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Tuts Washington
Date Born: Thursday 24 January 1907
Description: Pianist, USA
Summary: Washington taught himself piano at age 10, and studied with New Orleans jazz pianist Joseph Louis "Red" Cayou. In the 1920s and 1930s, he was a leading player for New Orleans dance and Dixieland bands.

Jack Davey
Date Born: Friday 8 February 1907
Description: Vocalist, Announcer, Australia
Summary: The Colgate-Palmolive production unit leased a theatre there, and played on Sunday nights to capacity houses.

Rex Stewart
Date Born: Friday 22 February 1907
Description: Cornetist, USA
Summary: He also toured Europe and Australia with Jazz at the Philharmonic from 1947 to 1951.

Robert Young
Date Born: Friday 22 February 1907
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Best known for his role in the TV series ’FATHER KNOWS BEST’ - 1954 - 1960 and ’MARCUS WELBY, MD’ - 1969 - 1976

Harrison Verrett
Date Born: Wednesday 27 February 1907
Description: Pianist, Teacher, USA
Summary: Piano teacher of Fats Domino who would later join Domino on tour etc when Domino was an established artist.

Jimmy Mcpartland
Date Born: Friday 15 March 1907
Description: Cornetist, USA
Summary: Jimmy was a member of the legendary "Austin High Gang" in the 1920s that included. YOUTUBE: At the jazzband ball - Jimmy McPartland 1975

Eve Arden
Date Born: Tuesday 30 April 1907
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Born to Lucille and Charles Peter Quedens. Her parents divorced when she was a child. Arden said that she was an insecure child, declaring later in life that she needed therapy.

Kate Smith
Date Born: Wednesday 1 May 1907
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Her musical career began in earnest when she was discovered in 1930 by Columbia Records vice president Ted Collins, who became her longtime partner and manager and who put her on the radio in 1931.

Katharine Hepburn
Date Born: Sunday 12 May 1907
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Hepburn was born the daughter of Katharine Martha and Dr. Thomas Horval Hepburn, who was a successful urologist from Virginia with Maryland roots. She is of English ancestry from both sides of her family.

Dick Bentley
Date Born: Tuesday 14 May 1907
Description: Actor, Comedian, UK
Summary: In 1972 and 1974 Bentley featured in the films from Barry McKenzie comic strip in "Private Eye".

Margreta Elkins
Date Born: Tuesday 14 May 1907
Description: Vocalist, Australia
Summary: In 1958 she became a resident principal mezzo-soprano at the Royal Opera House, making her debut there as Amneris in Aida.

Sir Laurence Olivier
Date Born: Wednesday 22 May 1907
Description: Actor, Director, and Producer, UK
Summary: Born to Gerard Kerr Olivier 1869–1939, a High Anglican priest. His mother, Agnes Louise 1871–1920.

John Wayne
Date Born: Sunday 26 May 1907
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Wayne was born in Iowa. His family was Presbyterian. His father, Clyde Leonard Morrison, was of Irish and Scots-Irish and English descent and Wayne's mother, Mary Alberta Brown, was also of Irish descent.

Rosalind Russell
Date Born: Tuesday 4 June 1907
Description: Actress, singer, screenwriter, USA
Summary: Best known for her role as a fast-talking newspaper reporter in the Howard Hawks screwball comedy His Girl Friday

Eddie Dean
Date Born: Tuesday 9 July 1907
Description: Singer, Actor, Songwriter, USA
Summary: Dean first worked with his elder brother Jimmy on WLS Radio's National Barn Dance in Chicago in the early 30s, before moving to Los Angeles in 1937.

Barbara Stanwyck
Date Born: Tuesday 16 July 1907
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: Barbara Stanwyck was born to Catherine Ann McPhee, a Canadian immigrant from Nova Scotia, and Byron E. Stevens, an American.

Roy Milton
Date Born: Wednesday 31 July 1907
Description: Drummer, USA
Summary: He was born in Oklahoma and grew up on a reservation before moving to Tulsa.

Benny Carter
Date Born: Thursday 8 August 1907
Description: Saxophonist, Arranger, USA
Summary: Born the youngest of three children and the only boy, received his first music lessons on piano from his mother.

Joe Besser
Date Born: Monday 12 August 1907
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: He is best known for his brief stint as a member of The Three Stooges in movie short subjects of 1957–59.

Enoch Light
Date Born: Sunday 18 August 1907
Description: Band Leader, Classical Violinist, Conductor and recording engineer
Summary: His albums were very popular even though percussion orientated they sold very well during the early sixties.

Allen Reed
Date Born: Tuesday 20 August 1907
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Mainly known as the original voice of Fred Flintstone on The Flintstones and other various series.

Allen Reed
Date Born: Tuesday 20 August 1907
Description: Actor, USA
Summary: Mainly known as the original voice of Fred Flintstone on The Flintstones and other various series.

Sunnyland Slim
Date Born: Thursday 5 September 1907
Description: Pianist, Singer, Songwriter, USA
Summary: Sunnyland Slim played with such musicians as Muddy Waters, Robert Lockwood, Jr., and Little Walter.

Fay Wray
Date Born: Sunday 15 September 1907
Description: Actress, USA
Summary: She was also one of the first of Hollywood's "Scream Queens". Born Vina Fay Wray in Alberta, Canada, she grew up in Los Angeles, where she started as an extra in her teens. Her autobiography, On the Other Hand, was published in 1988.

Gene Autry
Date Born: Sunday 29 September 1907
Description: Actor, Vocalist, USA
Summary: Probably the first of the real western Cowboys to star and sing in films.

Allan Jones
Date Born: Monday 14 October 1907
Description: Vocalist , USA
Summary: He was married to actress Irene Hervey; their son is American pop singer Jack Jones.

Tony Pastor
Date Born: Saturday 26 October 1907
Description: Saxophonist, Vocalist, USA
Summary: His sax playing and his vocals were the highlights of each performance.

Bennie Benjamin
Date Born: Monday 4 November 1907
Description: Composer of music, USA
Summary: In 1968, he became a music publisher, starting his own company named for himself. He was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1984.

Compay Segundo
Date Born: Monday 18 November 1907
Description: Guiarist, singer and composer. Cuba
Summary: Los Compadres were one of the most successful Cuban duos of their time. Greater international fame came later, in 1997, with the release of the Buena Vista Social Club album, a hugely successful recording which won several Grammy awards. Compay Segundo appeared in the film of the same title, made subsequently by Wim Wenders.

Buck Ram
Date Born: Thursday 21 November 1907
Description: Composer, Management

Connee Boswell
Date Born: Tuesday 3 December 1907
Description: Vocalist, USA
Summary: Connee Boswell was also an arranger (the legendary Boswell Sisters harmony arrangements are hers) and a composer. Connee sang from a wheelchair - or seated position - during her entire career, due to either a childhood bout with polio or a childhood accident

Paul Francis Webster
Date Born: Friday 20 December 1907
Description: Composer of lyrics, USA
Summary: Outside of films, Webster’s songs achieved popular recognition with the help from recording artists such as Peggy Lee and her 1950 hit recording of “Black Coffee”. Tony Bennett

Cab Calloway
Date Born: Wednesday 25 December 1907
Description: Bandleader, singer-songwriter
Summary: Calloway was born in Rochester, New York. His father, Cabell Calloway II, was a lawyer, and his mother, Martha Eulalia Reed, was a teacher and church organist.

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