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Anton Rubinstein
Date Born: Saturday 28 November 1829
Description: Pianist,
Summary: Rubinstein was born to Jewish parents in Ofatinşi a village now in Transnistria, Republic of Moldova, a city on the Dniestr River, about 150 kilometers northwest of Odessa.

Beeb Birtles
Date Born: Sunday 28 November 1948
Description: Vocalist , Guitarist, Composer, Australia
Summary: Music groups: Little River Band (1975 – 1983), Zoot (2011), Birtles Shorrock Goble, Mississippi

Berry Gordy
Date Born: Thursday 28 November 1929
Description: Record producer and Composer of songs
Summary: In 1957, Wilson recorded Reet Petite, a song Gordy had co-written with his sister Gwen and writer-producer Billy Davis.

Bruce Chanel
Date Born: Thursday 28 November 1940
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Channel has been inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. "Hey! Baby" is in the repertoire of several U.S. marching bands.

Clem Curtis
Date Born: Thursday 28 November 1940
Description: Vocalist, UK
Summary: Curtis came to England at the age of fifteen and later found employment as an interior decorator.

Ed Harris
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1950
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: By transforming into his characters and pulling the audience in, Ed Harris has earned the reputation as one of the most talented actors of our time.

Edwin Pearce Christy
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1815
Description: Vocalist, Composer, Actor, USA
Summary: He is more commonly known as E. P. Christy, and was the founder of the blackface minstrel group Christy's Minstrels.

Gary Troxel
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1939
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: The Fleetwoods continued to record into the 1960s, with a number of other successes. Their second hit, "Graduation's Here" (co-written by Ellis and Christopher, who also sang the lead) was followed by "Mr. Blue," which, like "Come Softly", also topped the pop charts.

Hope Lange
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1933
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Lange was born into a theatrical family in Redding Ridge, Connecticut. Her father, John George Lange, was a musician and the music arranger for Florenz Ziegfeld and conductor for Henry Cohen.

Hugh Mckenna
Date Born: Monday 28 November 1949
Description: Pianist, UK
Summary: The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (often shortened to SAHB) with Hugh McKenna was a member.

Jeff Ward
Date Born: Wednesday 28 November 1962
Description: Drummer
Summary: He provided vocals for the 1000 Homo DJs song "Hey Asshole" where he impersonated a cop.

Paul Shaffer
Date Born: Monday 28 November 1949
Description: Keyboardist, Arranger, Band leader, USA
Summary: In June 2006, he received a star on Canada's Walk of Fame. Since 2002, he has been the national spokesperson for Epilepsy Canada. In 2002, a street which surrounds the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium in his hometown was renamed "Paul Shaffer Drive". Shaffer has also received two honorary doctorates.

Randy Newman
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1944
Description: Pianist, Composer, Arranger, USA
Summary: One of Newman's most iconic and recognizable works is the central theme to The Natural, a dramatic and Oscar-nominated score.

Rb Greaves
Date Born: Tuesday 28 November 1944
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: A nephew of Sam Cooke, he grew up on an Indian reservation, but moved to England in 1963.

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