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Date Born: Monday 6 January 1913
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah as Gretchen Young she took the name Michaela at confirmation she moved with her family to Hollywood when she was three years old. Loretta and her sisters Polly Ann Young and Elizabeth Jane Young screen name Sally Blane worked as child actresses, of whom Loretta was the most successful.

Date Born: Wednesday 15 January 1913
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Bridges gained wide recognition as Mike Nelson, the main character in the television series Sea Hunt, which ran from 1958-1961.

Date Born: Saturday 18 January 1913
Description: Actor, Vocalist. Comedian, Dancer, USA
Summary: A celebrated American actor, singer, dancer, and comedian. His best known performances featured physical comedy, idiosyncratic pantomimes, and rapid-fire nonsense songs. Kaye starred in 17 movies, notably The Kid from Brooklyn (1946), The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (1947), The Inspector General (1949), Hans Christian Andersen (1952), White Christmas (1954), and – perhaps his most accomplished performance – The Court Jester (1956).

Date Born: Sunday 26 January 1913
Description: Pianst, Composer, USA
Summary: He also worked as a part time test pilot for Lockheed Corporation in World War II.

Date Born: Tuesday 25 February 1913
Description: Actor,Comedian, USA
Summary: Backus was a student at the Kentucky Military Institute, but was expelled for riding a horse through the mess hall. In 1952 he had a brief scene in Don't Bother To Knock with Marilyn Monroe.

Date Born: Thursday 13 March 1913
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, UK
Summary: Slim was born Otis Hicks in St. Louis, Missouri. Slim was playing bars in Baton Rouge by the late 1940s.

Date Born: Thursday 13 March 1913
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, Composer, Actor, Australia
Summary: Smoky Dawson was widely known as Australia's first cowboy.

Date Born: Saturday 15 March 1913
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He is most recognized today, over a decade after his passing, as the voice who recites the epigram each day before the program begins: "Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives".

Date Born: Sunday 30 March 1913
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: born to Giovanni and Cresenzia LoVecchio. His parents had emigrated from Monreale, Sicily to Chicago's "Little Italy", where his father worked at one time as the personal barber for gangster Al Capone.

Date Born: Monday 5 May 1913
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Born in Ohio, the only son of the English born American stage and screen actor Tyrone Power, Sr. and Helen Emma Reaume, Power was descended from a long theatrical line going back to his great grand father, the Irish born actor and comedian Tyrone Power.

Date Born: Tuesday 6 May 1913
Description: Pianist, Arranger, USA
Summary: His parents were encouraged by a friend to develop the child’s musical talents and he studied classical piano in the United States. As a young pianist, he toured Europe performing in many capitals.

Date Born: Tuesday 6 May 1913
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: An Anglo American film actor, mainly associated with heroic and romantic leading roles. He was a popular leading man from the 1940s to the 1960s.

Date Born: Friday 16 May 1913
Description: Clarinetist, Band leader,USA
Summary: In 1946 the band won Downbeat, Metronome, Billboard and Esquire polls for best band, nominated by their peers in the big band business

Date Born: Friday 16 May 1913
Description: Clarinetist, Band leader,USA
Summary: In 1946 the band won Downbeat, Metronome, Billboard and Esquire polls for best band, nominated by their peers in the big band business

Date Born: Monday 26 May 1913
Description: Actor, UK
Summary: Cushing was born the son of Nellie Marie King and George Edward Cushing. He was raised there and in Dulwich, South London.

Date Born: Saturday 14 June 1913
Description: Conductor, Arranger, Pianist
Summary: Stanley Black. His parents were Polish and Romanian Jews. He began piano lessons at the age of seven. He was aged only 12 when his first composition was broadcast by the BBC Symphony Orchestra.

Date Born: Sunday 15 June 1913
Description: Composer of songs. USA
Summary: An Oscar-nominated songwriter who penned lyrics for several popular standards of the forties, Tom and his wife Frances Jeffords wrote songs and teleplays for The Mickey Mouse Club, Zorro, Disneyland, and several Disney film features.

Date Born: Monday 16 June 1913
Description: Composer
Summary: His songs include "Tell Laura I Love Her" - "Wonderful Wonderful" and co wrote the "Scooby Doo" Theme.

Date Born: Monday 23 June 1913
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The versatile Humes was successively a teenaged blues singer, band vocalist with Count Basie.

Date Born: Tuesday 15 July 1913
Description: Vocalist, Guitarist, USA
Summary: On March 5, 1963, Copas died in a private plane crash over Camden, Tennessee. The private plane, a Piper Comanche, was being piloted by his son-in-law, Randy Hughes.

Date Born: Friday 18 July 1913
Description: Actor, Comedian, USA
Summary: Skelton was the son of a Hagenbeck Wallace Circus clown named Joe who died in 1913 shortly before the birth of his son.

Date Born: Saturday 19 July 1913
Description: Trumpeter, USA
Summary: Teagarden played in his brother's big band in 1940, but soon branched off to lead his own ensembles. He played with Jimmy Dorsey in 1948-50 and Bob Crosby from 1954-58. YOUTUBE:Benny Goodman, cl, dir: Ruby Weinstein, Charlie Teagarden, t / Glenn Miller, tb, a / Jack Teagarden, tb, v / Sid Stoneburn, as / Larry Binyon, ts / Arthur Schutt, p / Dick McDonough, g / Harry Goodman, sb / Gene Krupa, d / Paul Small, v. New York, February 9, 1931.

Date Born: Thursday 7 August 1913
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Often called "the Father of the Seven String Guitar") was an American swing and Mainstream jazz guitarist.

Date Born: Wednesday 13 August 1913
Description: Bandleader, Songwriter, Pianist.
Summary: Fina appeared at some of the top venues in the country, including the Waldorf-Astoria the Aragon Ballroom

Date Born: Thursday 14 August 1913
Description: Producer, Conductor, Australian Producer/Media Executive , Australia
Summary: His first television production was in 1956 and later productions were 'Consider Your Verdict' 1961.

Date Born: Saturday 23 August 1913
Description: Vocalist, Actor, Band leader, USA
Summary: As a performer, Crosby had tremendous charisma and wit combined with a laid back persona.

Date Born: Wednesday 3 September 1913
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Alan Ladd was born to an American father Alan Ladd, Sr. and an English-American mother Ina Raleigh Ladd. His father died when the boy was four.

Date Born: Tuesday 9 September 1913
Description: Actress, USA

Date Born: Wednesday 8 October 1913
Description: Composer, USA
Summary: Schumann worked within the music industry, working with Eddie Cantor on Cantor's radio show, and recording with Andre Kostelanetz.

Date Born: Wednesday 15 October 1913
Description: Band Leader, Arranger, Producer, Director
Summary: The writer of many songs of his own.

Date Born: Monday 20 October 1913
Description: Vocalisit, Banjoist, USA
Summary: Bradley Kincaid who gave him the nickname "Grandpa" due to his off-stage grumpiness at early-morning radio shows.

Date Born: Sunday 26 October 1913
Description: Saxophonist, USA
Summary: He was one of the first of the big band leaders in the mid thirties.

Date Born: Sunday 2 November 1913
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Lancaster was born in New York City, the son of Elizabeth and James Henry Lancaster, who was a postman.

Date Born: Wednesday 5 November 1913
Description: Actress, UK
Summary: Known for her beauty, Leigh felt that it sometimes prevented her from being taken seriously as an actress

Date Born: Sunday 9 November 1913
Description: Actress, Algiers
Summary: She was born in Vienna to Emil Kiesler, a bank director, and Gertrud née Lichtwitz, pianist. Though part Jewish, she was raised as Catholic,and studied ballet and piano.

Date Born: Tuesday 11 November 1913
Description: Band Leader, UK
Summary: Benson and her band rose to fame in the 1940s, headlining variety theatres and topping the bill at the London Palladium.

Date Born: Wednesday 19 November 1913
Description: Band Leader, Arranger
Summary: He studied at the Ohio State University before going into the entertainment business. He changed his name to Blue Barron in 1940 when he had his own orchestra.

BENJAMIN BRITTEN - (1913 - 1976)
Date Born: Saturday 22 November 1913
Description: Composer, Conductor, Violist, Pianist.
Summary: The greatest success of Britten's career was, however, the musically more conventional War Requiem, written for the 1962 consecration of the newly reconstructed Coventry Cathedral.

Date Born: Monday 1 December 1913
Description: Vocalist, Actress, USA
Summary: She also received Tony Awards for South Pacific, and, in 1959, for The Sound of Music. The mother of actor Larry Hagman.

Date Born: Wednesday 10 December 1913
Description: Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Conductor, USA
Summary: Gould composed Broadway scores, such as Billion Dollar Baby, Arms and the Girl, and film music; for films such as Delightfully Dangerous, Cinerama Holiday, and Windjammer.

Date Born: Wednesday 10 December 1913
Description: Violinist, Trumpeter, Vocalist, USA
Summary: He worked with Duke Ellington from 1940 to the early sixties.

Date Born: Wednesday 24 December 1913
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Jeffries, a deep baritone, sang with Duke Ellington in the 1940s. His most famous song, "Flamingo", sold over 50 million copies.

Date Born: Thursday 25 December 1913
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Martin was featured in the 1941 Marx Brothers film (their last for MGM), The Big Store. Martin was married to Cyd Charisse from 1948 until her death in 2008 – 60 years - one of the longest Hollywood marriages on record.


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