primarily from the 1950s through the 1980s. Frank Sinatra once said that Rawls had "the classiest singing and silkiest chops in the singing game".

Lou Reed
Date Born: Tuesday 2 March 1943
Description: Vocalist, Guitar, Keyboard, Piano, Harmonica, USA
Summary: Reed was born into a Jewish family in 1942 at Beth El Hospital in Brooklyn and grew up in Freeport, New York. He developed an early interest in rock and roll and rhythm and blues, and during high school played in a number of bands.

Lou Reizner
Date Born: Thursday 11 August 1938
Description: Vocalist, Producer, USA
Summary: Born in Chicago, Reizner started his career in the United States and by the mid1960's was working for Mercury Records.

Loudon Wainwright Iii
Date Born: Thursday 5 September 1946
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Two of his albums have been nominated for Grammy awards: I'm Alright (1985) and More Love Songs (1986).

Louie Bellson
Date Born: Sunday 6 July 1924
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: Duke Ellington called him "the world's greatest drummer," and Bellson, to this day, lives up to the description. He's a composer, arranger, bandleader, tireless jazz educator, pioneered the use of two bass drums, and in terms of the speed of his hands and feet and the wonderful, percussive "ideas" he conveys on the drums, stands next to only Buddy Rich as the total technician. Extracted from Drummerworld.

Louie Shelton
Date Born: Sunday 6 April 1941
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Known as Louie Shelton, is an American musician (guitarist) and music producer.

Louis Alter
Date Born: Wednesday 18 June 1902
Description: Composer of music, lyricist, USA

Louis Armstrong
Date Born: Sunday 4 August 1901
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: Armstrong was born the son of William Armstrong (1881–1922), abandoned the family when Louis was an infant. His mother, Mary Albert Armstrong (1886–1942), then left Louis and his younger sister Beatrice Armstrong Collins (1903–1987) in the care of his grandmother, Josephine Armstrong.

Louis Clark
Date Born: Thursday 27 February 1947
Description: Keyboardist, UK
Summary: He was the conductor of the orchestra and choir hired to back Electric Light Orchestra's sound, introduced on their album Eldorado in 1974.

Louis Jordan
Date Born: Wednesday 8 July 1908
Description: Vocalist, Saxophonist, USA
Summary: Let The Good Times Roll, a Jordan biography, was written by British jazz historian John Chilton.

Louis Nunley
Date Born: Thursday 15 October 1931
Description: Vocalist,USA
Summary: He took the place of Duane West when West became ill.

Louis Prima
Date Born: Wednesday 7 December 1910
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: A trumpeter and vocalist during the Swing era through to the during the sixties composing and arranging

Louise Brooks
Date Born: Wednesday 14 November 1906
Description: American dancer and actress, USA
Summary: Mary Louise Brooks, generally known by her stage name Louise Brooks, was an American dancer and actress, noted for popularizing the bobbed haircut.

Louise Mandrell
Date Born: Tuesday 13 July 1954
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She is the younger sister of legendary Country singer Barbara Mandrell, and older sister of actress Irlene Mandrell.

Louisiana Red
Date Born: Wednesday 23 March 1932
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: His first album, Lowdown Back Porch Blues, was recorded in New York with Tommy Tucker and released in 1963, with second album Seventh Son released later the same year

Lovelace Watkins
Date Born: Sunday 6 March 1938
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Nicknamed "The Black Sinatra", his stage personality was earthy and electric. However this charisma and the power and quality of his voice never quite came over on his record releases.

Lowell George
Date Born: Friday 13 April 1945
Description: Guitariist, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, USA
Summary: George was also a respected producer, with his most famous work being the production of the Grateful Dead's 1978 album Shakedown Street.

Lowman Pauling
Date Born: Wednesday 14 July 1926
Description: Guitarist, Composer, USA
Summary: A member of The "5" Royales who began as the "Royal Suns" in 1942, a locally popular gospel quintet based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Lucciano Pizzichini
Date Born: Sunday 14 May 2000
Description: Guitarist, Argentina
Summary: A child prodigy guitarist and the youngest artist sponsored by Gibson Guitars.

Lucia Mannucci
Date Born: Tuesday 18 May 1920
Description: Vocalist, Italy
Summary: Born at Bologna, Mannucci relocated to Milan at a young age.

Luciano Pavarotti
Date Born: Saturday 12 October 1935
Description: Vocalist, Italy
Summary: His career has been outstanding and now is mainly known as one of the 'Three Tenors'. He became the first opera singer to appear on the TV show 'Saturday Night Live' with Venessa L. Williams.1998.

Lucie Arnaz
Date Born: Tuesday 17 July 1951
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Lucie Arnaz attended Immaculate Heart High School in Los Angeles and launched a long and successful career as an actress.

Lucille Ball
Date Born: Sunday 6 August 1911
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: Lucille Ball was born to Henry Durrell Ball September 16, 1886 – February 28, 1915 and Desiree "DeDe" Evelyn Hunt September 21, 1892 –July 20, 1977 in Jamestown, New York.

Lucille Bogan
Date Born: Thursday 1 April 1897
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: She was born Lucille Anderson in Amory, Mississippi in 1897, and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1916 she married Nazareth Lee Bogan, a railwayman, and gave birth to a son.

Lucinda Williams
Date Born: Monday 26 January 1953
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist , Composer, USA
Summary: The daughter of poet and literature professor Miller Williams and an amateur pianist.

Lucky Grills
Date Born: Saturday 26 May 1928
Description: Actress, Comedian, Australian
Summary: Leo Grills, known professionally as Lucky Grills was an Australian actor and comedian. Born in Hobart, Tasmania.

Lucky Millinder
Date Born: Wednesday 8 August 1900
Description: Band leader, USA
Summary: Band Leader, never played an instrument, and never sang, but discovered many top names in his time.

Lucky Starr
Date Born: Sunday 29 December 1940
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Australia
Summary: Lucky Starr is one of the founding members of the Australian Pop Music Industry. A regular on television shows such as Bandstand and also hosted Six O’clock. I've Been Everywhere by (Geoff Mack) Australia 1962.#1 Sydney #2 Melbourne #1 Brisbane #1 Adelaide

Lucky Thompson
Date Born: Monday 16 June 1924
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: He lived in Lausanne, Switzerland in the late 1960s and recorded several albums there including A Lucky Songbook in Europe.

Lucy Durack
Date Born: Wednesday 17 November 1982
Description: Vocalist, Actress, Australia
Summary: Lucy Durack (born 17 November 1982) is an Australian musical theatre performer recognised for playing Glinda in the Australian production of Wicked.

Lucy Gordon
Date Born: Thursday 22 May 1980
Description: Actress, Model, UK
Summary: She appeared alongside Heath Ledger in the 2002 film The Four Feathers. She starred as the reporter Jennifer Dugan in the 2007 film Spider-Man 3.

Lucy Liu
Date Born: Monday 2 December 1968
Description: Actress, USA

Ludwig Hirsch
Date Born: Thursday 28 February 1946
Description: Singer/songwriter and actor. Austrian
Summary: In 1978 he launched his career as a singer-songwriter and became known for his critical, macabre, and morbid lyrics.

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Date Born: Monday 17 December 1770
Description: Composer, Pianist, Germany
Summary: One of the worlds most famous composers mainly known for his "Fifth Symphony" became deaf at the age of 28.

Luigi Creator
Date Born: Wednesday 21 December 1921
Description: Songwriter and record producer. USA
Summary: From a musical family, Creatore began his career as a writer. After serving with the United States military during World War II, in the 1950s he became a writer then partnered with his cousin Hugo Peretti

Luigi Waites
Date Born: Sunday 10 July 1927
Description: Drummer, vibraphonist, USA
Summary: 2005: Inducted into the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame

Luke Bryan
Date Born: Saturday 17 July 1976
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Bryan began his musical career in the mid-2000s, writing songs for Travis Tritt and Billy Currington. After signing with Capitol Records Nashville in 2007

Date Born: Wednesday 3 November 1948
Description: Vocalist, Actress, UK
Summary: As Marie Lawrie she made her stage debut aged 9 and soon appearing regularly.

Luther Allison
Date Born: Thursday 17 August 1939
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: His big break came in 1957 when Muddy Waters invited Allison to the stage. He worked the club circuit throughout the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Luther Grosvenor
Date Born: Monday 23 December 1946
Description: Guitarist, UK
Summary: Luther first began playing in local bands in his hometown of Evesham.

Luther Ingram
Date Born: Thursday 30 November 1944
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Ingram was responsible for the classic 1966 Northern Soul stormer "If It's All The Same To You" and it's instrumental "Exus Trek".

Luther Perkins
Date Born: Sunday 8 January 1928
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: He recorded on most of the Johnny Cash records from the mid fifties.

Luther Simmons Jr
Date Born: Wednesday 9 September 1942
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: The were a black vocal trio from New York.Simmons re-formed the Main Ingredient in 1999 with new lead singer Carlton Blount; this line-up recorded Pure Magic in 2001.

Luther Tucker
Date Born: Monday 20 January 1936
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: In 1952 he began playing with his uncle, J.T. "Boogie" Brown, saxophonist, studio musician, and sideman to slide guitarist, Elmore James.

Luther Vandross
Date Born: Friday 20 April 1951
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: His first recording credit was as producer of the album Soul Christmas in 1968.

Lydia Mendoza
Date Born: Sunday 21 May 1916
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: Mendoza was born into a musical family in Houston, Texas. She learned to sing and play stringed instruments from her mother and grandmother.

Lyle Lovett
Date Born: Friday 1 November 1957
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Lovett has acted in a number of films, including Robert Altman's films: The Player (1992), Short Cuts (1993), Prêt-à-Porter (1994), Cookie's Fortune (1999), and composed for Dr. T & the Women (2000).

Lyn Paul
Date Born: Wednesday 16 February 1949
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: Lyn began her career in show business as a child actress with a small part in the television drama Coronation Street in 1960 which led her to be in the first ever episode.NPA

Lynda Carter
Date Born: Tuesday 24 July 1951
Description: Actress, Vocalist, USA
Summary: Lynda speaks fluent Spanish. Carter grew up an avid reader of the Wonder Woman comic books. She went to Arcadia High School in Phoenix and Kachina Elementary School.

Lynda Laurence
Date Born: Sunday 20 February 1949
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: A member of The Supremes who formed in 1960. Laurence replaced Cindy Birdsong in 1972.

Lynn Ahrens
Date Born: Friday 1 October 1948
Description: Composer of music, lyricist, USA
Summary: Ahrens and Flaherty also collaborated on songs for the animated movie Anastasia, receiving two Academy Award and Golden Globe nominations for Best Song and Best Score.

Lynn Anderson
Date Born: Tuesday 26 August 1947
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Anderson was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota. She is the daughter of country music songwriters Casey and Liz Anderson.

Lynn Strait
Date Born: Wednesday 7 August 1968
Description: Vocalist , Composer, USA
Summary: He was lead vocalist for hard rock group "Snot"

Lynn Taitt
Date Born: Friday 22 June 1934
Description: Guitariist, Canada
Summary: He recorded with Johnny Nash on some of the latter's international hits, including "Cupid" and "Hold Me Tight".

Lynsey De Paul
Date Born: Sunday 11 June 1950
Description: Vocalist, songwriter, UK
Summary: She was the first woman to be awarded an Ivor Novello Award for this ballad, which provided her with another UK Top 20 hit.

Major Lance
Date Born: Saturday 4 April 1942
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: His one time backing group in the U.K. was a ba