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Barbara Buchholz
Date Born: Tuesday 8 December 1959
Description: Flute, Vocalist, Germany
Summary: She produced e.g. Tap It Deep - „midified“ Steppdance and music, Human Interactivity and Theremin: Berlin-Moscow.

Bertie Higgins
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1944
Description: Vocalist, Composer, USA
Summary: Higgins is of Irish, German and Portuguese descent.

Bobby Elliott
Date Born: Monday 8 December 1941
Description: Drummer, UK
Summary: Bobby Elliott joined The Hollies in 1963. He and Tony Hicks are the only original members playing with The Hollies today. Documented 2009.

David Carradine
Date Born: Tuesday 8 December 1936
Description: Actor, US
Summary: He made his feature film debut in 1964 in Taggart, a western based on a novel by Louis L'Amour. He is the son of actor John Carradine.

Flip Wilson
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1933
Description: Comedian, USA
Summary: In January 1972, Time magazine featured Wilson's image on their cover and named him "TV's first black superstar".

George Baker
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1944
Description: Vocalist , Composer, Netherlands
Summary: "Little Green Bag" was used in the film Reservoir Dogs.

Graham Knight
Date Born: Sunday 8 December 1946
Description: Bassist, UK
Summary: A successful Scottish pop rock group, from the east end of Glasgow, originally formed in 1961 as "The Gaylords", later "Dean Ford and The Gaylords".

Gregg Allman
Date Born: Monday 8 December 1947
Description: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar,USA
Summary: Allman has been married at least six times, most famously to singer/actress Cher from 1975 to 1979.

Jean Sibelius
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1865
Description: Composer, Finland
Summary: Sibelius was born into a Swedish-speaking family in Hämeenlinna in the Russian Grand Duchy of Finland, the son of Christian Gustaf Sibelius and Maria Charlotta Sibelius.

Jerry Butler
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1939
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: American soul singer and songwriter. He is also noted as being the original lead singer of the R&B vocal group, The Impressions, as well as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

Jim Morrison
Date Born: Wednesday 8 December 1943
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Morrison was born in Melbourne, Florida, to future Admiral George Stephen Morrison and Clara Clarke Morrison. Morrison had a sister, Anne Robin.

Jimmy Smith
Date Born: Tuesday 8 December 1925
Description: Pianist, Oganist, USA
Summary: Smith played in the mid fifties on the electric organ introducing it to jazz.

Johnny Gentle
Date Born: Tuesday 8 December 1936
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: A British pop singer who is now best remembered for having briefly toured Scotland with the Silver Beetles

Johnny Otis
Date Born: Thursday 8 December 1921
Description: Vocalist, Composer. USA
Summary: Otis produced the original recording of "Hound Dog" written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller with vocal by Big Mama Thornton

Kim Basinger
Date Born: Tuesday 8 December 1953
Description: Actress, US
Summary: She did a nude pictorial for Playboy to promote her role in the Bond film in 1983. She appeared in such mid-1970s staples as The Six Million Dollar Man, McMillan and Wife, and the original Charlie's Angels.

Lee J Cobb
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1911
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Born Leo Jacoby to a Jewish family in New York City, Cobb studied at New York University before making his film debut.

Nathan East
Date Born: Thursday 8 December 1955
Description: Vocalist, Bassist, USA
Summary: He has recorded, performed and co-written songs with performers such as Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani, etc.

Ray Shulman
Date Born: Thursday 8 December 1949
Description: Guitarist, USA
Summary: Shulman was in Gentle Giant from the beginning in 1970 to the last tour in 1980. He would go on to become a record producer in the late 1980s and 1990s.

Sam Kinison
Date Born: Tuesday 8 December 1953
Description: Comedian, USA
Summary: A comic, taking known songs in a completely different direction with songs such as ’Wild Thing’ etc

Sammy Davis Jr
Date Born: Tuesday 8 December 1925
Description: Vocalist, Actor, Dancer, Vibraphone, Trumpet, Drums), Impressionist,Comedian
Summary: Davis, Jr. was born to Elvera Sanchez (1905-2000), a Puerto Rican dancer, and Sammy Davis, Sr. (1900-1988), an African-American entertainer. The couple were both dancers in vaudeville.

Sinead Oconnor
Date Born: Thursday 8 December 1966
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Ireland
Summary: Sinéad O'Connor was born in Dublin and was named after Sinéad de Valera, wife of Irish President Éamon de Valera

Sir James Galway
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1939
Description: Flautist, Ireland
Summary: Galway's nephew, Martin Galway, is a musician famous for his work on Commodore 64 computer game music in the 1980s.

Teri Hatcher
Date Born: Tuesday 8 December 1964
Description: Actress, presenter, writer, USA
Summary: Her father is a nuclear physicist and her mother is a computer programmer.

The Howie Brothers
Date Born: Friday 8 December 1950
Description: Piano Accordian, Gutar, Vocals
Summary: John and Graeme brothers born in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

Warren Cuccurullo
Date Born: Saturday 8 December 1956
Description: Guitarist, Electric Sitarist, USA
Summary: Cuccurullo was largely responsible for Duran Duran's change of image. The band had once been regarded solely as a pop band; however, Cuccurullo helped to move them into a more serious image.

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