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Singles Include.

1971 "Another Day" non-album single "Oh Woman, Oh Why"
1971 "The Back Seat of My Car" Ram "Heart of the Country"
1971 "Uncle Albert / Admiral Halsey" "Too Many People"
1972 "Give Ireland Back to the Irish"
1972 "Mary Had a Little Lamb" "Little Woman Love"
1972 "Hi, Hi, Hi" "C Moon"
1973 "My Love" Red Rose Speedway "The Mess"
1973 "Live and Let Die" "I Lie Around"
1973 "Helen Wheels" "Country Dreamer"
1973 "Jet" Band on the Run "Let Me Roll It" "Mamunia"
1974 "Band on the Run" "Zoo Gang" "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five"
1974 "Junior's Farm" non-album single "Sally G"
1974 "Walking in the Park with Eloise" (by The Country Hams) single "Bridge over the River Suite" (by The Country Hams)
1975 "Listen to What the Man Said" Venus and Mars "Love in Song"
1975 "Letting Go" "You Gave Me the Answer"
1975 "Venus and Mars/Rock Show" "Magneto and Titanium Man"
1976 "Silly Love Songs" Wings "Cook of the House"
1976 "Let 'Em In" "Beware My Love"
1977 "Maybe I'm Amazed" "Soily"
1977 "Mull of Kintyre" "Girls' School"
1978 "With a Little Luck" "Backwards Traveler/Cuff-Link"
1978 "I've Had Enough" "Deliver Your Children"
1978 "London Town" "I'm Carrying"
1979 "Goodnight Tonight" "Daytime Nightime Suffering"
1979 "Old Siam, Sir" "Spin It On"
1979 "Getting Closer" "Baby's Request" "Spin It On"
1979 "Arrow Through Me" "Old Siam, Sir"
1979 "Wonderful Christmastime" "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reggae"
1980 "Coming Up" "Coming Up" "Lunchbox/Odd Sox"
1980 "Waterfalls" "Check My Machine"
1982 "Ebony and Ivory" (with Stevie Wonder) "Rainclouds"
1982 "Take It Away" "I'll Give You a Ring"
1982 "Tug of War" "Get It"
1982 "The Girl is Mine" (with Michael Jackson) "Can't Get Outta the Rain" (by Michael Jackson)
1983 "Say Say Say" (with Michael Jackson) "Ode to a Koala Bear" 1983 "Pipes of Peace" "So Bad"
1984 "No More Lonely Nights" "No More Lonely Nights" "No More Lonely Nights"
1984 "We All Stand Together" "We All Stand Together"
1985 "Spies Like Us" "My Carnival"
1986 "Press" "It's Not True"
1986 "Pretty Little Head" "Write Away"
1986 "Only Love Remains" "Tough on a Tightrope" 1986 "Stranglehold" "Angry"
1987 "Let It Be" "Let It Be"
1987 "Once Upon a Long Ago" "Back on My Feet"
1989 "Ferry Cross the Mersey" "Abide with Me" (Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Choir)
1989 "My Brave Face" "Flying to My Home"
1989 "This One" "The First Stone" "The Long and Winding Road" 1989 "Figure of Eight" "Ou Est le Soleil"
1990 "Put it There" "Mama's Little Girl"
1990 "Birthday" "Good Day Sunshine"
1990 "All My Trials" "C Moon"
1992 "Hope of Deliverance" "Long Leather Coat"
1993 "C'Mon People" "I Can't Imagine"
1993 "Off the Ground" "Cosmically Conscious"/"Down to the River" 1997 "Young Boy" Flaming Pie "Looking for You"
1997 "The World Tonight" "Used to Be Bad"
1997 "Beautiful Night" "Love Come Tumbling Down"
1999 "No Other Baby" "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man"/"Fabulous"
2001 "From a Lover to a Friend" "Riding into Jaipur"
2001 "Freedom" "From a Lover to a Friend"
2004 "Tropic Island Hum" non-album single "We All Stand Together"
2005 "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" "The Long and Winding Road" (live with U2)
2005 "Fine Line" "Growing Up Falling Down"
2005 "Jenny Wren" "Summer of '59"
2006 "This Never Happened Before"
2007 "Ever Present Past"
2007 "Dance Tonight" "Nod Your Head"
2007 "Nod Your Head" "Nod Your Head"

Albums after the Beatles.

McCartney, Paul McCartney studio album, 1970
Ram, Paul & Linda McCartney studio album, 1971
Wild Life, Wings studio album, 1971
Red Rose Speedway, Paul McCartney & Wings studio album, 1973
Band on the Run, Paul McCartney & Wings studio album, 1973
Venus and Mars, Wings studio album, 1975
Wings at the Speed of Sound, Wings studio album, 1976
London Town, Wings studio album, 1978
Back to the Egg, Wings studio album,June 1979
McCartney II, Paul McCartney studio album, 1980
Tug of War, Paul McCartney studio album, 1982
Pipes of Peace, Paul McCartney studio album, 1983
Give My Regards to Broad Street Paul McCartney soundtrack album 1984
Press to Play, Paul McCartney studio album, 1986
, Paul McCartney studio album, 1988
Flowers in the Dirt, Paul McCartney studio album, 1989
Off the Ground, Paul McCartney studio album, 1993
Flaming Pie, Paul McCartney studio album, 1997
Run Devil Run, Paul McCartney studio album, 1999
Driving Rain, Paul McCartney studio album, 2001
Chaos and Creation in the Backyard, Paul McCartney studio album, 2005
Memory Almost Full, Paul McCartney studio album, 2007

Live Albums include.

Wings over America, Wings live album, 1976
Tripping the Live Fantastic, Paul McCartney live album, 1990
Tripping the Live Fantastic: Highlights!, Paul McCartney live 1990
Unplugged (The Official Bootleg), Paul McCartney live album, 1991
Paul is Live, Paul McCartney live album, 1993
Back in the U.S., Paul McCartney live album, 2002
Back in the World, Paul McCartney live album, 2003

DVDs and videos

Rockshow 1980
McCartney's 1976 "Wings Over America" tour.
Give My Regards to Broad Street 1984
Standing Stone 2000
Live at the Cavern Club!2001
Filmed live at the Cavern Club 1999Cavern Club. 2003
The Animation Collection 2004
Put It There 2004
Paul McCartney's Get Back World Tour 2005
Paul McCartney in Red Square 2005
The Space Within 2006
The McCartney Years 2007

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